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Contact refelctions

  1. 1. Kirandeep KaursContract Law Assessment ReflectionJournal Level 4This journal is designed for me to record all my self reflections which link to theskills module in the contract assessment I have completed.The summative assessment for this module is:1) Essay on a theretical issue in contract law (2000 words) - Spring term2) Closed book examination (2 hours) - Summer term
  2. 2. Contract summative coursework so farI taken notes of all my research and have startedto put together vital information required forthe summative hand in on January 31st. So far Iam reviewing a range of sources to back up myargument in the coursework. I am using theskills I used in my skills legal researchcomponent to do this as I understand theimportance of research printed material andalso online text.
  3. 3. I have completed my contractsummative assessment and waiting forfeedback.• I used a variety of resources and overall I amhappy with my progress.
  4. 4. • I received a 2:ii mark on my summativeassessment and pleased with my progress.This feedback highlighted that my progresswith referencing and a good understanding ofthe topics discussed the assessment. HoweverI could improve on my referencing byacknowledging the sources in the footnotes.Received my contract summativefeedback
  5. 5. Received feedback on my contractformative assessment exam attemptquestion• I received good feedback on my practisepapers I have attempted and answered. I havebeen highlighted to make more use of journalarticles to achieve better and first class marks.I will use the skills I used in skills to find arange of online and printed sources.