GSWC Workshop, Week 8


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GSWC Workshop, Week 8

  1. 1. Guiding Your Strong Willed Child0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  2. 2. Week 8Review Sticky SubjectsCommunity Specific PraiseContent A Better WayCollaboration The Road That Works
  3. 3. Ups & DownsContentSomething isADDEDSomething isSUBTRACTEDProbability ofBehaviorINCREASESPositiveReinforcementNegativeReinforcementProbability ofBehaviorDECREASESPositivePunishmentNegativePunishment
  4. 4. Special Antecedents•  Trying to teach a new behavior?– Change the reinforcing-ness of a reinforcer– Put ESTABLISHING OPERATIONS to work for you• Deprivation: Reserve a favorite toy as a special reinforcer• Advertising: Make watching a movie… “Movie Night!”ReviewPhoto via
  5. 5. Special Antecedents•  Trying to teach a new behavior?– Send effective signals about what behavior will bereinforced– Harness discriminative stimulito help the child choosethe best path• Are my words to be trusted?• Can I help her to predict whichoutcome will best serve her?ReviewPhoto via
  6. 6. Week 8Review Tricky TopicsCommunity Specific PraiseContent A Better WayCollaboration The Road That Works
  7. 7. At Home ExtensionsCommunity
  8. 8. Specific Praise Tips•  Watch for child to do something well – especially ifit is a new skill– Susie has been pulling her dog’s fur and is learning topet it instead•  Specifically name what she does– “Good job being nice!” becomes “You pet Bjorn withthe back of your hand”•  Highlight the natural consequence– “Look he is staying next to you now! He must feel safe!”Community
  9. 9. Week 8Review Tricky TopicsCommunity Specific PraiseContent A Better WayCollaboration The Road That Works
  10. 10. Nuts & Bolts of BehaviorExtinction &PreferenceAssessmentsOperationalDefinitionsEstablishingOperations &Discriminative StimuliAntecedentOriginalBehaviorReplacementBehaviorConsequenceContent
  11. 11. Today’s Gift from ScienceOperationalDefinitionsEstablishingOperations &Discriminative StimuliAntecedentOriginalBehaviorReplacementBehaviorConsequenceContent
  12. 12. The Key to It All•  “Research has shown that the most effective way toreduce problem behavior in children is tostrengthen desirable behavior through positivereinforcement rather than trying to weakenundesirable behavior using aversive or negativeprocesses.” – Dr. Sidney BijouContent
  13. 13. What Can I Do Instead?•  Pick a replacement behavior that will better serveyour child but will result in the same functionalconsequence•  In other words, IT MUST WORK AS WELL ORBETTER if it is going to stick on its ownContent
  14. 14. “Best” may not be “Healthiest”•  Challenging behavior: Eating full bar of chocolate•  Replacement behavior: Eating ______________•  Depends on function but probably NOT CELERYContent
  15. 15. Week 8Review Tricky TopicsCommunity Specific PraiseContent A Better WayCollaboration The Road That Works
  16. 16. ContentCollaboration
  17. 17. Road That Works•  After your child using a replacement behavior,consider drawing a road map with him or her as acelebration•  Your child can bind many of these road mapstogether to make a book•  Spend most of your time diagramming the “roadthat works”•  Make the “road that doesn’t work” boring!Content
  18. 18. Road That WorksContent
  19. 19. Road That WorksContent
  20. 20. It is time for a Mini HAT•  Use remaining time to try out the A Better Way tool•  We will be using this tool in our last two weekstogether to help you successfully replace achallenging behaviorContent
  21. 21. Fill in the Blanks•  My child currently (challenging behavior).•  (The consequence) is maintaining the behavior.•  Often (antecedent) comes before the behavior.•  Instead, we would like to teach him/her to(replacement behavior) in order to access (theconsequence).Content
  22. 22. At-Home Extension•  DUE ON SUNDAY at MIDNIGHT. No late videos.– Please draw a road map and film yourselfexplaining it as if to your child…30 sec MAX• “When someone knocks over your tower, what do you want?”• “OK you want help to rebuild it! Let’s look at the road map.”• “You have a choice. If you hit him will him help you rebuild it?”• “No, you are right. Probably not. That is the road that doesnot work. But, if you ask a teacher for help will she help yourebuild it?• “OK! So the road that works is?”• “That’s it! Asking the teacher for help is the road that works!”Collaboration