Jeopardy River Valley


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Review game for River Valley civilizations

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Jeopardy River Valley

  1. 1. JEOPARDY Ancient China Anagrams Ancient Egypt Social Structure Mesopotamia 100 200 300 400 500 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 GAME RULES FINAL ROUND
  2. 2. Name one of the two “Y” rivers that helped to nurture the early development of China’s ancient civilization. Ancient China 100
  3. 3. It’s a 3 word phrase that is the belief that the royal authority of China comes from heaven… Category A 200 Ancient China
  4. 4. This a series of rulers from a single family. (Xia and Shang are examples from China) Category A 300 Ancient China
  5. 5. It’s the name for the following chain of events. Category A 400 Ancient China
  6. 6. This is a political system where nobles or lords are granted plots of land in exchange for loyalty. Category A 500 Ancient China
  7. 7. The Sumerians believed in many different gods, also known as this… Mesopotamia 100
  8. 8. In Greek Mesopotamia translates to this… Category B 200 Mesopotamia
  9. 9. An arc of land that provided excellent farming. It’s curved shape led scholars to call it the Fertile _____. Category B 300 Mesopotamia
  10. 10. He was the Babylonian ruler who’s Code of Laws were engraved in stone and placed all over the empire. Category B 400 Mesopotamia
  11. 11. Daily Double: How much would you like to bet?
  12. 12. The Sumerians built a number of these “cities”, each functioned independently with its own government. Category B 500 Mesopotamia
  13. 13. Pictured here, it’s the name for the Egyptian god-kings, who stood at the center of Egypt’s religion as well as its government. They bore full responsibility for the well being of the empire… Ancient Egypt 100
  14. 14. Egyptian culture took place along the banks of this river in Africa. Category C 200 Ancient Egypt
  15. 15. How much would you like to bet? DAILY DOUBLE
  16. 16. For many Egyptian Kings, these immense structures would be their final resting place. Category C 300 Ancient Egypt
  17. 17. Because of the belief in the afterlife, Egyptians would preserve the bodies of the elite with this process. It involves embalming and drying the corpse to prevent decay. Category C 400 Ancient Egypt
  18. 18. It’s an Egyptian form of writing which means “sacred carving”. It is a series of pictures that stood for an idea… you can see an example here… Category C 500 Ancient Egypt
  19. 19. Social Structure 100 The following is a good example of this country’s social structure.
  20. 20. In China, a person’s chief loyalty throughout life was to his or her… Category D 200 Social Structure
  21. 21. They were at the lowest level of Sumerian society. Some of them could eventually buy their freedom. Category D 300 Social Structure They were at the lowest level of Sumerian society. Some of them could eventually buy their freedom.
  22. 22. The women in this culture were treated as inferior… Category D 400 Social Structure
  23. 23. The women of this civilization could work as merchants, farmers or artisans. Category D 500 Social Structure
  24. 24. chain no oracle bones about it Anagrams 100
  25. 25. isotope mama Hammurabi’s home 200 Anagrams
  26. 26. sharp hao happily ever after life Category E 300 Anagrams
  27. 27. How much would you like to bet? DAILY DOUBLE
  28. 28. daisy sent like father, like son Category E 400 Anagrams
  29. 29. homily pets there’s just so many of them! Category E 500 Anagrams
  30. 30. Welcome to Jeopardy! The fun and sneaky way to review material for the upcoming test!
  31. 31. And now… a brief introduction to the RULES of the GAME…
  32. 32. Each group must: a) SIT TOGETHER, and b) Designate a SPEAKER who will respond to the prompts (You may NOT change speakers).
  33. 33. The game consists of FIVE categories , each containing FIVE questions
  34. 34. Questions are randomly arranged, NOT by degree of difficulty
  35. 35. Each speaker may select only ONE question per round
  36. 36. Once the selected question is posted on the screen, the SPEAKER of the team has 10 seconds to respond .
  37. 37. The speaker may consult with teammates before responding
  38. 38. During the game, whispering is OK, but LOUD talking and/or disruptions DURING THE GAME may result in point loss for the entire team.
  39. 39. The response should be phrased in the FORM OF A QUESTION . (Words, phrases, and statements – even if correct – may be disqualified)
  40. 40. A CORRECT ANSWER earns the same number of points as the number of teams participating in the game. For e.g., if there are 7 teams, the correct answer = 7 points.
  41. 41. If the speaker does not respond correctly within 10 seconds, the question passes on to the next team speaker, who has 5 seconds to respond.
  42. 42. The number of points for the correct answer at this stage are determined by the number of teams preceding the correct answer.
  43. 43. Questions that are not answered during the regular round are thrown open to the class – by a show of hands – and the first correct answer earns 1 point.
  44. 44. For the Daily Double, the speaker designates the number of points – up to the max. points earned by the team . If correct, the team earns the designated points; if incorrect, they lose the designated points.
  45. 45. At the end of the game, teams are ranked. The #1 team earns the same number of points as the number of teams. For e.g. 7 teams = 7 points. Other teams also earn points based on their ranking. These points are added to your test grade!
  46. 46. Again, whispering is OK, but remember, LOUD TALKING and/or DISRUPTIONS DURING THE GAME may result in point loss for the entire team.
  47. 47. The judge’s decisions are FINAL and whining, pouting, and/or complaints will NOT BE ENTERTAINED…
  48. 48. Ready to play?
  49. 49. Are you READY? Final Round Team 1
  50. 50. Team 1. Final Round Team 1
  51. 51. Team 2 Final Round Team 2
  52. 52. Team 3. Final Round Team 3
  53. 53. Team 4. Final Round Team 4
  54. 54. Team 5. Final Round Team 5
  55. 55. Team 6. Final Round Team 6
  56. 56. Team 7. Final Round Team 7