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  1. 1. “A Day in the Life” By Kim Kattapong Period 1 DIMM
  2. 2. Arriving at School Carpool Lane drop off
  3. 3. The CommonsPeople hang out here before the bell rings
  4. 4. Bell ScheduleMonday, Tuesday, Friday schedule
  5. 5. Go to all of your classes First bell -1 minute to get to class Second bell - late
  6. 6. Nurse’s office
  7. 7. Lunch timeYou have the choice of eating inside thecommons or outside at picnic tables for lunch.
  8. 8. Juniors and Seniors have the option of going off campus
  9. 9. Tardy PassesYou get 3 tardy passes before you get a detention. Don’t be late from lunch.
  10. 10. Afternoon ClassesAfter lunch you still have to go to your afternoon classes.
  11. 11. Going Home!