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Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Community Colleges of the Future
Is your community college prepared for the new breed of learner – a learner raised on a steady diet of video games, electronic gadgets, and Smartphones? Wondering how to integrate new technologies to break out of the traditional classroom paradigm? Can’t imagine how anyone would integrate video games and Twitter to teach, recruit and enroll students? In this keynote, Karl Kapp, a noted author, speaker and technologist focusing on the convergence of learning, technology and education explores how consumer-based gadgets, games and web widgets are impacting educational strategies, recruitment efforts and content delivery at the community college level. Explore the influence of games, virtual worlds and Web 2.0 on learning preferences, expectations and collaboration. Discover how technological influences are profoundly impacting community colleges. Learn to leverage technology for educational and administrative excellence.

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  • In Dec 2008 Americans sent 100 billion text messages, double the number of Dec 2007. Average person sent 407 text messages, double the 188 sent in Dec 2007. At the same time, the average length of a cell phone call declined last year to 2.3 minutes. That's the shortest chat time since the 1990s, before mobile devices and cheap calling plans became widely available to everyday consumers. The peak talk time came in 2004, when a caller on average chatted for 3.05 minutes.
    "We are seeing a clear trend of huge increases in text messaging," said Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist at the Pew Internet and American Life Project. "If teens are a leader for America, then we are moving to a text-based communication system. For them, there is less interest in talking."
  • Various games and the problems the gamers had to solve.
  • They want a challenge, work virtually and can handle multiple tasking
  • Teaching young doctors how to distinguish heart sounds. After hearing a recording of different heart sounds about 500 times, young doctors reliably discriminate among different sounds made by various heart problems. Before listening to the recordings, the young doctors correctly identified only 50 percent of the heart sounds; after they test they could identify 80 percent of the sounds correctly.
  • Keynote at Texas Community College Technology Forum

    1. 1. Gadgets, Games and Gizmos:Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Community Colleges of theCommunity Colleges of the FutureFuture By: Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D. Professor, Instructional Technology Bloomsburg University
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Brief history of… The World
    4. 4. We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in. --Palm CEO Ed Colligan, 16 Nov 2006
    5. 5. ENIAC's main control panel
    6. 6. 4 23
    7. 7. What actions should I take based on this information?
    8. 8. What variables do I balance to keep my person happy? How should I manage my time?
    9. 9. What leadership strategy should I use?
    10. 10. What activities give me the most return for my efforts? Can I trust this person who wants to team with me to accomplish a goal?
    11. 11. What can we create together?
    12. 12. Found at
    13. 13. A college graduate sued her alma mater forA college graduate sued her alma mater for $72,000 -- the full cost of her tuition and then some$72,000 -- the full cost of her tuition and then some -- because she couldn’t find a job (CNN)-- because she couldn’t find a job (CNN)
    14. 14. Community College— 28% borrow an average of $5,879
    15. 15. New Approaches are Needed New Approaches are Needed
    16. 16. Solutions 1. Provide a challenge 2. Learning as a process 3. Leverage immersive environments 4. Play Games 5. Go Mobile 6. Expand the Classroom
    17. 17. I’m a Boss, too. Solution #1: Provide a Challenge
    18. 18. Say Dadda Solution #2: Learning as a process
    19. 19. Refer learners to a Blackboard Course Site for homework Conduct a classroom session Review with self-paced e-learning Learning as a Process
    20. 20. Solution #3: Leverage immersive environments
    21. 21. Solution #4: Play games
    22. 22. Solution #5: Go Mobile
    23. 23. Step Three: Lower Machine
    24. 24. Maui 1.3 miles Pacific Ocean H: 79° L: 68°
    25. 25. Solution #6:Expand the classroom
    26. 26. Use the tools
    27. 27. Real-time access to faculty member Quick question Broadcasting Thoughts and Opinions Sending Students Reminders. Assignments Answering one question leads to more questions Reach outside of the four walls of a classroom Focused Chats
    28. 28. Clarification of Terms Tips and Techniques Frequently Asked Questions Posting/Collection of of Valuable Resources Listing of Experts or Faculty with Similar Interest Link to the Field Advice from Alumni
    29. 29. Creating a bridge to alumni, students and industry through a community via Web 2.0 Continual Education Peer-to-Peer Learning
    30. 30. Create Youtube Moments.
    31. 31. The Future
    32. 32. Casual Friday Are you a 36 year-old IT Manager looking for pants that won’t constrict when you’re crawling behind a network router in a closet on the third floor? You’ve found them in the Casual Friday. Generous seat. No-wrinkle technology. Higher waistband to slim down your appearance. Front pleats for a dressier look that can impress customers in the office, and perform in the server room. Price: $40.00 USD/$10,560 Lindens
    33. 33. Go ahead…jump in!
    34. 34. Solutions 1. Provide a challenge 2. Learning as a process 3. Leverage immersive environments 4. Play Games 5. Go Mobile 6. Expand the Classroom
    35. 35. Questions/More Information • – Recommended books – Samples and Examples • Learning in 3D – • Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning – • Email: • Email: