Creating a Game Design Document


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Slides explaining a game design document.

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  • The newest and easiest way to create a game design document is to use It has just been released in Beta mode I’m looking for game designers or developers to start using and providing feedback to help make it better. No one has ever seen a web application that is only used to create a great game design document, but now there is.

Feel free to contact me an let me know what you think! This is very exciting!

Will Jones
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Creating a Game Design Document

  1. 1. Game Design Document
  2. 2. Elements of a Game Design Process/ Document• Overview of Concept• Desired Outcomes• Instructional Objectives• Tying Assessment to Gameplay• Game Play Strategy• Description of Characters (if any)• Game Environment• Description of How Game is Played• Reward Structure• Look and Feel of Game• Technical Specifications• Timeline
  3. 3. Overview of Concept Short description of your game. Give as much information as possible.Example: game for sales web -based single player onlineThe concept is to create a ized learning e enga ging, relevant, and personalrepresentatives that provid nversation with a customer . Topics d closing a coon the topic of opening an el. The game is d to our sales engagement modcovered in the game are tie The game will happen from a third- of a store. based on a realistic setting credibility, affability e le arner will be evaluated on person perspective and th sale. and the ability to make the
  4. 4. Desired Outcome What do you want the learner to be doing as a result of playing the game? Example: will Sales rep resentatives model properly u se the Sales m er e with custo to spend tim sale. and ultim ately make a
  5. 5. Instructional ObjectivesWhat learning objectives will facilitate the learning?Example: learners f th e game, theA t t he e n d o to: will be able oach and en gage a a p pr -Appropriately customer teps of an o pening. ee s -Apply the thr closing. o st e p s o f t h e -Apply the tw
  6. 6. Tying Assessment to GameplayConcept to be In-Game Activity Assessment of Learning taughtExample:Closing the sale. Select Right Closing Track # of Attempts the first time
  7. 7. Gameplay Strategy Game Play StrategyExploration/Simulation /Free Play AreaBranching story, On-Line Board GamesMatching, Trivia Games, Drag and Drop Games Example: a r ne r Matching game. The le t closing m us t m atch the righ hrase it h the right p technique w tomer. from the cus
  8. 8. Level of Interactivity Type of Low Medium High Type of Game Play Knowledge (Customer Taught Development)Exploration/Simulation Problem-Engine/Free Play Area SolvingBranching story, On-Line ConceptualBoard Games Knowledge/ RulesMatching, Trivia Games, DeclarativeDrag and Drop Games Knowledge/ Fact/Jargon
  9. 9. Designing Performance-Based Instruction Facts Concepts Rules - Elaborating - Examples - If-Then - Organizing - Non-Examples - Cause/Effect - Association - Attribute Classification - Concept ApplicationProcedures Principles Problem-Solving- Whole to Part Review - Teach Model - Multiple Scenarios- Learn Parts - Behavior Checklist - Professional Experiences- Assemble Procedure - Examples - Realistic Application
  10. 10. Type of Instructional Strategy Gameplay DevelopedKnowledge
  11. 11. Description of CharactersName Role/ Position Gender Attitude Attire RepresentsJohn Potential Male Friendly Shirt tie, Suit-no Elusive potential customer. Customer jacketMary Sales Female Helpful Business Casual Proper procedure for Representative initiating potential customer contact.Lou Ann Co-Worker Female Unfriendly Business Casual Provides critical information regarding pre-qualification of potential customer. n va t arUSER New Sales N/A Example: N/A N/A tomizwho a cusPerson e a needs totpre- e able to qualifybJohno selec case Representative The le arners will b be a le t during the air andstudy. in terms of eyes, skin, h rners will les of clo ths. The lea d three different sty Cs, thre e female an t with six NP h have in terac in the s tore will eac e customers p e nd ma le. Th ime they are able to s different a mounts of t tive. s representa with the sale
  12. 12. Game Environment Describe the environment in which the learner finds themselves when playing the game.Example: tors. owaves a nd refrigeraStore with micr scenes. Daytime an d nighttime
  13. 13. Description of How Game is Played Detailed “walk through” of how to play the game. m en t Example: he Learn ing Manage Upon en tering into t game, the le arner is hing the Syste m and launc stomization can where cu avatar, pla c ed into a store mizes their er custo ur. After the learn tore. They m u st occ t er t h e s they see a customer en that time, th ey are omer. At mer. proa ch that cust sk the custo ap tions to a given cho ices of ques Next…
  14. 14. Reward Structure How do you plan to reward players? Example: on three game w ill be based bility and The p oints in this s are cre dibility, affa s. Th ese variable d separately and variable be score ing the sa le. Each will vided called the mak ill be pro s will be then a n ov erall score w game, a focu hin the means me n t Score.” Wit e goal. This “Engage ward th tery o rientation to tent in the g am e on a mas r the con arner wo rks to maste any other le arner’s each le lated to ith an rall sc ore is not re mediately w and ove ovided im ba ck will be pr nger scores. Feed accomp anied by a lo unobtr usive popup r play. a vailable afte explanation
  15. 15. Look and Feel of the Game How does the game “look”? in three Examp le: alist loo king avatar e goal is to provide a re able to see b oth the Th r will be dimension s. The playe r through a spinning he avata cts that front a nd back of t t will con tain 3D obje environmen s . T he function . The n s , w a sh ing machine color s of televisio nts. The firs t is… are realist six eleme play will contain heads up dis
  16. 16. Technical SpecificationsWhat software? On what server? Is there a download?Example: spian’s be develo ped using Ca is game will h e 3DTh oftware to provide t ingWorlds s will be Think is require d. The game t require enviro nment that e intrane t and will no he corporat to our accessed via t esults ne ed to flow in wn loads. The r player any client do ent syste m w h en t h e learnin g managem compatible format. ame in a com pletes the g ,… Additionally
  17. 17. Timeline showingExam ple: or othe r method of a Gantt Chart project.This can be e to c omplete the the estimated tim
  18. 18. Create a Game• Sales or Customer Service – Develop idea and create one page game-design document of idea. – Present idea to all teams
  19. 19. Paper Prototyping