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More Big Macs with Fitbit One


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More Big Macs with Fitbit One

  1. 1. walk 21% more&burn 76% moreby using FITBIT One overNIKE+FUELBAND Bracelet
  2. 2. For 5 days I used the FitbitOne, the Nike+Fuelbandbracelet, and the Movesapplication simultaneously
  3. 3. The Fitbit One counts on averagealmost 4 big macs per day morethan the Nike+Fuelband bracelet
  4. 4. So if you are usingFitibit you canconnect it withmyfitnesspalapplication andeat more of these:
  5. 5. My calories per day
  6. 6. The Fitbit One counts on average:1588 more steps per day than theNike+Fuelband bracelet&1257 more steps per day than the Movesapplication
  7. 7. My steps per day
  8. 8. In Project AddAppwe strive to harness themeaning of personal dataand provide insightsSign up for the first release of our product HERE@projectaddapp@kouriskalligas