Searching for a research study


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  • These guidelines can help you identify a research study and distinguish an article that presents the findings of a research study from other types of articles. Research studies can be difficult to identify. Not every journal article you encounter in your searches will be a research study. For example, sometimes a title may sound like a study, but it may actually be a book review, editorial, letter, or commentary.
  • Searching for a research study

    1. 1. Searching for a Research Study
    2. 2. How to identify a research study A research study must: • Ask a research question • Identify a research population or group • Describe a research method • Test or measure something • Summarize the results• Research studies are almost always published in peer-reviewed (scholarly) journals.• Articles that review other studies without presenting new research results are not research studies. Examples of article types that are NOT research studies include: literature reviews, meta-analyses, editorials, comments or letters relating to previously-published research studies
    3. 3. Library Homepage -
    4. 4. Click on the Assignment Help tab
    5. 5. Please click the CINAHL link
    6. 6. We are going to create an account
    7. 7. Click [Create a new Account] if you do not have an EBSCOhost account. Save preferences  Organize your research with folders Share your folders with others  View others folders Save & retrieve your search history  Create email alerts and/or RSS feeds Access your saved research remotely
    8. 8. Sample Search:DiabetesExpanders:Apply related wordsLimiters –Published Date from:January 2007January 2012English Language;Peer Reviewed;Research Article
    9. 9. Results: 16,818NOWRefine results: Full Text[Update]
    10. 10. NOW the list is : 6693
    11. 11. Let’s go back to S1by clicking ReviewResults, click on #1Then Click on thetitle of the firstarticle
    12. 12. Now lets Find the full-text
    13. 13. After choosing thedatabase we want touse, we have tonavigate to the articleKeep your originalcitation handy andnavigate to the articleby either clicking onthe current issue ORarchives/previousissues.
    14. 14. **Articles are usuallylisted in page numberorderIf you do not see itlisted, use the title orauthor ‘s last name inthe search box for thejournal to locate thearticle.Choose PDF over HTMLor Full-Text as this willinclude tables, graphsand images.
    15. 15. That is one way to locate a research study.The next option is PubMed. Please go back to the Assignment Help tab on the PA LibGuide and click on the second box link for PubMed
    16. 16. Searches in the ‘Publication Type’ Field: Case Reports Clinical Trial - Phase I, II, III, IV Comparative Study Controlled Clinical Trial Multicenter Study Twin Study Validation Studies
    17. 17. This means we don’t have it in print
    18. 18. WebBridge automatically filled in the form for you!Make sure you answer the first question – HPD Campus AffiliationThen scroll to the bottom and click SUBMIT
    19. 19. Questions? Contact me!