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  • To get to the HPD Library homepage, you would click on the word Libraries in the left-hand column
  • Next you will see a list of the 4 NSU Libraries. The homepage I will introduce is for the HPD Library, but the Library catalog will search the resources of all 4.
  • This is the new HPD Library Homepage. I recommend that you bookmark this site. It has been redesigned to allow for accessibility from the homepage for the most popular services/resources….searching the Library catalog, list of the NSU Health & Medicine databases and a Link to AMA & APA Citation pages
  • The most important thing I want to emphasize to you today is my contact information. I have included the toll free number for NSU & my direct extension.
  • Here are some examples.CINAHL contains citations and abstracts from the literature of nursing and allied health. It includes full-text for more than 620 journals, legal cases, drug records, research instruments, clinical trials, and more.ISI Web of Knowledge consists of a science, a social sciences and an arts & humanities index. The databases contain information gathered from thousands of scholarly journals, books, book series, reports and conferences.Medline is the National Library of Medicine’s premiere search system for health information and includes over 17 million citations from the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and preclinical sciences.
  • Pa orientation

    1. 1. PA Orientation
    2. 2.
    3. 3. NSULibraries
    4. 4. Start with the PA LibGuide
    5. 5.  My contact information Library Catalog: Books, eBooks, Journals, DVDs Clinical Databases:  Access Medicine,  Bates ,  DynaMed  Primal Pictures – APO Anatomy & Physiology Online  Primal Pictures – Anatomy TV
    6. 6. This is aQuick Wayto Searchthe LibraryCatalog forour books& eBooksEx: Type inDeGowin’s
    7. 7. Electronic & Print booksThe icons on the left margin indicate the format. Click on the title to open up the full record.
    8. 8. To open the book1. Click on the link that says“Available online via R2 Library”You will need to Log-In to get access
    9. 9. To access any of our resources, you are going to have to “authenticate” or identify yourself as an NSU student by logging in. You will log-in using your Sharklink Log-in & password. The same one you will use for Web CT and to access WebMail.
    10. 10. It will open up the ePublisher’s site.In this example you would use the [Prev] and [Next] buttons to turn the pages or Click on the section from the Table of Contents in the left-margin
    11. 11. Access Medicine Full-text, illustrations, and expanded features from McGraw-Hill medical databases. Includes the latest edition of Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine, Tintinallis Emergency Medicine, Schwartzs Surgery and many more titles.
    12. 12. Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination Step by stepvisual guidanceon the complete physical examination. **Streaming video requiresActiveX (plug-in)
    13. 13. DynaMed Evidence- based, primary care database provides point-of-care health information. Containsmore than 2000 concisesummaries of the most commonly reported diseases in primary care.
    14. 14. Primal Pictures• Anatomy.TV• APO
    15. 15. Primal Pictures Award-winning leader of 3D anatomy health education since 1991 Creators of Anatomy.TV and Primal Online Learning product lines All content can be exported for use in lectures, handouts, and presentations
    16. 16. Complete, Detailed, and Accurate Based on Visible Human Project Real Human Data – not a drawing!  Two fresh cadavers cross- sectioned axially, with each slice digitized  True extruded 3D model  Every pixel is a datapoint that is keyworded  Products like Netters based on illustrations
    17. 17. HPD Library new subscription 1: Primal Pictures AnatomyTV
    18. 18. Many AnatomyTV options
    19. 19. Export Content(licensed by HPD Library) All Primal AnatomyTV content can be exported:  Lectures and presentations  Handouts and patient education  Class websites  Blackboard Easy to export Permissible use:  No need for permissions for class presentations or handouts  Not for use in any media to be sold  Should not be posted on web pages open to public
    20. 20. How to Export Content Click on this icon to save image or text Name your file, save Images will be saved as .PNG files. Customize background color in PowerPoint
    21. 21. Quizzes
    22. 22. HPD Library subscription 2: Primal Pictures APO (Anatomy and Physiology Online)
    23. 23. APO: Anatomy & PhysiologyOnline A guided-learning anatomy and physiology resource equivalent to major textbooks 19 Body System Modules, covering anatomy and physiology for the 2- semester A&P course Based on the HAPS learning objectives
    24. 24. APA & Citation Help
    25. 25. Questions?Kristin Kroger, HPD Librarykk663@nova.eduThank You!
    26. 26. Feedback