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Clinical resources

  1. 1. NSU - HPD Library Resources for your Residency Kristin Kroger
  2. 2. HPD Library Homepage – OR << [Research] <<[Libraries] < < [Health Professions] COM Library Guide I have placed a copy of this powerpoint presentation on my website (LibGuide) for COM, for your future reference.
  3. 3. Start at the HPD Library Home Page Quick Links Search Widgits Library Resources for COM
  4. 4. In the Upper Right Hand Corner is a list of our most used sources. EX: • UpToDate • Dynamed • Medline (Ebsco) Quick Links 
  5. 5. Below the [Quick links] are 4 tabs • Library Catalog • eJournal Finder • PubMed Library Catalog search Search for eJournals titles interface to search Medline Search Widgits
  6. 6. • There are 3 options available: – Quick Search – Journals (which you can use to look up full journal titles/acronyms) – MeSH – Search for Medical Subject Heading If you were looking for articles on a particular topic
  7. 7. • I license the Medline content through several other database vendors, Ebsco, Proquest, Embase, Web of Science etc, but PubMed is a great place to start if you have a piece of information ie: citation/article title/author and you want to verify the citation and find out if we have access to the full text. • I am going to show you a sample search in PubMed for articles by a particular doctor/author.
  8. 8. Authenticate/Log-in Problems logging in? Contact Lela Fairchild at
  9. 9. Click on the article title to open the whole record
  10. 10. Journal Finder - will let you know if we have it in full- text electronically
  11. 11. After each database name, note the date range! This will determine which of these databases will have the specific article you need. Embargo: means that database will not allow access to that journal for this most recent period of time.
  12. 12. If we do not have it electronically – Skip to ILL to request it.
  13. 13. ILL accounts are not automatically created for all Clinical Affiliates. If you are interested in using this service, you will need to contact the ILL/DocDel office to request that an ILL account be created (or reinstated) by phone 954-262-3120 or by email I have created a form that is available on the Osteopathic Medicine site on the HPD Clinical Affiliates ILL OR on the Rotation/Residency/Clerkship tab under Home
  14. 14. Login to the ILLiad system
  15. 15. eJournals
  16. 16. Journal Finder Abbreviations occasionally DO NOT work in the eJournal Finder or Library Catalog ) 1. Use the full journal title if you know it 2. If you do not know it, or you get no matching hits, go to the PubMed tab 3. Click on the word Journals 4. Enter your abbreviation – Example: Clin Ther – Result: Clinical therapeutics – Use this full title, Clinical Therapeutics, to search for this journal online or in the library catalog
  17. 17. Catalog eBook search
  18. 18. HPD Database List & ALL NSU Databases
  19. 19. When you click on ALL NSU Databases you can browse by Subject or by Material Type
  20. 20. Audio Digest – MP3 of clinical lectures presented by experts.
  21. 21. The HPD Library subscribes to the following categories: Anesthesiology Oncology Emergency Medicine Ophthalmology Family Practice Orthopaedics General Surgery Otolaryngology Internal Medicine Neurology Pediatrics Psychiatry Obstetrics/Gynecology Urology
  22. 22. Highlight a few of our Point-of-Care Online Databases
  23. 23. • Includes International Guidelines • Updated throughout the day • Downloadable app (wireless not needed) • Practice Changing Updates - (email) • Code is good on up to 5 devices with same operating system
  24. 24. The concise and in-depth clinical content of Lexicomp allows pharmacist's, physicians, and nurses find answers quickly and efficiently while helping make safer medication decisions.
  25. 25. OvidMD is the first clinical tool that searches UpToDate, MEDLINE, and Ovid full-text in one easy search focused for clinicians
  26. 26. • Lexi-Comp's comprehensive Drug-to-Drug, Drug- to-Herb and Herb-to-Herb Interaction Analysis Program • Updated daily • Easy limits in search box (adult, pediatric, graphics) • Direct export graphics into PowerPoint • Practice-Changing Updates
  27. 27. Almost all HPD databases are available on mobile devices by logging into them from the HPD Library database page. This presentation is about any of the HPD databases have mobile- optimized interfaces or apps
  28. 28. Annual Reviews provides the worldwide scientific community with a useful and intelligent synthesis of the primary research literature for a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. Each year, Annual Reviews critically reviews the most significant primary research literature to guide you to the principal contributions of the field and help you keep up to- date in your area of research. *This is NOT an app, but a mobile optimized site that requires Wi-Fi access
  29. 29. Annual Reviews mobile-pairing is a provides a quick and easy way to browse full-text content provided through the NSU institutional subscription NOTE: As of August 2012, the vendor has discontinued the iOSx app in favor of the mobile friendly version. If you had downloaded the app previously - it will no longer be functional. HPD Library - Annual Review subscription titles….. Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry Biomedical Engineering Biophysics Cell and Developmental Biology Clinical Psychology Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics Entomology Food Science and Technology Genetics Genomics and Human Genetics Immunology Marine Science Medicine Microbiology Neuroscience Nutrition Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease Pharmacology and Toxicology Physiology Public Health
  30. 30. Full-text information on all US prescription drugs, as well as herbal supplements, nutritional and over-the-counter products, and investigational drugs *Requires a code or serial number which the Liaison Librarians have. The mobile site includes: • Drug Interaction Reports • MedCounselor Sheets are Clinical Pharmacology patient medication information (PMI) sheets • Clinical Calculators: a number of Drug calculators and Medical calculators & Unit Conversion calculators *This is NOT an app, but a mobile optimized site that requires Wi-Fi access
  31. 31. » DynaMed is an evidence-based, primary care database provides point-of-care health information. (includes guidelines and drug information) » More than 3,100 evidence- based clinical summaries of the most commonly reported diseases in primary care. • Updated daily *This IS an app, and only requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates.
  32. 32. Natural Standard provides information about complementary and alternative therapies. Includes information on herbs and supplements, health and wellness, allergy and immunology, condition center, brand names, and interactions. Access via Skyscape Evidence-based Graded evidence *This IS an app, but requires Wi-Fi access to use
  33. 33. • Dynamed & Natural Standard require download of the Skyscape (free) app • Requires a code or serial number which the Liaison Librarians have. • Skyscape supports the installation of DynaMed on up to 5 devices of the same operating system. For example, if you have registered DynaMed on your iPhone, you can install it to your iPad using the same serial number.
  34. 34. Includes all these databases and MORE: • Cinahl • MEDLINE (PubMed) • International Pharmaceutical Abstracts • Nursing and Allied Health Collection *This IS an app, but requires Wi-Fi access to use
  35. 35. First Consult • Requires personal account in ClinicalKey • User-friendly access to the latest information on: • patient evaluation • diagnosis • clinical management • Prognosis • prevention *This IS an app, and only requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates.
  36. 36. The Johns Hopkins POC-IT Guides are evidence-based clinical decision resources. Trusted content in the Guides is easily accessed, promptly applied, and frequently updated. Access via UCentral *This IS an app, and only requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates. Johns Hopkins ABX Guide Review antibiotics, pathogens, infectious diseases, and drugs. Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide Search clinical tests, management, complications, and medications. Johns Hopkins HIV Guide Look up infections, complications, pathogens, management, and resistances.
  37. 37. Johns Hopkins ABX Guide Johns Hopkins – Diabetes Guide Johns Hopkins HIV Guide require download of the UCentral (free) app To perform a Medline search, OR look through the Table of Contents of select Medline Journals, you will need WiFi
  38. 38. The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics - Objective, peer- reviewed evaluations of new FDA- approved drugs, and new information on previously approved drugs Treatment Guidelines from The Medical Letter- Unbiased reviews of drug classes used to treat common disorders. Includes the doses, adverse effects and the recommendations of Medical Letter consultants; *This IS an app, and only requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates.
  39. 39. Procedures Consult is an online procedure reference tool that offers easy access to complete details on how to prepare for, perform and follow up on the most common procedures required in today's hospital setting. Requires personal account. Please send me your contact info if you are interested in having access to the app. *This IS an app, and only requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates & to play videos.
  40. 40. Text & images are available at all times. WiFi only needed for initial download, updates & to play the video
  41. 41. StatRef Mobile is a streamlined version of the online subscription. Because some of the value- added resources are memory, megabyte and/or Flash intensive, not all resources are available at this time on the mobile version. *This is an app, but requires Wi-Fi to access all content.
  42. 42. Red Book® Online is the online home of the report of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases. Offering instant Web- based access, you will find the complete text of the Red Book®, the complete visual library of more than 2,500 images, vaccine status information, infectious disease news, and much more. *This IS an app, and only requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates
  43. 43. UpToDate is a clinical point-of- care database. To register for access current NSU students, faculty & staff and clinical affiliates must enter through one of the UpToDate link(s) on the HPD Library website and register/create a personal account for UpToDate. *This IS an app, but requires Wi-Fi access for the initial download and updates and usage. **IMPORTANT: In order to maintain remote access to the app, UpToDate wants you to verify that you are still affiliated with NSU every 30 days. You can do this re- authentication simply by accessing UpToDate via one of the UpToDate link(s) on the HPD Library website, then signing into your personal UpToDate account.
  44. 44. The VisualDx decision support and reference tool for physicians includes 1,200+ diagnoses and 25,000+ medical images to aid diagnosis and therapeutic decisions. •search by diagnosis •build a patient-specific differential •look up drug-induced adverse reactions by medication – all at the point-of-care. *This is an app, but requires Wi-Fi to access all content.