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  1. 1. WHY ? Download similar ppts visit
  2. 2. WHY ? Is it that our ears become so curious when we tend to hear bad about others but go deaf when we try to  listen to our own conscience Download similar ppts visit
  3. 3. WHY ? Is it that our mind seeks compromise  when we are wrong but seeks judgement  when others are wrong Download similar ppts visit
  4. 4. WHY ? Is it that our tongue sticks out an inch longer to speak ill about others but remains dumb to spell out our own defects and flaws. Download similar ppts visit
  5. 5. WHY ? Is it that our eyes tend to point out mistakes in others so clearly   but become blind when we  commit blunders Download similar ppts visit
  6. 6. WHY ? Is it that our heart plainly appreciates our success and achievements but always ponders on the  ways and means how  others succeeded Download similar ppts visit
  7. 7. WHY ? Is it that our limbs labour tirelessly when we work for ourselves but get disabled to help someone in dire need. Download similar ppts visit
  8. 8. Be Aware Are we aware of what we are telling ourselves? This level of awareness is vital for a society because this is what can prevent a crime. With this level of awareness, it is impossible for a criminal to commit a crime. There was a thief. He went to meet a saint. He told the saint that he had a compulsion to steal. The saint said, I am not going to tell you not to steal. But when you steal, do it with awareness. Three months later, the thief came back  to the saint and said, With awareness, I could not steal. It is the same with misdemeanour. It comes with a burst, you lose it. But what have you actually lost? You lost awareness. You smile starts shrinking. I measure success by the smile. How strong your smile is will show how secure you are. And that is what, I think, indicates success in your career.  Your success is measured by the length of your smile Download similar ppts visit
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