Spirulina and human health


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  • 3.9 cal. per gram of protein.
  • Iron in Spirulina is 60% better absorbed than Ferrous sulphate or other allopathic compounds.
  • Spirulina and human health

    1. 1. DXN Spirulina – The Super food for Cell Growth and Human Health - How? Dr.(Mrs.)Rathna Vasupal MBBS.,FCGP,FCIP,FAGE,ECFMG (USA) Specialist in Family Medicine 1st Crown Ambassador - DXN India.
    2. 2. SPIRULINA –Microscopic images
    3. 3. Spirulina–Ultramicroscopicimages
    4. 4. Composition of Spirulina Proteins – High quality and content. Easily digestible Carbohydrates. Low fats – EFA’s – GLA. Vitamins, Minerals & Trace elements. Bio flavonoids.
    5. 5. Composition of DXN Spirulina Protein – 56 – 69 % Carbohydrates – 15 – 25% Fats (Lipids) – 5 – 6% Minerals – 6 – 10% Moisture – 3.0 – 7%
    6. 6. Proteins All Eight Essential Amino acids ISOLEUCINE - Required for optimal growth. Used to synthesize other non-essential amino acids. LEUCINE - Stimulator of brain function, increases muscular energy levels. LYSINE - Building block of blood antibodies, strengthens circulatory system and maintains normal growth of cells.
    7. 7. Essential Amino acids – cont. METHIONINE - maintains liver health. An anti-stress factor, it calms the nerves. PHENYLALANINE - Required by the thyroid gland for production of thyroxine. THREONINE - Improves intestinal competence and digestive assimilation.
    8. 8. Essential Amino acids – cont. TRYPTOPHAN - Increases utilization of B vitamins,improves nerve health and stability of the emotions. Promotes sense of calmness. VALINE - Stimulates mental capacity and muscle coordination.(Chronakis,2001.Biores.Technol.77:19-24.)
    9. 9. Non Essential Amino acids ALANINE - Strengthens cellular walls. ARGININE - Important to male sexual health as seminal fluid is 80 percent Arginine. Also helps detoxify the blood. ASPARTIC ACID - Aids transformation of carbohydrates into cellular energy.
    10. 10. Non essential amino acids – cont. CYSTINE - Aids pancreatic health, which stabilizes blood sugar and carbohydrate metabolism. Has been used to alleviate some symptoms of food allergy and intolerance. GLUTAMIC ACID - Has been used to reduce the craving for alcohol and stabilize mental health.
    11. 11. Non essential amino acids – cont. GLYCINE - Promotes energy and oxygen use in the cells. HISTIDINE - Strengthens nerve relays, especially in the auditory organs. Has been used to reverse some cases of deafness. PROLINE (2.970/o): A precursor of glutamic acid.
    12. 12. Non essential amino acids – cont. SERINE - Helps form the protective fatty sheaths surrounding nerve fibers. TYROSINE - Slows aging of cells and suppresses hunger centers in the hypothalamus. - Involved in proper coloration of hair and skin, including protection from sunburn.
    13. 13. DXN Spirulina – Amino acidsAlanine – 4.0 - 5.0 Methionine –3.0 – 6.0Arginine – 3.0 – 5.0 Phenyl Alanine – 1.0 – 6.0Aspartic acid - 1.5 – 3.0 Proline – 2.5 – 3.5Cystine – 0.50 – 0.75 Serine – 2.0 – 3.0Glutamic acid – 6.0 – 9.0Glycine - 2.0 – 4.0 Threonine – 3.0 – 4.5Histidine – 0.5 – 1.5 Tryptophan – 1.5 – 3.0Isoleucine - 3.0 – 4.0 Tyrosine – 1.0 – 2.0Lysine – 3.0 – 5.0 Valine – 1.0 – 3.0 gms. /100 gms.
    14. 14. Carbohydrates Polysaccharides -Rhamnose, Glycogen,Mannose,Xylose,Galactose. All easily absorbed by humancells with minimal intervention of Insulin.(Shekharan et al 1987, Phytochem26:2267-69.).
    15. 15. CARBOHYDRATES – cont. Does not have cellulose in its cell wall, therefore ideal for persons with poor intestinal absorption problems and geriatric patients. (Richmond 1992, Photosynthetic prokaryotes 181-210.) IMMULINA – a new high molecular weight polysaccharide with immuno stimulatory activity has been isolated from Spirulina.(Pugh et al, 2001,Planta Med.67:737-42.)
    16. 16. FATS Fats – Essential fatty acids – GLA, Linoleic, Arachidonic acids.(Othes & Pire, J.AOAC Int. 84:1708-1714.) Glycolipids and Sulpholipids – anti viral. GLA lowers LDL – Low density lipoprotein being 170 times more effective than Linoleic acid. (Cohen 1997,Spirulina, 175 – 204.)
    17. 17. Vitamins,Minerals,Trace elements All these in biologically available form. Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Copper, Potassium, Iodine, Sodium. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, E, H, Pantothenic acids, Inositol, Folic acid, Niacin.(Belay 1997, Henrikson 1994, Becker 1984, Richmond 1992.)
    18. 18. Bio flavonoids Alpha-carotene, Beta carotenes Xanthophylin Cryptoxanthin Echinenone Zeaxanthin Lutein Chlorophyll Porphyrin Phycocyanin,Phycoerythrin, Tetrapyrrole, Phytonadione
    19. 19. Chlorophyll v/s Haemoglobin structural similarity
    20. 20. Benefits of Chlorophyll It increases peristaltic action and thus relieves constipation. It normalizes the secretion of digestive acids. It soothes the inflammation and reduces excessive pepsin secretion associated with gastric ulcers. It It promotes granulation (healing tissue). Promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells.
    21. 21. Other benefits of Chlorophyll It dilates blood vessels thus increasing circulation to all organs. In the heart it promotes transmission of nerve impulses that control contraction. The heart is slowed, yet each contraction is increased in power, thus improving the overall efficiency of cardiac work.
    22. 22. Bioflavonoids Porphyrin is a red compound that forms the active nucleus of Haemoglobin. Phycocyanin is related to bilirubin and is important for healthy liver function and digestion of amino acids. It aids haematopoiesis (formation of blood) especially W.B.C.’s. Phycoerythrin, Tetrapyyrole, Carotenoids, Phytonadione are important in all cellular enzymatic processes, without which cells would just disintegrate.
    23. 23. ANTI VIRAL An extract of sulfated polysaccharides, called “Calcium–Spirulan” showed activity against Influenza A, HIV, Herpes Simplex, Cytomegalovirus, Mumps and Measles Viruses. Helps in reducing viral loads in AIDS
    24. 24. Obesity – Weight loss Please God !If you can’t make me thinMake my friends fat !
    25. 25. Obesity – Weight loss At the end of four weeks Spirulina significantly reduced body weight by 1.4 +/- 0.4 kgms. This study indicated no adverse effects and no changes in clinical, haematological and biochemical parameters.(Becker E.W et al 1986. Inst. Chem. Pfanz. Pub. in Nutrition Reports Intl, Vol. 33, No. 4, pg 565. Germany.)
    26. 26. CHOLESTEROL REDUCTION Spirulina consumption reduces Serum cholesterol levels by 4.5% in 4 weeks. This is partly due to GLA. (Henrikson 1994.) Cholesterol lowering effect of Spirulina (Nayaka et al.1986, 1988)
    27. 27. ANTI CANCER ACTIVITY Evaluation of chemo prevention of oral cancer with spirulina. by Babu, M. et al. 1995. Pub. in Nutrition and Cancer, Vol. 24, No. 2, 197-202. India. Evaluated the chemo preventive activity of spirulina (1 gm./day for 12 months) in reversing oral leukoplakia in pan tobacco chewers in Kerala, India. Complete regression of lesions was observed in 20 of 44 (45%) evaluated subjects supplemented with spirulina, as opposed to 3 of 43 (7%) in the placebo arm.
    28. 28. ANTI CANCER Certain special enzymes called “Endonucleases” repair damaged DNA to keep cells alive and healthy. When these enzymes are deactivated by toxins or radiation, errors in DNA go un-repaired and may eventually result in cancer. Spirulina prevents deactivation of Endonucleases, thereby preventing and even correcting early cancers.
    29. 29. ANTI CANCER Spirulina extract induces TNF suggesting a tumour destruction mechanism.(Shklar & Schwartz,1988. J.Oral & Maxillofacial Surg., 45:510-515) Enhancement of endonuclease activity and repair DNA synthesis by polysaccharide of spirulina. by Qishen, P. et al. 1988. Pub. in Chinese Genetics Journal 15 (5) 374-381. China.
    30. 30. ANTI CANCER Inhibitive effect and mechanism of polysaccharide of spirulina on transplanted tumor cells in mice. ( Lisheng, et al. 1991. Pub. in Marine Sciences, Qingdao, N.5. pp 33-38. China.) Prevention of experimental oral cancer by extracts of spirulina-dunaliella algae. (J. Schwartz, G. Shklar, et al. 1988. Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Pub. in Nutrition and Cancer 11, 127-134. 1988. USA.)
    31. 31. Immunomodulation Consistently improves immune function. Bone marrow Stem cells, Macrophages, T- cells, beta cells, Natural killer cells show enhanced activity. Spleen and Thymus gland show enhanced function. Both Humoral and Cellular immunity increases. Calcium spirulan – an important immunomodulator.
    32. 32. Haematopoiesis Clinical experiences of administration of Spirulina to patients with Hypo chromic anaemia. (Takeuchi et al 1978, Tokyo Dental & Medical Univ.Japan.) Effects of Polysaccharide and Phycocyanin from Spirulina on peripheral blood and haematopoietic system of bone marrow in mice. (Zhang 1994, Nanjing Univ.,China)
    33. 33. KIDNEY DETOXIFICATION Scientific studies suggests Spirulina may have a beneficial effect for humans suffering from heavy metal poisoning and that kidney side effects may decrease when spirulina is taken with the administration of drugs. It prevents damage to the kidney and reduces the side effects of Mercury, Cisplatin,etc.
    34. 34. Radiation protection Immunoglobulin E (IgE) of children living in highly radioactive areas is greatly above normal. Studies with 270 children show that consuming about 5 grams per day of spirulina tablets normalized IgE within 6 weeks. Children not consuming spirulina did not change IgE levels. No side effects were observed. Spirulina lowers the amount of IgE in the blood, which in turn normalizes and reduces allergies in the body.
    35. 35. Effects on the Human body Anti viral Anti cancer Cholesterol reduction Nutrition Diabetes
    36. 36. Effects on the Human body Immunomodulation Haematopoiesis Kidney and Liver detoxification Lactobacillus improvement Radiation protective effects
    37. 37. Other benefits – Evidence based Relieves constipation.  Improves appetite. Restores skin glow.  Improves hair lustre. Alleviates insomnia.  Improves vision. Overcomes G.I probs.  Restores hair growth. Improves mobility.  Reduces pimples. Reduces alcoholism.  Restores vitality. Reduces frozen  Reduces allergic shoulder. dermatitis.
    38. 38. Other uses – Evidence based High blood pressure  Asthma, bronchitis. Heart disease.  Neuralgia. Gastritis.  Gout. Low blood pressure.  Arthritis. Piles.  Prostate hypertrophy. Peptic/Duodenal ulcer  Colitis. Cataract.  Menopausal troubles.
    39. 39. Why DXN Spirulina ? Bio flavonoids – high content Total carotenoids - 400 – 500 Carotenes - 160 – 260 Xanthophylls - 170 – 240 Chlorophyll - 1300 – 1700 Phycocyanin - 15000 – 19000 All figures in mgms. / 100 gms.
    40. 40. Why DXN SPIRULINA ? Highest safety profile Microbiological  Heavy MetalsColiform – negative Pb, Ars, Cd,Hg - < 0.5 ppm.E.coli - negative  Algal ToxinsSalmonella – negative Microcystins – negativeStaphylococcus – negative BMAA – negative (Beta-n-Methyl l-Amino l-Pheophorbides Alanine – BMAA)  No Pesticides,Total - < 0.12 Herbicides, GMO orExisting - < 0.08 additives.
    42. 42. GRM
    44. 44. Famous Naturopathic Practitioner
    45. 45. GRM
    46. 46. (IIMSAM-KKEO Director in Kenya Mrs. Els Wijt-Mulder presenting official credentials to Mr. Said Obama, uncle of the president-elect of the US Mr. Barack Obama) (United Nations Headquarters, New York, 6th November 2008) Sarah Onyango Obama, popularly known as MAMA SARAH is IIMSAM’s Goodwill Ambassador to further themandate of the organization to realize a world free of Malnutrition and hunger by mainstreaming the use of Spirulina.
    47. 47. Spirulina is rich inbeta-carotene that can overcome eyeproblems caused by vitamin A deficiency. The protein and B vitamin complex makes a major nutritionalimprovement in an
    48. 48. Have confidence in your products. Don’t Forget to use DXN Spirulina alongwith DXN Gano as they are great companions forHuman Health Maintenance. THANK YOU