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Strategy Deployment with the X-Matrix


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Lean Kanban North America 2016 Workshop

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Strategy Deployment with the X-Matrix

  1. 1. STRATEGY DEPLOYMENT WITH THE X-MATRIX Karl Scotland Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  2. 2. Read the questions below, and choose one to ask three or people in the room who you don’t know. Record their answers and be ready to share the results of your survey with your table. • What is the most important fact you already know about Strategy Deployment? • What is something you want to learn about Strategy Deployment? • Why is Strategy Deployment relevant for this conference? Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  3. 3. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment "It's about empowering the players to make decisions for themselves rather than ruling over them" But while some clubs work in silos, Leicester's backroom teams have drawn together to help turn the club into winners, despite competing with clubs with far greater resources.
  4. 4. Agenda Strategy Deployment Catchball The X-Matrix Getting Started Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  5. 5. Doing Agile is a tactic Being Agile is an outcome Having Agility is a strategy All to have business impact Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  6. 6. STRATEGY DEPLOYMENT The need Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  7. 7. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment I always encourage people to try new things and experiment to find what works best for them. Dean Karnazes
  8. 8. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Jason Little
  9. 9. Ship in a storm going in the right direction Direction Management Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  10. 10. Any form of organisational improvement in which solutions emerge from the people closest to the problem Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  11. 11. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment David Snowden
  12. 12. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Governing constraints guide what should not be. Enabling constraints guide what could be.
  13. 13. On your tables, discuss how Strategy Deployment relates to the Kanban Method’s change management principles. • Start with what you do now • Agree to pursue improvement through evolutionary change • Encourage acts of leadership at every level, from individual contributor to senior manager Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  14. 14. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Catchball X-Matrix Intent Action Autonomy Alignment Von Moltke Dan Pink
  15. 15. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Outcomes PlansActions Knowledge Gap: The difference between what we would like to know and what we actually know Alignment Gap: The difference between what we want people to do and what they actually do Effects Gap: The difference between what we expect our actions to achieve and what they actually achieve Stephen Bungay
  16. 16. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Outcomes PlansActions Knowledge Gap: More detailed information Alignment Gap: More detailed instruction Effects Gap: More detailed controls Stephen Bungay
  17. 17. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Outcomes PlansActions Knowledge Gap: Limit direction to defining and communicating the intent Alignment Gap: Allow each level to define how they will achieve the intent of the next level up, and ‘backbrief’ Effects Gap: Give individuals freedom to adjust their actions in line with the intent Stephen Bungay
  18. 18. CATCHBALL Towards Autonomy Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  19. 19. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Catch Reflect Improve Pass
  20. 20. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  21. 21. Plan Do Study Adjust Plan Do Study Adjust Plan Do Study Adjust Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  22. 22. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  23. 23. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  24. 24. THE X-MATRIX Towards Purpose Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  25. 25. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Results Tactics OutcomesStrategies generate generate implemented by implemented by lead to Impacts Lagging Economic Model Indicators Leading Capability Model Activities Experiments Investment Model Constraints Enabling Decision Model Correlation Coherence Contribution Correlation Coherence Contribution Correlation Coherence Contribution Correlation Coherence Contribution
  26. 26. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  27. 27. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  28. 28. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Increase revenue Result 2 Result 3 FitnessforPurpose SecondStrategy ThirdStrategy Fourth Tactic Third Tactic Second Tactic Metrics ImprovedNPS ThirdOutcome SecondOutcome FourthOutcome FifthOutcome x%
  29. 29. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Create an X-Matrix on a sheet of flipchart paper and populate it using a selection of the items below. •  Aim to have 2-3 Results, 2-3 Strategies, 5-7 Outcomes and 5-7 Tactics. •  Add your own qualifiers (e.g. increase, lower, more) and rephrase to be more specific if appropriate. •  Complete the correlations between your choices.
  30. 30. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment It’s the memory of what was said and felt that creates alignment, not the final piece of paper. Thomas L. Jackson
  31. 31. “it is a communication tool for dialog between individuals to support collaborative problem-solving and mentoring processes. And the process of creating the report becomes the real value of the thing.” Durward Sobek Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  32. 32. GETTING STARTED Towards Mastery Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  33. 33. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  34. 34. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  35. 35. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  36. 36. •  Use X-Matrix to determine improvement initiatives Alignment •  Form cross-organisational teams to play Catchball Autonomy •  Define and run a portfolio of experiments Assessment Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  37. 37. Cadence is the use of regular, predictable rhythm within a process. This rhythm transforms unpredictable events into predictable events. Don Reinertsen Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  38. 38. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  39. 39. Not quite yet One the way Ready to roll Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Think about what you have learned today and assess your readiness to get started. Move to the part of the room that represents your readiness.
  40. 40. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Form standing pairs or triads and answer the relevant question for your level of readiness. • “Not quite yet” – what will it take for you to be “on the way”? • “On the way” – what will it take to be “ready to roll”? • “Ready to roll” – what will it take to remain “ready to roll”?
  41. 41. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment Listen to everyone, follow no-one. Dean Karnazes
  42. 42. Form standing groups of three to five people made up of people from different tables. Share your answers to the following questions in your standing group. • What are the most important concepts you learned in the workshop? • How will you use what you have learned? • What is one question you still have about Strategy Deployment and how will you find the answer? Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  43. 43. Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment
  44. 44. THANK YOU! Questions? Karl Scotland @kjscotland #LKNA16 #StrategyDeployment