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Madison Committee Memo To PGA West Residents


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This is a recommendation to the residents of PGA West and a PETITION to the City Council. It concerns KSL\'s request that they install "worm medians" on Madison, which would be a huge safety hazzard and prevent us from going north on Madison out of PGA West gates.

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Madison Committee Memo To PGA West Residents

  1. 1. To: Residents of PGA WestFrom: PGA West Residents, making up the Madison Street Access CommitteeDate: September 29, 2011RE: Request for Your Political Support for a Long Term Traffic Plan for MadisonTHE CITY OF LA QUINTA IS CONSIDERING SHUTTING DOWN THE LEFT TURNS (2 NORTH, 1 SOUTH) ONMADISON AT THREE EXITS IN PGA WEST. THIS SHUT DOWN HAS BEEN PROPOSED BY KSL AND WILL BE AMAJOR SAFETY HAZZARD AND A HUGE INCONVENIENCE TO ALL RESIDENTS, VENDORS AND WORKERSAT PGA WEST WHO USE THE GATES ON MADISON STREET.THIS LETTER REQUESTS YOUR SUPPORT OF A PETITION TO STOP THIS IMPOSITION ON PGA WESTRESIDENTS.The purpose of this email (or letter) is to request your written support of our proposal to the City of LaQuinta to revise the long term traffic development plan along Madison. Attached to this document is a1-page petition to the city that states that you support our recommendation. After you have reviewedthis memo, please fill out the petition and return it to us as soon as possible.BackgroundIn June of this year some of the residents who live close to the Madison Gates were notified that therewould be a public hearing on June 21, 2011 to consider a resolution that would:1. Revise the tract maps and approved traffic plans for 4 PGA West subdivisions that are alongsideMadison Street.2. The applicant, KSL, was requesting that the traffic plan be revised to include 3 raised “worm medians”and a triangular median (known as a pork chop) instead of 4 traffic signals that they were obliged topay for under the originally approved Tract Map 28960.1 These worm medians and the pork chop wouldprevent PGA West residents who use the Madison gates from making a left (north) onto Madison. This,of course, is the only direction most of us go when we use the Madison Gates. It is the way to the Hwy111, I-10 and the City of La Quinta. In addition, it would prevent residents on the east side of Madison(by the Legends Gates) from driving to the Club straight across Madison, directly through PGA West.They would have to go all the way around Madison to 54th St. to Jefferson/PGA West Blvd to get to theClub. A diagram of the “worm” and “pork chop” medians is attached.3. KSL was offering to give the City of La Quinta cash to complete the worm medians and pork chop theyproposed in return for releasing them from all remaining financial obligations. The cost of the wormsand pork chop would be dramatically lower than their current financial obligation of 4 traffic lights.1 Traffic signals were supposed to be built at: Winged Foot/Laurels/Eagle Bend; Weiskopf/Legends Way; TroonWay; and Ave 58 at Black Diamond.
  2. 2. Madison Access Committee Recommendation to PGA West ResidentsApproximately 60 residents showed up at the public hearing on June 21st and more sent letters andemails to the City Council to protest this resolution. Our objections were based on:1. Safety: This was far and away our largest concern. The revised plan proposed by KSL would haverequired those of us who live on the west side of Madison to exit the gates going southbound and makea U-turn in order to go northbound. a. Making U-turns anywhere isn’t safe, but trying to do it in the face of oncoming traffic that is sometimes going in excess of 80 miles/hour is downright suicidal. Madison is currently the only 4-lane north-south road. As development continues further south on Madison (future golf and residential developments already on the books, a raceway, and a linkup with Rt. 86) traffic is likely to get significantly heavier, making U-turns even more dangerous than they already are. b. Emergency Vehicles would be forced out of their way when every second counts and be put in dangerous U-turn situations. c. Motorists entering the worms the wrong way and making a left onto Madison would add to the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, many of us have observed motorists (and police) skirting the law, entering worms in the direction of oncoming traffic in order to make an illegal left hand turn. This will only add to the possibility of accidents. d. Inability of large vehicles (like fire engines, garbage trucks, RVs) or trucks with trailers (like landscapers) to make a U-turn without, in effect, having to make a 3-point turn. This puts everyone in more danger.2. Severe Inconvenience: Nearly all of the people who use the Madison Gates are going northbound.This would severely restrict our ability to go northbound (without exposing us to higher risk posed by U-turns). In addition, residents on the east side of Madison would not be able to go straight across theLegends gate for direct access to the clubhouses.Resolution of the June 21st HearingDuring the course of that hearing, with the degree and intensity of public protest, it became clear to theCity Council that action on the resolution should be postponed until: 1) seasonal residents returned totheir homes and could add their input; 2) alternative traffic plans were considered that would meet theobjectives of the City as well as the needs of the residents; and 3) until a fair “buyout” price for KSLcould be negotiated. The hearing was officially postponed until November 1, 2011.The Madison Street Access Committee -- How & Why It Was FormedA number of us who were at the public hearing were concerned that if we didn’t get together andprovide the City with an alternative plan that would meet the needs of the residents, as well as the City,then our input would not be appropriately considered. We decided to form a Committee, The MadisonStreet Access Committee (the “Committee”), to work with the City to develop an alternative long termtraffic plan. 2
  3. 3. Madison Access Committee Recommendation to PGA West ResidentsThe mission of the Madison Street Access Committee is to investigate, plan, prepare and present acomprehensive alternative to the plan presented to the City by KSL. The members of the committeeare: Rich Stenton (Chairman); Judy LeBlang (Secretary); Dave Turner; Kathy Foord; Paula Matos; KarenPelletier; George Harmina; Merv Kirshner; Dick Moore; and Mike Walker (Manager of Res 1).ObjectivesThe City of La Quinta’s objectives are to:1. Preserve the “rural” feel of the area: The City would like to minimize the number of lights, stop signsor other traffic control features unless traffic density or accidents demonstrate the need for tightertraffic control. The City also has guidelines that it will follow, for example, there should be a minimumof 1,060 feet (1/5th of a mile) between traffic lights.2. Promote public safety: If the traffic density or occurrence of accidents makes it evident, the City willput in traffic controls.3. Cash out KSL’s future obligations under Tract Map 28960. This cash would be put into the City’s DIFfund. This fund is NOT earmarked for Madison traffic improvements and could be used by the City tofund road work anywhere within La Quinta.The Objective of the Madison Street Access Committee is to recommend a long term traffic controlplan that would:1. Promote Public Safety: Preserve the ability of emergency vehicles to exit the Madison Gates and gonorth. In addition, we want to protect the safety of residents when they do want to go north ontoMadison Street.2. Minimize the inconvenience to residents, vendors and workers: For the residents, vendors andworkers who use the gates on the west side of Madison, north is almost the only direction that residentsand vendors want to travel. Residents on the east side of Madison should also be able to go straightacross the Legends gate for direct access to the clubhouses.3. Give the City a long term traffic plan that the residents would support and that the City could use toprice out what KSL should pay the City to buy out their obligation.Recommendation & RationaleThe Committee’s recommendation to the City is that the long term traffic control plan in Tract Map28960 be revised to include:  A traffic signal at the Winged Foot/Laurels/Eagle Bend Gate (which would also handle traffic out of Griffin Ranch)  A traffic signal at the Weiskopf/Legends Way Gate, and  A modified “pork chop” at 58th that would enable residents to go north into the Summit/Legends. 3
  4. 4. Madison Access Committee Recommendation to PGA West Residents  Norman Gate to remain as constructed.Note that no changes would be made to Madison until warranted by increased traffic density oraccidents.Alternatives, like traffic circles and stop signs, were also considered but rejected due to spaceconstraints (in the case of traffic circles) or ineffectiveness (in the case of stop signs).Our rationale for this recommendation is that:1. It would protect the safety of residents in both emergency and non-emergency situations by enablingus to go northbound on Madison without having to make U-turns. It would also enable Legendsresidents to cross Madison to get to the Club.2. It would enshrine the residents’ preferred method of handling traffic control in the development plan(Tract Map 28960). If the City wishes to revise it again in the future, they would have to seek publicinput again before it could be changed.3. It would cost KSL about the same amount of money they are currently obligated for under TractMaps 28960 and Tract Map 29136, so it has a higher probability of being accepted by all parties.Next StepsPlease sign the attached petition. There are 2 ways you can do this. Either:1. Go to our online petition (, fill inthe petition form and click the “Submit My Petition” button, OR2. Print out the petition on Page 6, complete the form and return it to Res 1 or FAX it to 760-771-5125 assoon as possible, ideally by October 25th.Once we have your petitions in hand, we will present them to the City along with the recommendationswe have outlined in this document.SummaryThe Madison Street Access Committee believes that this recommendation is the best way to enshrineour preference into law. This recommendation would preserve our ability to go north onto Madison,preserve the ability of residents on the east side to cross at the Legends gate, and protect our safety.Your support, by signing the attached petition, gives us the ability to present a united front to the Cityand get them to listen to our desires.If you have any questions, please post them on our Facebook page (in Facebook search for “MadisonStreet Access Committee”) or email them to Rich Stenton at and we will answer asquickly as possible.We thank you for your support. 4
  5. 5. Madison Access Committee Recommendation to PGA West Residents 5
  6. 6. Madison Access Committee Recommendation to PGA West ResidentsInstructions: Review the petition below. Sign your name, date, include your PGAW address and FAXthis page only to 760-771-5125, OR to submit your petition electronically go to and complete the form. PGA WEST RESIDENTS’ PETITION TO THE LA QUINTA CITY COUNCIL/KSL LAND 1, LLC HEARINGThe PGA West residents’ committee has reviewed the traffic control plan recommended by KSLfor Madison Avenue, Airport Avenue, and 58th Street and has made the followingrecommendations:1. Install a traffic signal at the Winged Foot/Laurels/ Eagle Bend Gate instead of a worm barrier, when traffic density warrants it.2. Install a traffic signal at the Weiskopf/Legends Way Gate instead of a worm barrier, when traffic density warrants it.3. Install a modified “pork chop” at 58th to enable residents to go north into the Summit/Legends from 58th when warranted by traffic density.4. All Norman Gates both on Madison and Airport would remain the same as constructed.I/We have read the committee’s report and hereby petition the City Council to incorporate theabove requirements into any amended agreement with KSL, which changes their existingobligation to install signals and road improvements on Madison, Airport and 58 th Street. Theserecommendations are necessary to guarantee residents will be able to make safe left turns outof PGA West to proceed north on Madison. These stated requirements are in keeping withtraffic safety standards and also facilitate the safety of the numerous vendors now utilizingthese exits onto Madison. I/We endorse this petition and the committee’s presentation of ourname and recommendation to the City Council.Please sign:Signature: _____________________________________________Please Print Your Name: _________________________________Date: ______________________Your PGA West Address: ____________________________________________________FAX this page to 760-771-5125 6