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Speakers for Events Profile

  1. 1. co nn e c t in gwww.speakersforevents.com
  2. 2. www.speakersforevents.com is an organizationthat bridges speaking NEEDs [Keynotes,seminars, conferences and un-conferences] withSERVICE providers [Speakers] www.speakersforevents.com
  3. 3. You’ll get to know A b o u t s p e a ke rs fo r ev e n t s !peopleMarket, need and network!ProcessHow it all worksPerformanceWhy people prefer us?ProfileY o u r l i s t i n g ! Institutions www.speakersforevents.com
  4. 4. People W h o b e n efi t Mid - Cap Large - CapStart ups Companies Companies Institutions www.speakersforevents.com
  5. 5. Process H ow i t wo r k s Speaker SpeakingNeed Mapping Event Most Multiple Preferred Speaking Speaker Events www.speakersforevents.com
  6. 6. Performance W hy p e o p l e p refe r u s ?Easy searchSearching good speakers is hard, we make it easy!Easy event structuresConstrains of time, No of people and outcomes isnever an issue.Easy symbiotic learningWe are creating collaborative intelligencecommunities and it also helps YOU to grow! www.speakersforevents.com
  7. 7. Case study Pro ce s s Need Speaker MappingA training company has a new client They search onwhich needs training for its middle level www.speakersforevents.com tomanagers on social media engagement find the desired speaker and they request for the speaker. Speaking Speaker Event Sign-upThe speaker is briefed on the expectations www.speakersforevents.comfrom the client (training company) and is team contacts the speaker andall set to deliver and on delivery is duly checks if the speaker ispaid for his/her services rendered. interested? www.speakersforevents.com
  8. 8. Profile Yo u r p r o f i l e o n S F E NameExpertisewww.speakersforevents.com
  9. 9. Profile Po p – u p o n w e b s c r e e n Name Location Expertise Experience<Profile><Specialities><Testimonials (if you want to include) www.speakerforevents.com
  10. 10. FA Q B r id g in g g a p sQ Hsom a nm a in y s etvh e nu ts s r w (i cl ll i eI n gse tc htooo sse pyeo a k ? A w y t me e e s t ) u! Who pays me?Q Speakerforevents.com will duly pay you for s e r v i c e s r e n d e r e d t h r o u g h c h e q u e / b a n k t r a n s f e r. What if a client makes a direct contact?Q Yo u C A N N OT s p ea k at t h ei r event , i f t h e p ro g ra m is of similar nature, location and audience. Is there an agreement I need to sign?Q Yes ! O u r f i rst t i me a g reement s a re a l l o n l i n e a n d all you need to do is fill a simple form. www.speakersforevents.com
  11. 11. Place Yo u c a n r e a c h u s a t Robin Devadas Director – Operations[M] +91 97100 01010[T] +91 44 6525 1282[E] he llo@ speakerforevents.comwww.s peak erforevents.comwww.speakersforevents.com
  12. 12. Our Branding Partner[E] hello@reimaginebranding.com | [M] +91 98400 79377 www.reimaginebranding.com