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Brand Launch


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My persanal brand launch-Assignment 2 in Markma class

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Brand Launch

  1. 1. Brand LaunchApril 20, 2012
  2. 2. KRIS is a natural WANDerer
  3. 3. Kris’ mission is to practise Workingto Achieve Newfangled Dreams
  4. 4. Once dreams are achieved andsucceeds, Kris enVISIONs goingaround the GLOBE
  5. 5. ...and the first stop will be... Hong Kong to see the famousskyline and modern skyscrapers
  6. 6. Life is “WAND”erful Wand Kris Hong Kong Globe+VisionWanderer Kristoffer Jongco @ Glovision Inc.
  7. 7. So Keep on WANDering!  W-ork to A-chieve N-ewfangled D-reams