Aoc lesson 1


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Aoc lesson 1

  1. 1. Me Myself and I- Expressions in Writing Oration and Art.<br />Kathy Horne Olive Shuping and Karla Nobles<br />Eighth Grade<br />Art, L. Arts, and Media<br />Three one hour L. Arts Sessions and One 45 minute Media Session<br />North Carolina Standards<br />Visual Art:<br />1.02 Refine strategies for imagining and implementing images.<br />4.01 Communicate and persuade through visual arts.<br />4.02 Develop use of life surroundings and personal experiences to express ideas and feelings visually.<br />6.02 Interpret how a given work of art expresses the uniqueness of the individual artist.<br />7.01 Interpret and analyze connections similarities and differences between the visual arts and other disciplines.<br />Language Arts:<br />2.01 Analyze and evaluate informational materials that are read heard and or viewed.<br />5.01 Increase fluency comprehension and insight through a meaningful and comprehensive literacy program<br />Media:<br />1.03 Demonstrate appropriate care for resources<br />1.04 Acknowledge ownership of ideas<br />2.03 Recognize the diversity of ideas and thoughts by exploring a variety of resources (print graphical audio video multimedia and web based.)<br />2.06 Recognize the power of media to influence<br />4.09 Produce and present findings in various formats- video <br />4.10 Evaluate the product<br />5.01 Respond to viewing experiences orally<br />5.02 Produce video<br />Instructional Objectives<br />Read and view format examples of poetry<br />Introduce painting, Reminiscing by Beverly McIver<br />Use I wonder strategy to discuss the artwork<br />View assignment rubric and instructions<br />Assist students with sketching and planning projects<br />View notes for media presentations<br />Assist with videoing and editing<br />Student Learning Objectives<br />Write poems titled I Am based on the format sheet<br />Made pipe cleaner figures based on the poem.<br />Discuss Painting using I wonder strategies<br />Create sketches of self portraits based on their poem<br />Create an expressive portrait based on their sketches.<br />Paint self portraits choosing colors based on the mood in the poem.<br />Include highlights from the poem in the background<br />Share and discuss the results of their writing and art with the fifth grade media classes.<br />Video and edit discussion.<br />Activities<br />Complete poetry planning sheet<br />Write I Am poems<br />Create figures from pipe cleaners bases on poem<br />Discuss Reminiscing by Beverly McIver using I wonder strategy<br />Act out emotion from poem in front of a mirror<br />Sketch the expression you see<br />Enlarge the expression onto large cardboard<br />Paint portraits choosing colors to express emotion from poem<br />Include poetry highlights in the background<br />Read poem to fifth graders and discuss the painting with them. Answer their questions and impress the relationship between art and writing to them.<br />Edit Video<br />Assessment<br />Completed Poem<br />Artwork represents the mood or theme of the poem.<br />Artwork is a self portrait<br />Poem highlights are included in the background<br />Observation of fifth grade presentation<br />Completed video of presentation<br />Resources<br />Vocabulary<br />Self Portrait<br />Expressionism<br />Materials and Lesson Resources<br />Poetry Planning Sheet<br />Written Poem<br />Reminiscing, Barbara McIver<br />Projector and Computer<br />Sketch Paper<br />Mirrors<br />Paintbrushes<br />Paint<br />Cardboard<br />Mixing Trays<br />Cups<br />Paper Towels<br />Flip Camera<br />Animoto <br />