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Emily grasso


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Emily grasso

  1. 1. Emily Grasso Family <ul><li>Emily is 16 and has 2 younger siblings. A brother who’s 10 and a sister who’s 13. Her mom’s name is Jeanne and her dad’s name is Sebastian. </li></ul>
  2. 2. She doesn’t have any pets but her favorite animal is a dolphin. Emily Grasso Pets
  3. 3. Emily Grasso Friends Emily’s best friends name is Tyler. He is in 10 th grade just like her. She loves to hang out with her friends.
  4. 4. Emily Grasso Food . Emily’s favorite food is anything Italian.
  5. 5. Emily Grasso Movies & music Emily likes to listen to rap and r&b music. Emily’s favorite movie is mean girls.
  6. 6. Emily Grasso Activities Emily likes to run track. She is also in Smithtown Deca and part of class council.
  7. 7. Emily Grasso School Emily’s favorite teacher is Mr. Como Emily’s favorite class is English with Mr. Nolan. She loves English because she loves to read.
  8. 8. Emily Grasso College Emily doesn’t know exactly where she wants to go to college but she wants to go somewhere warm. Like Florida or California.