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Emg coordinatorslistserves


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Emg coordinatorslistserves

  1. 1. Extension MasterExtension Master GardenerGardener CoordinatorsCoordinators Community &Community & ListservesListserves Who? What? How to sign up…
  2. 2. EMGEMG CoordinatorsCoordinators Listserves for…Listserves for… State and County EMG Coordinators State EMG Coordinators
  3. 3. Why?Why? • MG Coordinators Listserve is migrating from current NIFA based list to this list • Learn and communicate with EMG coordinators across the country – Participate in Webinar discussions – Communicate via coordinators’ listerves • Receive national updates and resources
  4. 4. How do I sign up?How do I sign up?
  5. 5. Join theJoin the EMG CoordinatorsEMG Coordinators Community in eXtensionCommunity in eXtension
  6. 6. 2 Steps to Join2 Steps to Join 1. Go to: 2. Click ‘Join Community’ (Access with your eXtension ID. Need an eXtension ID? Sign up @
  7. 7.  Added to the EMGAdded to the EMG Coordinators listserveCoordinators listserve
  8. 8. State Coordinators ListserveState Coordinators Listserve Notes for State Coordinators.. First, join the EMG Community You’ll be added (or ‘invited’) to the state listserve, too You will *not* get duplicate emails by being on both listserves.
  9. 9. Change of Roles orChange of Roles or Need to Unsubscribe?Need to Unsubscribe? • Click ‘Leave Community’ to Unsubscribe to the EMG community and listserves.
  10. 10. Additional EMG CoordinatorsAdditional EMG Coordinators Community BenefitsCommunity Benefits • Connect with people in the EMG community – Find their professional interests – Follow them on social networks – See what other eXtension communities they are involved in
  11. 11. Other communities EMGOther communities EMG Coordinators might want to joinCoordinators might want to join • Consumer Horticulture CoP – • Consumer Hort AaE Responders – • Make your own community – /people/communities/new
  12. 12. Other Communication PlacesOther Communication Places • CoP Wiki (Meeting minutes, handouts) – ulture • Consumer Horticulture CoP Blog –
  13. 13. Questions?Questions? – Monica David, CHNC Chair, – William Hoffman, USDA/NIFA, EMG Program Leader, – Rick Durham, eXtension Project Leader, – Karen Jeannette, Content Coordinator, Consumer Horticulture CoP,