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Volume 44 edition 25


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A remembrance of Duggan Anderson
A fantastic Rotarian, a highly commended Swan Districts Footballer and a much loved family man.

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Volume 44 edition 25

  1. 1. Rotary Club of Ascot Volume 44—Bulletin 11—18 Dec 9465 MEETING LOCATION: Silks Bar & Bistro, 174 Wright Street, Belmont WA, 6104 Breakfast, Every Tuesday, 11—18 December 2012 7.00 am for 7.30 start. DUTIES ROSTER18 December 2012 DUGGAN ANDERSONWelcoming: Peter Richardson Bev Poor It is with great sadness that we learned of theGrace: Janet Holding passing of one of our Founding Club Members,Loyal Toast: Brian Poole Duggan Anderson.Rotary Informer: Kimberley HoldingHost Chair: Michael EvansGuest Speaker: Captain Sharon, Salvo’s He will be greatly missed by all in the club.Topic: TBA Our thoughts and prayers are with his family25 December 2012—NO Meeting at this sad time.1 January 2013—NO meeting8 January 2013Welcoming: Ron Alexander Jeff StephensonGrace: Garry JacobsLoyal Toast: Julia TembyRotary Informer: Michael BermannHost Chair: Michael EvansProgramme: Committees15 January 2013Welcoming: Gren Courtland Janet HoldingGrace: Kimberley HoldingLoyal Toast: Michael Metcalf Vale Duggan Anderson,Rotary Informer: Roma Gehringer Paul Harris Fellow with 1 SapphireHost Chair: Julia TembyTopic: TBA President: Michael Evans Mobile: 0412 609 13122 January 2013 Mike Bermann Garry Jacobs Apologies to: Deepti Roopun (Treasurer) Mobile: 0402 494 565Grace: Ron Alexander Toast: Ros McLernonRotary Informer: Deepti Roopun Bulletin Editor: Dianne ReedHost Chair: Brian Pool Home: 9459 6605 TBA
  2. 2. OUR MEMORIES—AND YOURS—OF OUR ROTARIAN: DUGGAN ANDERSON“Your imaginative eye will depict him for you. Standing infront of the choir in a small west country church, his youngvibrant voice leading all in blissful harmony. Born inMargaret River on the 21st of September many years ago,this gentleman spent his younger life in that area beforemoving to Midland; followed by a period in Gidgegannup andfinally settling for most of his business life in ‘little oldBelmont’.Along the road to success he met and married a cute littlegirl and together they raised a stock standard family ofthree children. Having been born and raised in the timbercountry it seemed natural that he commenced his workinglife as a saw-miller and it was his work in this vital industrywhich led him to being ‘manpowered’ to it during the waryears. Five years at this was followed by six more as acartage contractor and log-haulier before he moved into thehardware field. (I think by now we all know little baby,Duggan, was at the beginning of a successful life).In 1954 the family opened Epson Hardware, as there were nohardware stores in the area. In 1958 a group of hardwarestores got together, worked out of his garage at home, andformed a buying group. His son Peter was then old enough towork, and in turn went into the shop full time, thus allowingDuggan to operate the warehouse in Kewdale, servicing some 60 stores under the banner “United”.This grew until 1983, all the time operating out of Valentine Street, Kewdale; now known as“Independent Hardware”.In his younger day Duggan was a junior cyclist, footballer and golfer.Whilst cycling was okay, Duggan made his ‘mark’ in football. For those thathave been in the Western Australian football scene, you will know thatDuggan played 210 games of football with the Swan Districts Club, which is a legendary figure in their club history. In addition he represented the state for 4 years. Unfortunately you can’t stay in this sport forever and low and behold he developed a love of golf. A keen golfer he played at Mt Yokine off a single handicap (where some people still dream to be). Some time later he switched to Royal Perth Golf Club as age was catching up with him and the hills at the Yokine course were not getting any smaller. Duggan and the family enjoyed travelling and over the latter years when the 3 children were off their hands, both he and Shirley continued this treat.”This personal history was prepared and delivered when Duggan celebrated his 70th birthday. It wasprovide by Mike Bermann.
  3. 3. DUGGAN ANDERSON: A TRIBUTE FROM NORM BELLFrom the very first, in May 1960, Duggan accepted the invitation to represent theclassification of Hardware Retailing. As a founding member of the newly forming RotaryClub of Belmont, he brought to bear the sincerity of his nature to serve his community andmankind. He served in a range of positions in the Rotary Club of Belmont, including director,and also sergeant of arms.With the ceding of territory, and the sponsoring, by the Rotary Club of Belmont, thedaughter ,Rotary Club of Ascot was chartered in February 1969. Seven members, includingDuggan, transferred their membership from Belmont to the Ascot Club. Duggan becamePresident of the new club in the succeeding year of 1970-71. It was a busy and an excitingyear as President, because Ascot Club organized and conducted the District RotaryConference, a four day event in those years, it was held at Ascot and GoodwoodRacecourses.Duggan’s leadership and direction, a Rotarian for 52 years, were always firm, but wrapped ina smile; his voice and inspiration never stronger than when singing the Rotary song: “ Vive le Rotary”Vale Duggan.Duggan is seen pictured here with fellow Rotarians Gren Courtland and Mr Rotary Himself—Norm Bell, who happened to be District Governor the year that Duggan was Club President.
  4. 4. DUGGAN ANDERSON—A LOCAL FOOTBALL HEROWhen Duggan Anderson lost four fingers from his left hand in a sawmill accident in January,1947, it appeared likely the twenty two year old, already a star of the game in WesternAustralia, had played his last game.Winner of Swan Districts fairest and best award in his second season of league football, andalready installed at centre half back in the State side, Anderson’s injury was a major blow,but those who wrote his career off didn’t reckon with the determination of the man to notonly continue his career, but become one of the league’s chief defenders.With the help of surgeon Dr Ben Buttsworth, Dugganresumed training three months later, and, remarkably,played in the opening round of the 1947 season.Formerly a fine aerialist, he was forced to alter hismarking style somewhat because of the loss of all lefthand fingers at the knuckle, but, while retaining hismarking ability, he became more of a spoiling and closechecking backman.It wasn’t only Anderson’s football career that wasaffected by the accident. A leading logchopper(brother of Allan Anderson, who won fifteen StateChampionships at Perth Royal Shows), Duggan wasforced to abandon the sport when unable to hold anaxe, and he soon discovered that no fingers equalled nojob. There was no money in football, and unable tocontinue as a wood machinist, he had to make a living.Working for a builder in Guildford making bricks, Anderson purchased a truck to cart gravel,then bought another, eventually contract carting logs near Boddington. In 1954, he built ablock of shops in Belmont, and owned a hardware store at the site. He served as Presidentof the Hardware Institute Of Australia, and became a life member of that organisation.Son of ‘Sonny’ Anderson, a leading ruckman at Donnybrook, Anderson had been tipped forstardom as a junior at Midland playing against older opponents, and slotted straight into thecentre half back position at Swan Districts in 1945, the first year of open age leaguecompetition following the War. His talents as a junior were not limited to the winter sport,however, he was also a promising wicketkeeper-batsman, but decided to concentrate onfootball.‘My name is Doug’, Duggan explained. ‘When I started playing footy the ‘Doug’ and the‘Anderson’ got sort of pushed together, and ‘Doug’ became ‘Duggan’.A high marking, long kicking player, he played twice for Western Australia in 1946, alongsideBill Alderman and Don Gabrielson on debut, and ‘Nugget’ Hilsz second up, and had emerged asone of the State’s leading defenders in his second season.
  5. 5. Duggan Anderson recovered from his injury to add Swan Districts fairest and best awardsin 1948 and 1951 to the one he had already won in 1946, and in the 1951 season was recalledto the State side.The first Swan Districts player to reach the two hundred game milestone, Anderson retiredat the end of the 1956 season, after 216 appearances with the black and whites and six forWestern Australia. In his decade of service at Bassendean he had played just the one finalsmatch, the first semi final of 1945, but some compensation was received in 1957, when liningup with Scarborough in the Sunday League, coached by a former Swan Districts team mate,Bob Annesley, Duggan received a best on ground award following a premiership win.Although unable to contribute to a flag at Swans when on the field, Anderson neverthelesshad a lot to do with the eventual premiership breakthrough in 1961, when a key moverbehind the signing of Haydn Bunton as coach, which resulted in the memorable hat trick offlags. A member of the Swan Districts Board of Management from 1957 to 1966, he wasvice president of the club for seven years.Duggan retired from football to enjoy games of golf—in his latter years, at Rockingham. Heserved as chairman of the House Committee at Royal Perth for four years. Wife Shirley, achampion sportswoman in her own right, having been an outstanding show rider in heryounger days, was also a keen golfer until suffering an illness, while son Peter emulated hisfather by playing league football for Swan Districts.Anderson rated South Fremantle pair, Frank ‘Scranno’ Jenkins and Laurie Green as hishardest opponents, while ruckman Jack Murray was the best he played with. He had a wordfor the umpires of his day. ‘There was only one of them then, and they’d hang around thecentre’, he recalled. ‘I’m sure they’d give a free if the ball got too far away.’Duggan Anderson’s outstanding service to Swan Districts was rewarded with lifemembership in 1955, and his football ability was recognised with selection in their Team ofthe Century in 2000, with the WAFL recently paying him the highest compliment ofinduction into the Western Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2011. Overcoming seriousinjury, Duggan Anderson became one of this State’s all time best defenders, and his storyshould be seen as a lesson in perseverance and dedication for all.This information wasoriginally written by RonHead and published in“Footy Goss: MemoryLane (where are theynow).A photo of Duggan and othersat Norm Bell’s party tocelebrate his 50 years inRotary, October 2010.
  6. 6. Garry Jacobs also remembers Duggan Anderson: Duggan Anderson was my landlord for four years when I managed a company at ValentineStreet, Kewdale (between 1991 and 1995). He was tough, stingy, and hard to deal with, . . . . . but a great guy. Back in the early 1980’s Duggan and a few hardware mates tried hard to turn the industry upside down and improve the lot of the independent retailer. He started bulk buying andsplitting the order up between his hardware mates. They started this in the back shed of a house and then progressed to build a 6,000 square metre warehouse. Suffice to say they poured the cement floor themselves on the weekends, just to keep the costs down.Duggan, Norm and Gren werea wonderful trio. Seen herewith Club President RomaGehringer at our ClubBirthday on 21 February2009. They had been askedto reflect on their time inRotary and provided much toentertain us on the night.Duggan was seen later in theevening having a go at ‘bellydancing’ much to everyone’sdelight.
  7. 7. Duggan at Ascot Rotary Club’s Christmas Function 2008 along with two other founding members of the club—Gren Courtland and Norm Bell.ANDERSONDouglas (Duggan) David:21.09.1924 - 07.12.2012 Passed away after a shortillness at St Ives Murdoch, aged 88 years.Much loved husband of Shirley for almost 63 years.Dearly loved father of Peter, Gail and Susan. Father-in-law of Catherine, Wim and Phil. Inspiringgrandfather of David and Geraldine, Adam, Joel andRikki, Christopher, Matthew and Scott. Greatgrandfather of Sebastian, Boston and Charlotte.Heartfelt thanks to Dr McCarrey and theextraordinary staff of Goldfields St Ives Murdoch.Duggan’s Funeral will be held at KarrakattaCemetery on Friday 14th December 2012 at 12.30 inthe Norfolk Chapel.President Mike urges us all to come and pay our lastrespects to this wonderful man.
  8. 8. What’s up in . . . . December . . . And other months EVENTS ORGANISED BY OTHER CLUBS:December Birthdays RC Mosman Park—Swap Mart, Tom Perrott2 Alan Holding Reserve, McCabe Street, every Sunday 7.00 am—11.30 am9 Jodie Sparks25 Gren Courtland RC Southern Districts—Bring “N” Buy at26 Brian Webster Centro Maddington Shopping Centre, every Sunday 5.30 am—10.30 am.30 Deepti Roopun New Years Eve—join the Rotary Club of Perth and the Vienna Pops Orchestra at the DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2013 Concert Hall. Details in rotaryoutwestRonnie is our “On to Conference” Club person. She will Rotary Carine Community Fair—17 Marchbe checking the Conference website and providing us 2013, at Carine Open Space 10 am—4.00 pmwith updates from time to time. Consider putting theConference dates in your calendar. The conference Corrigin Town celebrates 100 years in 2013.will be held on the 15, 16 and 17th March 2013. Be The Rotary Club has a Vintage & Classic Carthere if you can make it. Show running on April 6, 2013 RC Club of Kwinana are recommencing VillageRonnie handed out application forms for Conference Markets at Wellard on Sunday 14 October—at the meeting on Tuesday. If you didn’t get one, and every second Sunday of every month.please see her. Quiz Night, Saturday 9 February 2013, $10Thank you Ronnie for keeping us informed. per head, at Belmont Sports & Rec Club. RC Bentley Curtin. Phone Jen 0422 606 144 TODAY’S MEETING: December 11 Brian, aka, Bruno weRoma best wishes for a have missed you andspeedy recovery. We would love to see youhope the fall wasn’t too back at the regular clubbad, and look forward to meetings as soon as youseeing you back with us at can make it. Take care.Rotary as soon as you can. We are thinking of you. GREETINGS FROM NORM BELL Wine Raffle Winner:Mike Bermann indicated that Peter, Garry and he had lunch with Norm Bellduring the week. Norm sends his regards to all of us. His plan for retire- Today’s winement is when he takes his shoes off; he still goes into work when he can. raffle wasMike indicated that Norm treated them to a ‘Rotary master class’ which was won by Fredwell received by the boys. Rae. Enjoy! DECEMBER IS ROTARY FAMILY MONTH
  9. 9. Community Service News: Peter Richardson Sergeants Session: Who got hit this week!There will be three projects run this year: Sergeant Ros was at her best this morning:The Quiz Night—8 June 2013. Fred—welcomeThe aim is to have more attendees so we make a back frombigger profit than last time. Peter has a small band Broome—goodof people helping him, but will be asking for to see youvolunteers from within the club. His helpers are takingJeff, Max, Joanna, Ronnie and Deepti. ‘welcoming’ seriouslyThe Golf Tournament—16 April (date to be Stephen—ateconfirmed) the last lamb chop at theThey are wanting it to be a big one. Jeff will be in committeecharge of that one along with Mike Bermann, Aidan, meeting last nightKash and Max. Again more volunteers will be Bermo—for being a good ‘sport’needed to make this as big a success as we can Michael Metcalf—for paying with a $50 notemake it. and then needing a math lessonThe Mental Health Forum—18 June. This date President Mike—for presenting Mike B a golfhas been booked. Garry Jacobs is in charge of this, ball (antique no less—the Shell Port Hedlandalong with Richo, Kash, Julia, Ron and Mike Metcalf. closed in 1961) Michelle—must have been a bit tired thisPeter indicated that more help will be required to morning as she was heard exclaiming thatrun these events, so if you want to volunteer please there was a new person at the attendancesee either Peter, Jeff or Garry. desk—Mike B no less Garry—for having disgusting dirty car wheelsPresident Mike indicated that if anyone has a Janet—got the ‘parked’ fine for chiding thespecial cause that these funds that will be raised Sarg on her parkingcould go to, to please let him know. Jodie—seen in the Qantas Lounge in Adelaide President Mike thanked all by the Sarg those who had contributed Colin—happy 70th birthday for 2013 food for the hampers for Max—for having the committee meeting in a next week. There is still noisy and packed Nepalese restaurant. The time and opportunity to wine was good though. bring something in at the Fred, Ron—for having wives with knee meeting on the 18th problems. Apparently Norma has just had an December. op on hers’ and Sue needs one. Jeff—seen running in the door with the bag ofPresident Mike apologised for Julia’s absence, as groceries that the Sarg had had Gerry bring inher Dad had had a fall and she had had to fly to (Sarg thought he was trying to claim them asMelbourne to be with him. his own offerings). Janet, Stephen, Garry—having trouble with your mobiles? No Garry they don’t ‘hang from the roof’! GUEST THIS WEEK AT ROTARY: Fred—for being the wine raffle winner. Peter bought the box—because he saw Colin Past District Representative of put his fine in—in 5 cent pieces!! Rotaract: Laura Cheaton, member of City Peter bought the box again—Fred had been of Gosnells Rotaract Club seen heading into the Shell Service Station with a $100 note to buy a newspaper.
  10. 10. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US ALLLaura— Past District Rotaract Representative dropped off Santa’s suit for next week’s meeting.She indicated that Rotaract was going to have a very busy year this coming year. They will be hosting the Australian Rotaract Conference in October, with 130—150 delegates coming from around Australia to attend They are involved in organising the Youth Conference in Busselton— attached to the Rotary Conference They will be organising a Quiz Night on 23 February at the Gosnells Lawn Bowling Club—all are invited to come along And last but not least Laura indicated that Mandurah was going to be holding a Quiz Night which will be Rotary vs Rotaract. The questions will have a Rotary flavour and a Rotaract flavour - come along and find out how much you know about Rotary and Rotaract. Laura is pictured here accepting a precious Ascot Mug from President Mike.Rotary Informer: Garry JacobsTopic: ClassificationsIn February 1991 Garry’s landlord (who happened to be Duggan) asked Garry if he would like to at-tend a Rotary Meeting. He went along and several weeks later he got a phone call from . . . NormBell asking if he would like to join the club . . . And as Garry said therest is history. Duggan’s Classification was Hardware—wholesale Distribution—he broke the wholesale monopoly Norm’s Classification was “Chicken Sexer”. He used to spend 6 months in the UK each year doing chicken sexing. Michelle—her classification is Contracts Management Ronnie’s is Travel Agent Kimberley’is is Digital Printing.The classification system underpins Rotary. Norm recently remindedGarry that there is only one person for any classification in each club—deliberately—and that you represent that industry within the club.Norm is very proud of his classification and hopes that all others areequally proud of theirs.We need to respect the role of the classification system as it strengthens Rotary, provides diversitywithin Rotary, enables us to meet others outside our own industry, and is the glue that holds Rotarytogether.Be proud of the classification that you hold was the key message that Garry obtained from Norm.
  11. 11. SATURDAY NIGHT SPENT ON THE WATER IN MANDURAHA great evening was hadby all who travelled toMandurah to view theChristmas Lights on thehouses around the canals.A big thank you toJoanna and Stephen fororganising the trip; andto Stephen for drivingthe bus there and back.
  12. 12. National Youth Science Forum Perth 14—26 January 2013 Your assistance is being requested to help out with this national event. The event will be held in Perth at the University of WA during January 2013.Friday 18th January—The NYSF Rotary DinnerThe dinner is an integral part of the program and provides an opportunity for Rotarians and partnersto mingle with top science students from across Australia who are attending the Perth session of theNational Youth Science Forum.The event commences with pre dinner drinks and appetisers at 6.30 pm with the formal part of theevening from 7.15 until 10.20 pm.The Guest Speaker for the evening is Dr Katherine Trinajstic who received the 2010 MalcolmMcIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year. This award was presented by the Prime Minister.The venue for the dinner is Trinity College, and the cost of the evening is $30 a head. Priority will begiven to those Rotarians who have volunteered to home host students on Sunday; and they will get tomeet their students at this event. There will be at least 8 students from Districts 9455 and 9465 inattendance along with over 130 other students from around Australia.Sunday 20th January—Home Hosting OpportunityThe organisers are looking for volunteer Rotary families to home host two or more students duringSunday 20th January. Students can be collected from Currie Hall from 9.00 am and are to be backat Currie Hall by 8.00 pm.This day is an opportunity for students to relax and join in the family events and perhaps washing anydirty clothes they may have created during the first week of the programme. You are not expectedto take them sightseeing or take them on tours.If you wish to be a host parent for the day you, or your partner, will need a current Working WithChildren registration, or proof that an application for registration is currently being processed.If you are interested and would like more information please contact our Rotary Districtrepresentative Kevin Trent on 0417 175 004.If you would like more details, or access to the application form for both the Dinner and Hostingopportunity, please check with Ron Alexander’s email forwarded to everyone on Monday 3 December.
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