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Common Advertising Strategies


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Learn about various techniques advertisers use to sell their products.

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Common Advertising Strategies

  1. 1. Recognizing Common Advertising Strategies
  2. 2. Things to consider when viewing an advertisement: What is the brand name or product? Who is the target audience? What are the significant visual images? What catchy words or slogans are being used? What needs or desires are being targeted? What fears are being suggested? Are any stereotypes being presented? What advertising techniques are being used? What is the underlying message in the ad? What is your personal reaction?
  3. 3. Advertisers use a variety of advertising techniques and strategies to get consumers to buy their products.
  4. 4. Emotional Appeals - Needs NEEDS: Successful advertisements appeal to the emotional NEEDS of the audience using a promise that the product being advertised can satisfy emotional needs such as: * The need for acceptance/belonging to a group * The need for security * The need for change, variety and excitement * The need to be attractive * The need for self-acceptance Advertisers associate their products with luxury, wealth, fame, beauty, family, fitness, happiness, etc. There is a suggestion that by using their product some of these associations will wear off onto the consumer.
  5. 5. Emotional Appeals - Fears FEARS: Advertisements also make use of the oldest persuasion method - FEAR. They suggest that terrible things can happen to a consumer if you don't use their product. As consumers, some of our common fears include: * Being unattractive * Being rejected * Being ridiculed * Being unsafe/in danger Look at all the ads for unwanted hair, body odor, dandruff, or weight. Society has been made to feel that these things are not acceptable. However, FEAR can also be used to prevent drinking and driving, drug taking, etc. FEAR works best if it does not scare too much.
  6. 6. Common Advertising Strategies Family Fun Ideal Kids and Family Facts and Figures Are You Cool Enough? Star Power Amazing Toys Bandwagon Weasel Words Excitement Put Downs Scale Heartstrings Cute Celebrities
  7. 7. Ideal Kids and Families 1 The kids in commercials are often a little older and a little more perfect than the target audience of the ad. They are, in other words, role models for what the advertiser wants children in the target audience to think they want to be like. A commercial that is targeting eight year-olds, for instance, will show 11 or 12 year-old models playing with an eight year old's toy. Ideal families are all attractive and pleasant looking— and everyone seems to get along! Ideal kids and families represent the types of people that kids watching the ad would like themselves or their families to be. EXAMPLE
  8. 8. Are You Cool Enough? 2 Advertisers try to convince you that if you don’t use their products, then you aren’t good enough. Maybe you won’t be accepted or have the right friends. Maybe you won’t fit in. Sometimes they will show someone uncool trying a product and then suddenly they become hip looking and do cool things. There’s an emphasis on status and “keeping up with the Joneses.” EXAMPLE
  9. 9. Amazing Toys 3 Many toy commercials show their toys in life-like fashion, doing incredible things. Airplanes do loop-the-loops and cars do wheelies, dolls cry and spring-loaded missiles hit gorillas dead in the chest. This would be fine if the toys really did these things. EXAMPLE
  10. 10. Weasel Words 4 By law, advertisers have to tell the truth, but sometimes, they use words that can mislead viewers. Look for words in commercials like: “Part of . . .”, “The taste of real . . . “, “Natural,” “New, better tasting,” “Because we care.” There are hundreds of these deceptive phrases. EXAMPLE
  11. 11. ew & N d rove Imp
  12. 12. Put Downs 5 This is when an ad puts down the competition’s product to make its product seem better. EXAMPLE
  13. 13. Heartstrings 6 Commercials often create an emotional mood that draws you into the advertisement and makes you feel good. The McDonald's commercials featuring father and daughter eating out together, or the AT&T Reach Out and Touch Someone ads are good examples. We are more attracted by products that make us feel good. EXAMPLE
  14. 14. Cute Celebrities 7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sell pizza. Spuds McKenzie sells beer. The quot;Joe Coolquot; camel sells cigarettes. Tony the Tiger sells cereal, and the Nestle’s Quick Bunny sells chocolate milk. All of these are ways of helping children identify with products either now or for the future. EXAMPLE
  15. 15. Family Fun 8 quot;This is something the whole family can do together!quot; or quot;This is something Mom will be glad to buy for you.quot; Many commercials show parents enjoying their children's fun as if the product will bring more family togetherness. EXAMPLE
  16. 16. Facts and Figures 9 Advertisers use facts and statistics to enhance a product’s credibility. EXAMPLE
  17. 17. Star Power 10 Sports heroes, movie stars, and teenage heartthrobs tell our children what to eat and what to wear. Children listen, not realizing that the star is paid for the endorsement. EXAMPLE
  18. 18. Bandwagon 11 Join the crowd! Don’t be left out! Everyone is buying this product— Why aren’t you? EXAMPLE
  19. 19. Excitement 12 Watch the expressions on their faces-- never a dull moment, never boring. quot;This toy is the most fun since fried bananas!quot; the boy seems to say. Or one bit of snack food and you’re surfing in California or soaring on your skateboard. EXAMPLE
  20. 20. Scale 13 This is when advertisers make a product look bigger or smaller than it actually is. EXAMPLE
  21. 21. Let’s see if you can recognize some advertising strategies.
  22. 22. Brand Name or Product – Pellegrino Bottled Water “It must be the water.” “Lingering at the table since 1899.”
  23. 23. “The standard 99 cent chicken sandwich.” “Wendy’s new 99 cent all-white meat crispy chicken sandwich.” “Do what tastes right.”
  24. 24. “Take a rejuvenating escape.” “Its formula contains a sea mineral essence and has an invigorating scent.” “Surprise Yourself.”
  25. 25. “Walt’s people invented the idea of an amusement park . . . They perfected it. They still do it best.” quote by Richard Corliss, movie critic for Time magazine
  26. 26. “Fabulous Hawaiian estates, millions of gamers in exotic cars and bikes. It’s a fast new life-- all at your fingertips.” “9 out of 10.” --UK Official Xbox Magazine “Indulge a new identity.”
  27. 27. “Grab life by the horns.” “Need we say more?”
  28. 28. “Guess what everyone wants for Christmas?” “…Blockbuster Giftcards are the perfect holiday gift.” “Go home happy.”
  29. 29. “A bowl of Cereal May Help Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis.” “In fact research shows that women who get added calcium from the milk that tops their bowl of cereal get more calcium in their diets than women who don’t.”
  30. 30. “You’ve come a long way, baby.”