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Bis 320 final exam


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Bis 320 final exam

  1. 1. BIS 320 Final Exam PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ANSWERS HERE!!!Which of the folowing is considered to be input software?The CPU has a small amount of very fast memory called:a grocery scanning checkout sytem is an example of:Which of the following is TRUE of in-house custom-developed software?Which of the following is TRUE of click-client applications?The best way to apply a previously created style to the current document is to:If you were writing a report and wanted the bottom of the third page-aftre the titlepage and the table of contents Page 1, what would you need to insert?Which of the following stands true for enterorise DBMS products?To locate something in the database, one must tyoe in the keyword into the ____ofthe application.Which of the following is true of VPN? Most homes and small businesses use_______because they receive more data thanthey transmit.A ________connects computers at different geographic locations. in making a financial plan, you have decided to assume sales will grow by 10% fromthis year’s sales. The information for this year’s sales is contained in cell B%. Thecorrect formula you should type into a cell to calculate next year’s sales is: On a spreadsheet you have just opened, the projected sales are listed bydepartements. You have just summed up the projected sales by each departementfor year 2009 uding a SUMIF function. To copy the same formulas over to use foryear 2010 what types of referencing should you use? You want to model the growth of the sales of three different products over the pastsix years. You want to emphasize the growth of the total amount of sales in additionto the relative growth rates of each of the products. Which type of chart should youuse?
  2. 2. Which of the following is true about Web 2.0?Nonmerchant companiesIn the Web 2.0 world, the value of the site increasesWhich of the following systems for sharing content provides version control?________tracks changes to documents and provides features and functions toaccomodate concurrent work. What is the best strategy for designing a PowerPoint presentation for the first timefor your organization?When creating a presentation, it is most important to consider making the text Mark recently received an e-mail form what appeared to be a legitimate company,sking him to update and verify his credit card details. Unknowingly, he obliged andlater realized that the information had been misused. Mark is a victim ofThe broadest definition of _______ includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spywareand adwareWhich of the following statements is true regarding position sensitivity?Which of the following is true regarding an incident-response plan?Projects that spend so much time ______ are sometimes said to be in analysisparalysis.Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to system maintenance? During the _____ phase of the SDLC process, developers construct, test and installthe components of information system.The easiest and cheapest time to alter the information system is in the ____ phaseof the SDLC. BIS 320 Final Exam PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ANSWERS HERE!!!