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Leading at Mach2: The Debrief |


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Thank you for participating in the final keynote of the Summit Conference. We know A.B. truly enjoyed working with the group. On behalf of A.B. and Mach 2 Consulting, we offer the slide deck from his Keynote Presentation and the 5R's of Briefing and Debriefing. Please feel free to distribute within your organization as you see fit. If you need any further information or simply wish to thank A.B. for his contribution, feel free to drop him a note at

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Leading at Mach2: The Debrief |

  1. 1. • F-16 Fighter Pilot • 2700 Hours Flight Time • One of the first pilots to fly homeland defense missions over New York City after 9/11 • 20 years leadership experience with Fortune 500 companies • Founder & CEO of Mach 2 Consulting • Marin County, CA AB
  2. 2. EXECUTING AT MACH 2  Briefing before meetings and events to insure we are flying in formation and executing at the highest level every day  Debriefing after meetings and events to accelerate our experience and drive better results
  4. 4. • What is a Brief? • How does it work for Fighter Pilots? • How can it work for you?
  5. 5. brief·ing • noun ˈbrē-fiŋ • The act or an instance of giving instructions or preparatory information to someone.
  6. 6. A Briefing is not: • A planning session • A two way conversation • A solicitation of feedback or input
  7. 7. A Briefing is: • The time when the Preparation Stops and the Execution Starts • A way for leaders to clearly and concisely communicate their plans in a manner that everyone understands and expects • So that when we walk out the door for our mission • We are all on the same page and flying in formation
  8. 8. A Briefing Always: • Occurs at the same time prior to our mission (Standards) • Starts on time and ends on time • Is delivered in an agreed upon fashion using a briefing guide to insure consistency • Is never interrupted by questions until the end of the brief (Efficiency)
  9. 9. Fighter Pilot Briefings Include: 1. Scenario 2. Mission Objectives 3. Logistics 4. Threats/Intelligence 5. Timing and Tactics 6. Contingency Planning
  10. 10. Briefing Best Practices • Build Briefing into your Outlook Calendar – Make it Standard for key meetings and events – Have your assistant schedule it – Build Briefing Guide into Outlook Invite • One Leader – Everyone else is a wingman regardless of rank • Role play at least one section of your presentation before every meeting/event to make sure your mind is right.
  12. 12. de·brief (d-brf) tr.v. de·briefed, de·brief·ing, de·briefs 1. To question to obtain knowledge or intelligence gathered especially on a military mission. 2. To instruct (a government agent, for example) not to reveal classified or secret information after employment has ceased.
  13. 13. A Debrief is not: • Strictly for the military or secret agents • A disciplinary session • A demotion • A performance review • A judgment on your character
  14. 14. A Debrief is: • A sacred learning environment • Designed to accelerate the experience of individuals and the team • To make sure that leaders get honest feedback to keep the team moving forward • A WAY TO GET A LITTLE BIT BETTER
  15. 15. A Debrief Always: • Occurs at the same time following our mission (Standards) • Is never skipped – The Debrief is Sacred • Includes film review • Is SAFE – “What’s said in the debrief, stays in the debrief”
  16. 16. 5 R’s of Brief and Debrief Roadmap Results Desired Room & Logistics Roles & Responsibilities Risks Before meeting … BRIEF “R” we ready? After meeting DEBRIEF “R” we learning? • Specific objectives for the meeting - Clear & Measurable? - Objectives on presentation skills? • Logistics for the meeting and debrief • Roles and flow of presentation - Lead vs. wingmen - Perfect meeting flow • Key messages • Role Play • Potential roadblocks & questions that we can control • Contingencies that we can’t control • Big Picture – Bring everyone up to speed Reconvene Reset The Tone Review Objectives Refine Recap • Reset the tone for open feedback - Debrief is about learning - Debrief is SAFE • What were our Results Desired? - Write them down for all to see - Debrief against these objectives • Celebrate what worked • Discuss what could have been done better or differently • Capture Key Lessons Learned • Note Taker summarize lessons learned/ next steps • Disseminate lessons/steps and role into next mission • Start and end on time - Time Keeper - Note Taker