Hartung. Directors Summit Park City 12.12


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  • Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-stock-aapl-2012-3?nr_email_referer=1&utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SAI%20Select&utm_campaign=SAI%20Select%202012-03-02
  • Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-stock-aapl-2012-3?nr_email_referer=1&utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SAI%20Select&utm_campaign=SAI%20Select%202012-03-02
  • (I can kill this slide – but I do think it is powerful.) Combining competitor study and trends – I understand REI is very focused on Amazon. And that is a good thing. Amazon has done a good job of identifying and implementing new solutions aligned with trends. It was early to build warehouses to stock and sell other people’s products. It was early to design an “on-line store module” that let small operations sell through Amazon. It was early to build an interface designed for mobile devices – not just the generic web and browsers. And it was early with a digital e-reader. Amazon has moved a long way from being a seller of hard-to-find books – and in the process it has used its understanding of trends to really GROW. Learn from them. What can REI do to implement TRENDS – what can be your Kindle?
  • Richard Branson created a company designed around White Space. From a record retailer he launched an international airline! He fears no market – and he is willing to consider anything. Not all make money, so some go. But he never stops. You could submit a business idea to Virgin – just like employees do – by going to their web site. What he looks for are markets with insufficient competition, and places where he doesn’t have to go toe-to-toe with competitors. A multi-billion dollar business built on the concept of White Space. These are just a few of the Virgin businesses.
  • Hartung. Directors Summit Park City 12.12

    1. 1. The Phoenix Principle:Winning Through Growth Adam Hartung © 2012 Adam Hartung
    2. 2. Which of these companies do you think is most likely to double revenue in the next 5-10 years? 1 Boeing 2 3 NBC/Universal 4 Caterpillar© 2012 Adam Hartung Apple
    3. 3. Which of these companies do you think is most likely to fail in 5-10 years? 1 AT&T 2 3 Microsoft 4 3M© 2012 Adam Hartung Facebook
    4. 4. On which of these Boards would you prefer to have served in the last 3 years? OR OR OR012 Adam Hartung
    5. 5. What happened at Kodak?© 2012 Adam Hartung
    6. 6. Innovation created growth as Kodak changed people’s behavior© 2009 Adam Hartung© 2012 Adam Hartung
    7. 7. Success paid for even more disruptive innovation© 2012 Adam Hartung
    8. 8. But the innovator didn’t shift the market (or even follow well) THIS VS THIS© 2012 Adam Hartung
    9. 9. The true secret to business success surprised us Core Focus Leadership Overcoming Lock-in The biggest risk in business today is Status Quo risk© 2012 Adam Hartung
    10. 10. Apple succeeds by entering/creating new markets© 2012 Adam Hartung © 2009 Adam Hartung
    11. 11. Apple’s biggest/best skill is anticipating the future© 2012 Adam Hartung © 2009 Adam Hartung
    12. 12. How can Boards help companies be more successful? Be future-oriented Obsess about competitors Encourage disruption© 2012 Adam Hartung Force white space
    13. 13. Step 1 – Focus on future trends; not past markets/solutions VS.
    14. 14. Rethink the agenda, reallocate the time What percentage of your Board’s time is spent studying future scenarios and planning backward to current requirements? 1 80% + 2 60% + 3 4 40% + 5© 2012 Adam Hartung
    15. 15. Step 2 – Focus on needs and competitors; not current solutions and customers Industry Industry Lock-in: Lock-in: Customers Customers care about want laptops the quality of for portability analog music© 2012 Adam Hartung
    16. 16. Obsess about fringe competitors and market opportunities VS.© 2012 Adam Hartung
    17. 17. Step 3 – Ask how the company will be disruptive; not how it will be better, faster, cheaper© 2012 Adam Hartung
    18. 18. No company, or industry, is beyond disruptive innovation© 2012 Adam Hartung
    19. 19. Step 4 – Ask about white space projects and teams© 2012 Adam Hartung
    20. 20. Prediction Revenue doubler: Investor Failure 1 Boeing 1 AT&T 2 2 3 NBC/Universal 3 Microsoft 4 4 Caterpillar 3M© 2012 Adam Hartung Apple Facebook
    21. 21. The Phoenix Principle for superior rates of return Invest for the future, not from the past Focus on competitors, not customers Be disruptive, not sustaining Manage in White Space to innovate© 2012 Adam Hartung
    22. 22. Contact Information Board Member Keynote Speaker Mgmt. Workshops 847.726.8465 www.adamhartung.com adam@sparkpartners.com© 2012 Adam Hartung