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The Value From a Demand Generation LinkedIn Profile Makeover


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A SiriusDecisions study shows that the #1 barrier preventing salespeople from achieving quota is their inability to articulate value and a study shows that 9 out of 10 sales, marketing and business leaders fail to communicate a unique business value on their LinkedIn profile.

Within this presentation, you'll see how a sales director improved his connection conversions by 400% and how email response rates with emails that included his LinkedIn profile in the signature went from 30% to 60%. You'll see how a MSP VP moved sales conversations forward with a large MSP that ignored all other communications before he got a profile makeover. And, you'll see that driving a competitive advantage instead of focusing on "people, process and technology" drove revenue opportunities with companies like Milacron and Sygma.

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The Value From a Demand Generation LinkedIn Profile Makeover

  1. 1. Demand Gen Profile Makeover Program Value Presentation @GetLinkedInHelp
  2. 2. @GetLinkedInHelp
  3. 3. @GetLinkedInHelp After LinkedIn profile makeover, San Francisco Bay Area MSP drives demand and sales conversations with a local MSP that ignored all previous communications because the prospects didn’t see differentiated, relevant value that was specific to them.! Drives Sales Conversations Forward Once Value Is Realized! Read the case study here: case-study-2016.pdf
  4. 4. @GetLinkedInHelp
  5. 5. @GetLinkedInHelp By turning my LinkedIn profile into a complete sales and marketing tool:  My social selling index went from 30 to 85  My connection conversions increased by 400%  Number of unsolicited requests from key decision makers and influencers increased by 500%  Increased my email response rate from 30% to 60%+ as I link to my profile in all outgoing emails. Supply Chain Management Company’s New Business Development Director Discusses the Value He Received from a Profile That Communicates Value… Read the Succes Story Here: er-linkedin-profile-makeover-success- story/
  6. 6. @GetLinkedInHelp
  7. 7. @GetLinkedInHelp Demand Gen LinkedIn Profile Makeover that communicates the gaps in most retailers Facebook marketing and SEO approaches and why the gaps are costing them opportunities helped a prospect see the President’s value – and want to join her LinkedIn community for even more information. During the sales conversation, all the prospect needed to see was how the President was going to apply her approach to his unique business! Read the testimonial here:
  8. 8. @GetLinkedInHelp Read the case study here: webattract Drives More Business After Profile Makeover
  9. 9. @GetLinkedInHelp
  10. 10. @GetLinkedInHelp Read the case study here to see how we differentiated The Collection Law Group from a “me too” industry: after-linkedin-profile-makeover/
  11. 11. @GetLinkedInHelp 35% to 40% Connection Conversion Because They See Diane’s Value & See Her as a Mid-Market Supply Chain Expert and Her Differentiated Value Rather Than Talk About “People, Process and Technology” Like All Other Supply Chain Companies!
  12. 12. @GetLinkedInHelp The Companies That Diane is Now Connected to:
  13. 13. @GetLinkedInHelp Revenue Opportunities For Schneider That Started with Prospects Seeing the Differentiated Value Diane Provides: See the complete value Schneider gained: value-schneider-gained-from-get-linkedin-help
  14. 14. @GetLinkedInHelp Schedule a LinkedIn Profile Makeover Strategy Session to See How You Can Gain Value from a Demand-Gen LinkedIn Profile: