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Events For Charity 1 (Open Office.Org Impress)


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Events For Charity 1 (Open Office.Org Impress)

  1. 1. Charity Event Planning Service Events For Charity ** Mission Statement ** About Us ** Returning Injured "WAR HEROES". ** Our Honored Veterans.** Our Local & National First responders (Police, Fire, Ambulatory).** The Muscular Dystrophy Association.** Persons Displaced by a House Fire or other Disaster.
  2. 2. Mission Statement Founded in 1998, To Raise thenecessary Funds To Be Able toAddress Some of the needs Thatare not being addressed by any other organization by Hosting "Charity Event Fundraisers".
  3. 3. Mission Statement (cont).● We Realize that there are other Quality Organizations out there to help those in need, But No Matter who they are or how many Of them are out there...The Money RUNS OUT". We Just want to Provide another resource for those in need to be able to turn to for assistance.
  4. 4. For Example:** Our Returning Injured WAR HEROES"& Veterans... Veterans.-- Raising Money To REMODEL Their Livingarea:-- Bathroom Remodeling, Light-switchsLowering, Kitchen Cabinets Lowering– Wheelchair Ramp Installation, MaintenanceOn Transportation
  5. 5. ** The Homeless In America (Especially Our Homeless Veterans) -- Raising Money to Help Aid (fund) Local Homeless shelters● -- Providing Educational needs and Locations. Working One-on-One with them to Better their Lives.● -- Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs.● -- Counseling that "SOMEONE DOES REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU"
  6. 6. ** The Muscular Dystrophy Association (M.D.A.)-- Holding Yearly Events to Help RaiseMoney for "JERRYS KIDS"
  7. 7. ** Those Displaced By a House Fire Or other Natural Disaster -- Raising Money to provide:● -- Another Month or 2 (Or more, If needed) in a Motel.● -- Food and clothing (Especially for the Children).● -- Ensuring that all educational Needs are still being able to be met. (Fees, Lunchs, Books, Materials).