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Mind’s Eye Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality in biometric identity management systems, applications and services. Our global presence combines innovative products and services with a continuing dedication to customer support and social responsibility.
The company's offerings include a wide range of multi model biometric solutions, which are used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to verify their identities—protecting and securing people, property and privacy.
Schools, Colleges and Universities & Offices agree, RF ID is the Identification Solution Provider, when it comes to education. Improve productivity, efficiency, save time, money and even lives with a fully integrated student ID system including access control, time and attendance and video surveillance

Mind’s eye launched “VIDYARTHI RAKSHA DIGITAL CARD” in 2012 especially for student secure& attendance system includes biometrics and Proximity Card based comprehensive attendance management system for schools and colleges. secure and automatic attendance management system for both, Students and Staff. Mind’ Eye is built on cutting edge modern technology and designed to help schools and Parents/Guardians to deal with problems of truancy/absenteeism . Not only will you be able to track and manage student attendance to a granular level
Mind’s Eye Solutions attendance software has an integrate facility of sending automatic SMS alerts to the Parents/Guardians of the students.

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  • can you send me source of that project or some link where i found source code of project .
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  • can you send me source of that project or some link where i found source code of project .
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Student Attendance System

  1. 1. e-School Management System&Automated Attendance System
  2. 2. OverviewSchool Management System is specifically developed keeping inmind the needs and requirements for the flawless functioning of aschool.This system is a consolidation of various modules integrated tomaintain a proper work flow. It enhances the communicationprocess among students, faculty members, alumni, managementand parents.Being a web enabled service, it can be accessed from anywhere.This helps every individual to be in touch.
  3. 3. Few months Back, Mind’s Eye Solutions developed Windowsbased and Web based School Management System.Due to numerous changes takes place in education, a rapiddevelopment and versatile use of the Web requires appropriatemeans for presenting both school management process andlearning process.There are various modules created under the main system to takecare of all the necessary departments and requirements.The system manages the administration is such a way that there isno scope for error. It eases every process and decreases the manualwork to almost zero level.
  4. 4. Benefits of e-School Management» Reduction of Administrative Costs» Improved Service through Online Community» Key Account Management of Corporate Agreements» Improve Customer Knowledge» Enhance communication with Customers» Provide a more Flexible Offering Framework» Decentralize customer Service» Reduce Administrative workload» Centralize Corporate Activities
  5. 5. » Improve Business Processes.» Increase Security and Minimize Fraud.» Greater control of the management.» Manage Student Information Efficiently.» Record Student billing and Payments made.» Communicate with Students or Parents easily.» Analyze the Performance of a class as a whole throughStudent» Trace Student Attendance with Biometric.
  6. 6. Modules of e School Management SystemCounseling and RegistrationStudent Information SystemExaminationHuman Resource ManagementFinancial Accounting Inventory SupervisionWeb KioskLibraryAlumni
  7. 7. User Roles:This Application is designed by focusing from user point of view.Key roles involved in this application are as follows:System AdminTeachersStudentsParents
  8. 8. HomeCan view ongoing News & Events informationLog In AccessQuick Contact DetailsBrief About School Programs, Achievements, ServicesCan Access to:CounselingAlumniResultsLibrary
  9. 9. Features of each ModuleCounseling and RegistrationOnline and Real Time CounselingMulti Terminal Branch AllocationSeat UpgradationOffline Batch processing option of Counseling
  10. 10. An Enquiry Form
  11. 11. Counseling Request Reply Information
  12. 12. City & Branch Allocation
  13. 13. Admin Control Window
  14. 14. Student Information SystemLateral EntryBatch/Class/Section ManagementRegistrationHostel ManagementDisciplinary GradeIndustrial GradeAttendanceTransportation Management
  15. 15. Student’s List – Add / Modify Details
  16. 16. ExaminationSubject RegistrationGrade EntryResult processingResult ScrutinyResult PublishingLibraryBook IssueBook ReceiptFine CalculationInventory Check
  17. 17. Marks Entry And Update
  18. 18. Edit & Update Of Exam Names
  19. 19. Library Environment Setup
  20. 20. Books Inventory List
  21. 21. Fine Collection
  22. 22. Human Resource ManagementInterview and RecruitmentIncrement and PromotionDynamic Leave ManagementDynamic Earnings & DeductionsSalary Processing
  23. 23. Search Reports Branch Wise
  24. 24. Employee Registration Form
  25. 25. Staff Leave Request Form
  26. 26. Grant/Reject Leave Request
  27. 27. Financial Accounting SystemMain Ledger and Sub-LedgerVoucher Entry (Cash/Bank/Purchase Journal)Student Fee and Fine AccountingDay BooksTrail BalancesCash FlowBalance SheetIncome / Expenditure Reports
  28. 28. AlumniMaintains the Alumni DatabaseContact and Current Work DetailsMailingNews ForumAlumni SearchingEvent Uploads
  29. 29. Feature EnhancementsFixed Asset ManagementSmart Card AttendanceTraining & PlacementMess & Cafeteria ManagementWeb KioskInventory Purchase / Receiving
  30. 30. Feature of SMS SystemSchools can send Fee receipt messages to the parents as soon as fee is paid by them or by theirchildren.Schools can send Birthday wishes to the childrens parents on the day of their birthdays.Exams schedule and changes can be communicated to parents instantly.Schools can send the schools achievements, awards, recognitions details to parents.Schools can send parent teacher meeting schedule SMS and reminders.It’s easy to send season’s greetings messages using school SMS software.Schools can send notifications and alerts to school staff regularly.Schools can send Trustees meeting notification messages using school SMS software.Schools activity alert messages can be sent using school SMS software.School Day and Trip notification messages can be sent using school SMS software that helps schooland parents to both drop and pickup children on schedule times.Monthly Tests and Yearly term results can be announced from our SMS Software.Schools opening day, mess opening day, messages can be sent from the SMS software.
  31. 31. Send Event Notifications, Class Cancellations, Alert parent of ill children, alert SMS ondelayed school buses etc., can be sent from school SMS software.schools inform parents easily about children being absent.Schools, childcare or daycare centers can communicate with parents quickly via bulk SMS inthe case of an emergency.Universities / Colleges can send reminders of important dates such as holidays and examsessions.Child care centers easily inform parents of important health information such as chickenpoxoutbreaks and head lice in the centre.Schools inform parents quickly of injuries or illness and advise parents or guardians ofstudents requiring early collection.Homework information - Group SMS messages, - New / Events informationSMS alerts will be sent to all the parents, as soon as the student enters the school/ collegepremises on presentation of the RFID Id card front of the GPRS device .We are providing group insurance system to all students including staff (1,00000) accidentaldeath and medical facility its beneficial to the all students
  32. 32. Auto SMS on Attendance SystemWhen Student shows the card to the device, the device sends data tosystem and takes attendance and Immediately Sends SMS to parents
  33. 33. SMS SystemManages Single SMS, Group SMS & Bulk SMS.SMS Delivers with-in Seconds.Creates Student groups & Employee groups Automatically.Accepts unlimited Phone Groups and unlimited Phone No Entries.Send SMS in more than 160 Characters.It Consists of SMS Templates and stores unlimited Templates Automated SMS Services:Send auto SMS of attendance to parents.Sends auto SMS on every fee transactionSends Marks and result of each & every exam to parents• Advanced Feature:Two way SMS ServiceOne to Many SMS [Mobile to Total School/college
  34. 34. Why Mind’s eye Domain Expertise with Skilled Knowledge State of Art Technology Pool of Skilled Workforce Excellent Infrastructure
  35. 35. Contact US:Minds Eye Solutions,H-NO-1-3-32AmberpetHyderabad – 13.Contact No: 91-9550419884
  36. 36. Thank You..