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How To Remove Sharpie Ink


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Believe it or not, I've never had to make a Power Point presentation, ever. College (newscaster by trade) nor work required it. I took a class today. The second exercise was for a complete slide show. This was my second attempt at greatness. LOL Some back story - the instructor mistakenly used the wrong marker on the white board so I googled instructions for removal. Handy info! :)

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How To Remove Sharpie Ink

  1. 1. How to Remove Sharpie Ink (from a whiteboard)
  2. 2. Get the board you want the stuff off.
  3. 3. Get a dry erase marker (yes, we will make marks to take marks) and a dry eraser.
  4. 4. Draw over what you want to erase (make sure you draw slowly to fill it in better).
  5. 5. Erase.
  6. 6. You’re done!