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Test Automation Mistakes and Solutions


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Top 5 automation testing mistakes and its solutions for automation testers.

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Test Automation Mistakes and Solutions

  1. 1. COMMON MISTAKES AND SOLUTIONS FOR TEST AUTOMATION THE MASSIVE PRESSURE FOR DELIVERING TOP-NOTCH SOFTWARE PRODUCTS This testing approach helps by: Making product delivery faster Reducing human effort Making the process more effective Increasing ROI w w w . k i w i q a . c o m Solution : Customise the script by inserting checkpoints required for validation. You may also need to modularize the script, allowing many testers work at it simultaneously. Solution: Don’t limit validations to visible elements.  Consider keeping validations which give the idea the entire process has finished. PROBLEM 1 : USING PLAYBACK AND RECORD TO CREATE TEST SCRIPTS PROBLEM #2: CONSIDERING ONLY VISIBLE VALIDATIONS PROBLEM #3: NOT USING VALIDATION PROBLEM #4: REPLACING MANUAL TESTING ENTIRELY WITH AUTOMATION PROBLEM #5: USING IRRELEVANT TEST CASES Top 5 1 2 3 4 5 Solution: Consider validating test script with checkpoints. Place the checkpoints at numerous places in the script. Solution: The testers should understand that test automation is not a replacement of manual testing. It is rather an addition to it. They should leave scope for manual testing in the project. Solution: Consider creating smaller test cases that are condensed into a single suite representing the whole functional flow.