The Wozny Family


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a narrative, based in The Sims 3, about two friends who come to share a common background and destiny together

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The Wozny Family

  1. 1. The Wozny Family
  2. 2. Holden Wozny and Gwen Glover move into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom family house in Sunset Valley. They meet their neighbors,furnish their house, and hope for the best in Sunset Valley.
  3. 3. Holden and Gwen have been friends since childhood. After graduatinghigh school together, they decide to collect enough money to buy outthis house. Can the two survive under one roof?
  4. 4. Holden tells Gwen that he really likes what Gwen has done with theinterior designing. It looks so contemporary and in style!
  5. 5. Just then, Holden decides to offer Gwen a kiss on the cheek, but Gwenpushes him away. She does not think now is the time for a romantic kissand feels that the relationship is not ready to be taken up a whole newlevel.
  6. 6. The couple lives together for quite some time, until Holden wishes totake the relationship up a whole new level. He decides to ask Gwen outon a date, to which Gwen agrees enthusiastically. Holden has neverdated anyone before, and Gwen – his best friend – is his first, so he isreally excited about this moment of his life. On his first date, he andGwen watch a horror movie together.
  7. 7. Then, Holden guides Gwen’s face to turn toward him. Slowly, a sweet,romantic kiss form between the two.
  8. 8. Gwen feels fantastic! She has just experienced her first kiss! To celebrate,she decides to make Autumn Salad for lunch.
  9. 9. Gwen delivers the Autumn Salad to the City Hall. The Mayor loves thesalad so much that he rewards her with permission to visit the beach atnight. Gwen beams with delight. She can’t wait to tell Holden about thewonderful news!
  10. 10. Tonight is the night that Gwen takes Holden on an outing. It’s theirsecond date together. Gwen thinks going swimming at the beach at nightwould be fun. Holden and Gwen can have the entire beach all tothemselves!
  11. 11. They are having a blast!
  12. 12. After swimming, Holden and Gwen go up the shore, where Holden givesGwen another kiss before going home.
  13. 13. Holden brushes his teeth in the morning. A minty fresh breath is surelygoing to please his boss!
  14. 14. Holden talks with his boss’s assistant about work and his career in themedical field. He is thinking about getting a raise and a promotion assoon as possible.
  15. 15. Gwen goes tap-dancing in the music hall. It’s show time!
  16. 16. Gwen visits the house of her neighbor Madison VanWatson. At first,Gwen is turned off by the young woman’s chubbiness and apparentmooching in the house while the rest of her housemates are allemployed. The more Gwen converses with Madison, the more Gwenfeels irresistibly attracted to Madison’s sweet and charming disposition,and the two women become fast friends!
  17. 17. In her free time, Gwen practices playing the guitar. Her lifelong dream isto become a very charismatic and talented guitar player at the centralpark of Sunset Valley.
  18. 18. Gwen pays a trip to the science center to go fishing for good salmon toeat.Fortunately, Gwen catches a big fish for dinner! Holden will love this bigfish!
  19. 19. At home, Gwen prepares fish for dinner.
  20. 20. When Holden comes home from work, he samples Gwen’s dish and lovesit! After the meal, Holden does the dishes and throws out the trash.Then, he returns to the house and finds Gwen in the bedroom. He givesher a snuggle.
  21. 21. After a little talk and a little flirting, Holden thinks it’s time to take up therelationship to a whole new level! Holden asks Gwen to go steady withhim and become his girlfriend. Gwen agrees happily.
  22. 22. Holden plants an apple seed in the backyard and waters it thoroughly.With time and nurturing, this little seed will grow into a big tree!
  23. 23. Holden and Gwen stand in the kitchen together. Holden has just finishedthe meal that Gwen made. Then, he looks into Gwen’s eyes and smiles.He wants to show his girlfriend a surprise, so he reaches into one of hispockets and pulls out a . . .
  24. 24. . . . diamond ring box! Holden kneels on the ground and pops open thering box. A shiny ring appears in sight, which causes Gwen to jump upand down, squealing in delight. Gwen pulls out the ring from the box andputs it on one of her fingers. This is indeed a moment to remember!
  25. 25. Holden rents a place in the middle of nowhere to host the wedding andtakes his blushing bride to it. Together, they are wed, and Mrs. Woznyfinally joins the Wozny family tree.
  26. 26. These are the wedding guests. Apparently, they fail at findingappropriate formal wear to be worn at this formal occasion and atexpressing the appropriate emotion at this happy occasion.
  27. 27. When the young couple returns home, Gwen jumps into Holden’s strongarms, and Holden carries his beloved wife to the bedroom.It’s time to make a baby!
  28. 28. Gwen does not feel so well. She feels sick in the morning as if she hasmorning sickness.
  29. 29. Gwen and Holden hang out in the kitchen, eating pancakes together.Mmm-mmm-mmm, good!Holden complains that he smells garbage in the house. Gwen retorts thatshe promises to do the dishes and clean out the refrigerator of rottenfoods afterwards.
  30. 30. Gwen tinkers with the bath tub. She hopes to upgrade it, so that the bathtub can clean itself someday!
  31. 31. Pregnancy signs start to show on Gwen’s belly. Holden looks amazed thatGwen’s belly is growing so fast. In only a short time, Gwen is going to givebirth, and Holden has not even decided on a name yet!
  32. 32. Holden meets a young, strong-built woman named Erin Kennedy. She ishis neighbor, and he just happens to stop by her house one night afterreturning from delivering some important papers at work. Before long,Holden finds out one trait about this woman – that she is totally unflirty!
  33. 33. At home, Holden plays with his wife’s belly. He talks to the belly andvocalizes his thoughts about hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in thewomb!
  34. 34. Holden goes out in the garden and finds a tall apple tree! He rushes backindoors to tell the glorious news to his wife!
  35. 35. Gwen goes outside and harvests the apple trees. They look so deliciousand red and juicy. After some thought, Gwen gives into her temptation ofeating one of those apples to satisfy her thirst and hunger and stores therest in the refrigerator.
  36. 36. Holden receives yet another promotion! To advance in the medicalcareer field, Holden reads the book that his boss has assigned for him.It’s a thick book, but the effort will be totally worth it.
  37. 37. It’s a boy!Gwen has given birth to a bouncy baby boy. As soon as the child is born, he isgiven a name: Henry Wozny. The nurse tells Holden and Gwen that they areblessed parents and suggests that they may pick out two desirable traits forthe child. The two traits come out to be genius and good.
  38. 38. Holden and Gwen welcome the baby boy home. They are all tired andneed a good night’s sleep. Gwen decorates the nursery violet, for shethinks the baby’s favorite color is violet.
  39. 39. Meet Henry Wozny up close and personal!
  40. 40. Holden is off at work, and Gwen needs to do a business errand. So, Gwencalls a babysitter to stay with and look after the baby while she is on hererrand. And it looks like the babysitter and the baby are having a swelltime together!
  41. 41. A few years pass, Henry grows up into a toddler. Henry feels grateful thathe has everything he can possibly want – a good home, caring parents, acomfortable crib, lots of constructive attention from his folks, and great-tasting food. This is definitely the good life, and may the Wozny familyhave a good night’s rest and live happily ever after.