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Hypnotherapy Induction - Candle Breathing


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Virginia Westerberg's Hypnotherapy Script Series contains free, downloadable hypnosis inductions and scripts.

Published in: Healthcare
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Hypnotherapy Induction - Candle Breathing

  1. 1. V.M. WESTERBERG’s HYPNOTHERAPY SCRIPTS SERIES INDUCTION – CANDLE & BREATHING (Show the client where the toilet is...) (Turn on music. TURN OFF MOBILES [client and therapist], COMPLETELY) Loosen anything that may be making you feel uncomfortable, any piece of clothing, shoes, belt, whatever. Look at the candle in front of you and just focus on the flame, watch it flicker, sway, twitch, dance to the flow of whatever minute puffs of air it gets in contact with. As you watch the flame move, you may notice some rays of light, like a halo around it, you know it’s energy, radiant energy, light energy that moves faster than the speed of thought. As you watch it, you may feel that your eyes find it difficult not to blink and may itch, that’s OK, just keep focusing on it, blinking when you need to, Because later, this little candle light will be guiding you on a journey to a better healthier you, a you who is in complete control of your mind and body (desires and behaviour) Sitting back, feel the fabric of the chair supporting you, and allow yourself to settle into its comfortable embrace. Allowing yourself to relax, feeling the relaxation as your attention begins to turn to from the candle light to the space within your own being. You can feel your focus shifting inward, focusing on your breath, your innermost thoughts. And it is ok if your eyes itch, you can blink as often as you need, but just keep focusing on the light. As you allow yourself to relax, so does every muscle in your body, including the muscles around your eyes. Watch the light. It begins to feel almost as if your eyes would not want to stay open and just wanted to close. Keep looking at the candlelight. Your eyes are tired, they itch. It
  2. 2. would be so much easier to just relax and allow your eyelids to rest by closing your eyes. So maybe you may want to allow your eyes close naturally and enjoy this time of relaxation. You may close your eyes NOW. Much better. And you know that you could open your eyes at any time during the session, but you may prefer to just stay relaxed with your eyes shut as when you’re just about to fall asleep, just about to peacefully fall asleep. And you know you can reposition yourself or scratch or cough if you need to, knowing that when you resume your state of relaxation, you will do so even more intensely. Every gentle breath just makes you feel more and more relaxed. And when YOU relax your eyelids you let that relaxation go to every part of your body, mind and soul. As your eyes relax, let any sound you hear in the background just take you deeper into relaxation. Any noise, any disturbance, even the feel of your own breath, even the thoughts in your stream of consciousness just takes you deeper into your own inner mind. The outside world ... fades more into the background ... As you begin your journey into your own inner world ... just letting go ... more and more relax ... deeper and deeper ... into a wonderful state of relaxation ... and you may find that your mind begins to wander ... and it doesn’t matter where it drifts ... where it takes you ... My voice will guide with you at all times ... So you will continue ... To listen and respond to it on an unconscious level. Because thoughts are very powerful… good thoughts determine good intentions and good intentions determine good actions…., and whatever
  3. 3. you think about for a repeated time becomes your reality. Yes good thoughts can become good things. Who you are today is a reflection of your recent and past thinking … and who you will be tomorrow is a reflection of the thoughts you are having now. So let’s begin the process of creating your positive new future. Your first step is to let go of the past and look to the now and the future. Whatever happened in the past … is behind you… that is why it is called the past. Your past has determined your current present, but your new present will shape your new future. [Progressive Relaxation] Now I want you to visualize your state of relaxation as beautiful healing energy flowing to your body. Let the beautiful healing relaxation energy relax your eyelids and feel that healing relaxation spread from your eyelids to your forehead. Let the healing energy in your eyes and forehead spread to your face, back of your head, jaw, neck and shoulders - all deeply, peacefully relaxed. Feel the healing relaxation spread even further - down your arms from your shoulders, through your elbows, forearms and wrists, into your hands. Feel the relaxation as your fingers and fingertips relax completely - relaxation from the shoulders all the way to the tips of your fingers Now allow the healing calmness you feel in your head, shoulders, arms all the way to the tips of your fingers, to begin to spread down your body as well to your shoulders, your chest and upper back, your middle body into your entire abdomen and back and, Then into your lower body, thighs, calves, feet, toes
  4. 4. All deeply relaxed and comfortable From the top of your head, all the way to your toes, just letting go for a moment, just relaxing more and more. Allowing any sound in the background to help you relax further, every gentle breath, even the thoughts in your stream of consciousness taking you deeper into beautiful daydream-like trance. Enjoying this moment of deep, feel-good relaxed state, calm and comfortable, relaxed from the top of your head to the tip of your fingers, and down to the tips of your toes - relaxing more and more with each gentle breath. Very good ... And now that you are very comfortable and relaxed, just become aware of your breathing ... Feel the cool, soothing,purifying air as it enters your nostrils, give it a colour, maybe white or blue, noticing how it fills your lungs and invigorates every cell in your body, as your chest rises and falls, rises and falls, in an easy and natural rhythm, your unique natural rhythm ... just breathing in, ... and out ... In ... and out ... just allowing your awareness to focus on your breath ... (PAUSE) ... and now, I'd like you to take three deep breaths: ONE breathe deeply ... And ... exhale. TWO another deep breath ... And ... Exhale and THREE deep breath, hold it for 3 seconds ... (PAUSE) and ... Exhale ... Excellent! And now, just allow your awareness to remain focused on your breath as you allow it to quiet and deepen ... deeper and deeper ... and begin to notice that as you allow your breath to become more and more relaxed, that it is an easy and natural thing
  5. 5. ... You do not need to make any conscious effort to breathe. Your subconscious mind is taking care of your breathing - from the moment of your birth throughout your life, for as long as you live ... And just as your subconscious mind is the guardian of your breath and controls all your bodily functions (heart rate, digestion, balance, posture, reflexes). Your subconscious is also the creator of your thoughts, of your dreams, your intentions and ultimately, your behavior. Your subconscious wants you to achieve your highest aspirations ..., if only you’d listen to it and acted on its positive advice, always supporting you, protecting you and working for your greatest good ... Knowing this, you can relax even more deeply with each and every breath that you take … from this point onward you can allow yourself to simply rest on your breath ... rest and relax ... rest and relax ... deeper and deeper... knowing that the more you relax, the deeper you go, and the deeper you go, the more you can relax, allowing your subconscious mind, with all it's awesome power, to work on your behalf, to easily and effortlessly understand and receive every positive suggestion, and allow it to become a part of you forever ... With your next calm deep breath in just allow everything to let go... right now you have no place else to be ... nothing else to do ... but just sit back, and let go completely ... You are here because you have decided to ……… and to become healthier ... and the way you are going to …... beginning right now ... is just by relaxing and being in control ... that's right, relax... and allow yourself to accept all the suggestions from your subconscious... your subconscious is screaming at you, and today, here, you are really going to pay attention
  6. 6. to what it has to say. Because all your subconscious wants is the best for you, for your mind, body and spirit. Listen to it and act upon it. If you can accept all the suggestions that are being given to you straight from your own subconscious, without being critical of them or without over examining them ... and can follow its instructions exactly as they are given to you, you will attain your goal as you desire and feel so good about it ... Being in this relaxed state that you are now in you may be hearing everything I say, it is on behalf of your subconscious, of what you truly and desperately really want, your deepest desire of peace and happiness of body and mind... You may only be hearing bits and pieces. As your mind strays back and forth ... here ... and there ... it doesn't matter whether you're listening to me as I speak or not ... all you need to do is relax ... you mind may be floating all over with many different or no thoughts going through it ... however, your subconscious mind hears everything, and always pays attention ... and it is the subconscious mind that is taking over right now ...