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Hypnotherapy Inductions - Sunset and mist


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V.M.Westerberg's hypnotherapy script series contains free downloadable hypnosis inductions and scripts.

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Hypnotherapy Inductions - Sunset and mist

  1. 1. V.M. WESTERBERG’s HYPNOTHERAPY SCRIPTS SERIES INDUCTION - SUNSET & MIST (Show the client where the toilet is...) (Turn on music. TURN OFF MOBILES [client and therapist], COMPLETELY) Loosen anything that may be too tight on you, like shoes or belt. Allow yourself to be in a very comfortable position so that you can relax ... Rest your hands wherever it feels most comfortable for you, on your lap or down by your side ... so that it is easy for you to unwind... Sitting back, feeling the chair supporting you, and allowing yourself to settle into its comfortable embrace. Look at the candle in front of you and just focus on the flame, and allow your eyes to follow it wherever it goes, After a while you may feel that your eyes find it difficult not to blink and may itch, that’s OK, just keep focusing on it, blinking when you need to Take a slow soothing deep breath in, hold the air for 3 2 1 seconds and slowly exhale, and as you exhale, breathe out all the worries, tension and concerns you have. Just let them leave your body through your breath. Take a second purifying deep breath, hold the air for 3 2 1 seconds and completely exhale the tension, and on your third healing deep breath hold it for about 3 2 1 seconds … and exhale … just allow yourself to feel and enjoy this brief moment of complete relaxation… As you gently slow your breath down ... Imagine the little candle light you’re looking at is a beautiful orange sun setting on the horizon. It is as beautiful as any sunset you have ever seen. As the sun slowly begins to descend you become more and more relaxed. You notice all the beautiful colours around it in the sky. The evening is so
  2. 2. peaceful. You continue to breathe deeply as the sun slowly goes down. As you breathe in, breathe in that wonderful peace, calmness and relaxation. It’s a perfect evening, a perfect sunset. Right now, you are safe, calm, content, …, you have nothing else to do, nowhere else to go, right now… there’s just peace around and inside you. You will now hear a countdown starting with 20 and with every number you will continue to breathe calmly and deeply and you will continue to focus on the sunset. As the countdown progresses, perhaps halfway through, the sun may have completely set and maybe you will just allow yourself to simply let go and rest … 20 19 18… becoming relaxed 17 16 15… calm, content, even more relaxed… 14, 13, 12 … deeper still as you absorb the peacefulness and the beauty of this incredible sunset. Your eyelids are becoming very heavy as you go deeper and deeper in relaxation … 11 10 … becoming more and more relaxed, breathing in total relaxation and peacefulness … 9 8 7 … deeper still, all you want to do is allow yourself to let go … 6 5 4 … the sun has completely set. You are so relaxed … 3 2 … so very peaceful all the way down deep, and … 1 … allow yourself to close your eyes and keep the beautiful sunset in your mind, deeply relaxed, so calm, so safe … The sun has set, and now on the horizon, a beautiful, soft and warm mist is coming down from the sky, an embracing, transparent mist coming slowly down and soon you know, you expect, it will be covering you from your head to your toes … and it will feel great. You begin to feel more and more relaxed when the mist comes down covering the top of your head first ... more and more comfortable … You
  3. 3. will notice how relaxed your entire body has become ... From the top of your head ... deeper and deeper … The mist reaches your eyelids and they become even heavier ... the soothing mist coming down to your cheeks … all the muscles in your face have become limp and relaxed ... coming down …deeper and deeper … your tongue rests gently in your mouth … Feeling more and more relaxed as the magic mist descends through your body ... the relaxation spreads down through your neck, and shoulders … you are relaxing … deeper and deeper … and all the way down to your arms and your fingertips ... coming down with the warm embracing mist … Your arms feel heavier and heavier ... and you soon become aware of a growing peaceful feeling inside ... a feeling of harmony and contentment through your whole body …, a body that feels so heavy. You feel your chest and abdomen become floppy and relaxed ... You are completely relaxed … your back is relaxing … all the way down to your spine... the mist gently relaxing you down to your legs ... You feel more and more limp and relax … and as you drift down deeper and deeper relaxed ... you let the relaxation spread all the way down to your legs ... so that your legs become very limp and heavy … And every muscle in your legs becomes limp, heavy and relaxed …deeper and deeper … All the way to the tips of your toes ... relaxing deeper and deeper … And you know you could open your eyes at any time, and that you can change positions, scratch, or cough, and that will only take you deeper into that peaceful state of relaxation The outside world ... fades more into the background ... As you begin your journey into your own inner world ... just letting go ... more and
  4. 4. more relaxed ... taking you deeper and deeper ... into a wonderful state of deep relaxation, some call it trance ... and you may soon find that your mind begins to wander ... and it doesn’t matter where you drift ... where you go ... My voice will travel with you at all times ... and you know you will be safe at all times during your journey, and so you will continue ... to respond to suggestions from your subconscious on an unconscious level.