So What and Who Cares: Getting Your Messaging Right


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Three Hour Workshop at the Montana Nonprofit Association conference, September 21, 2012

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So What and Who Cares: Getting Your Messaging Right

  1. 1. So What? Who Cares?Making Your Communications More Relevant for Today
  2. 2. Kivi Leroux Miller New Book in the Works!
  3. 3. We get 3,000 media messages a day.We pay attention to about 52.We positively remember about 4.The rest? So What? Who Cares?
  4. 4. Quick and Dirty Marketing Plan• Who are we trying to reach? (Or what do we want someone to do?)• What’s our message to them? (Or why should they do it?)• What’s the best way to deliver that message? (Or how do we convince them?)
  5. 5. Which Comes First:Right Message or Right People?
  6. 6. What Do We NeedPeople to Do?
  7. 7. Calls to ActionSomething Needs to Does Your Audience Be Done! Know Where to Begin?
  8. 8. Typical (Ineffective) Calls to Action • Participate • Collaborate • Engage • Buy in • Believe • Promote • Understand • Share • Help • Educate • Support • Network • Be proactive • Connect • Work with us • Partner
  9. 9. Or No Call to Action At All!We Assume It is Obvious, or Or We Are Maybe That People Are Too Shy to Ask Psychic
  10. 10. People Need Direction• They won’t do anything unless we ask.• They can’t get there without a map.
  11. 11. Solution 1: Think Visually Can you take a photo or video of someone doing it?
  12. 12. Solution 2: Step 1, Step 2 . . . Can you break it down into simple, ordered steps?
  13. 13. Solution 3: Create a Checklist Can you create a short checklist?
  14. 14. Let’s Work on YourCalls to Action. We want _______________ (group) to ______________________ . (verb/object)
  15. 15. Who Cares?Let’s Get to theRight People bySegmenting
  16. 16. Not this one, who doesn’t. If your org likes cranes, you want to focus on this person – who does care!
  17. 17. Neutral, probablypersuadable.Ignore people likethis (unless theyare organizedopposition).Most likely a strongadvocate for you.Most likely a friendof your org.
  18. 18. Everyone should care. But they don’t. 
  19. 19. the “general public.”
  20. 20. Clients Volunteers Advocates Donors Funders Partners Policymakers Decisionmakers MediaOthers Who Influence Your Success
  21. 21. Focus ongroups ofpeople whoare likely tolean yourway.
  22. 22. Some PossibleGroupings:• Demographics?• “Tribes”• Behaviors• Geotargeting• Stages of Change
  23. 23. Let’s Add Segments toYour Calls to Action.We’d like _______ who (group) _________ to _______.(segmenting description) (do what?)
  24. 24. So What?Start with Rewarding,Realistic & Real Time
  25. 25. Good Marketing: Making YourMessages Relevant to OthersWhat are youtrying to do?
  26. 26. Gross! Bad Messaging. I don’tcare if it’s good for me!
  27. 27. Rewarding Messages
  28. 28. Rewarding: The Benefit Exchange• What’s in it for them to follow through?• Often an emotional payoff
  29. 29. Example: Teens and Smoking • What are the benefits of not smoking? • Do teens care about them? • What DO teens care about? • How can we relate what they care about to not smoking?
  30. 30. What rewards do yourparticipants orsupporters get forfollowing through?
  31. 31. Realistic Messages
  32. 32. Realistic: Addressing Barriers • Heart overrules head • Convenient? • Easy or difficult? • Costly ($, time) • Stigma?
  33. 33. Example: Health Screenings• Most women know they need Pap smears.• So why don’t they get them regularly?• How can we address the barrier in our messaging?
  34. 34. What barriers shouldyour messagingaddress?
  35. 35. Real Time Messages
  36. 36. REAL-TIMEMESSAGES:Does yourmessage work inthe context of thenews andeverything elseyou are talkingabout?
  37. 37. Add These As We Discuss . . .• National News• State News• Local News• Seasons and Holidays• Your Programs, Services, Events Schedule• What Else?
  38. 38. What can you do tomake your messagesfeel more timely?
  39. 39. So What?Create Content That’sResponsive, Revealingand Refreshing
  40. 40. Responsive Messages
  41. 41. RESPONSIVE MESSAGES: Think of communicating as gift giving.
  42. 42. Flickr: Brittany GRESPONSIVE MESSAGES:Listen to what yoursupporters are saying,and respond!
  43. 43. EARN wanted to talk about home ownership and small business development as a way to help low-wage workers build wealth, but their target audience wanted to talk about student loan debt, thus the creation of MyDebtStory.comRESPONSIVE MESSAGES:Prove you are listening!
  44. 44. RESPONSIVE MESSAGES:Be a helpful human.
  45. 45. RESPONSIVE MESSAGES:Be a helpful human!
  46. 46. How can you listen andthen be a helpfulhuman?
  47. 47. Revealing Messages
  48. 48. REVEALINGMESSAGES:Share New Infoor Insights.
  49. 49. REVEALING MESSAGES:Bringing New Info orPerspectives to Light Read the story of this post here:
  50. 50. MESSAGES:Take us back stage.
  51. 51. REVEALING MESSAGES:Following Up with ResultsYour Donors Made Possible
  52. 52. REVEALING MESSAGES:Story Arcs that Take UsBack Stage
  53. 53. REVEALING: Communications Arcs• Think Must-See TV, Except Now It’s Your Content!• Story Threads Over Weeks or Months• Think Beginning, Middle, End
  54. 54. Where are yourcommunications arcs?Can you take us backstage?
  55. 55. Refreshing Messages
  56. 56. REFRESHING MESSAGES:Show some personality!
  57. 57. piccadillywilsonREFRESHING MESSAGES:Facts are fine, but emotionsdrive action.
  58. 58. REFRESHING MESSAGES: Show us the personal side of your work – think You and I/We.
  59. 59. REFRESHING MESSAGES:Have some fun! “Raum and Moresi, both employees with the nonprofit United Service Organizations (USO), came up with a plan.”You got cookie, so share it maybe?
  60. 60. REFRESHING MESSAGES: Express an opinion!
  61. 61. How can you be morerefreshing?
  62. 62. Messaging That DOES WorkREWARDING:Benefits are clear.REALISTIC:Barriers are addressed.REAL TIME: REVEALING:Context makes sense. Something new is shared.RESPONSIVE: REFRESHING:We can tell you are The style is authentic.listening.
  63. 63. What ThreeThings Will YouDo Differently?
  64. 64. Any Sticky Situations?
  65. 65. Thank You!
  66. 66. Kivi Leroux