Library Orientation 2012


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This presentation shows what services and materials are available through the GHS Library. It also highlights the WCPS Acceptable Use Policy for computer use.

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Library Orientation 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to the GHS Library Orientation 2012
  2. 2. Meet the GHS Library staff: • Mrs. Gural, School Media Librarian • Mrs. Hendrick, Library Media Clerk
  3. 3. Coming to the GHS LibraryWhen, how, and why…
  4. 4. When can you come to the Library?  Monday – Wednesday  7:00 am – 3:00 pm  Thursday – Friday  7:00 am – 2:35 pm
  5. 5. Library PassesWhat they are and when you need them. When you DON’T need When you DO need them. them.  If you are coming to the library  In the morning; before class DURING class time, without your begins. teacher and the rest of your class.  After the final bell/dismissal for the  During SWAMP. day.  If you want to come to the library  Between classes. during your lunch time, you have  When you are accompanied by a to have a note signed by the teacher as part of a class. principal or an assistant principal. Student: _______________________________________ Period: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Date ____________________ Teacher: ______________________________________ (Signature) Purpose for Library Use (Check One) ____ Print Resources ____ Internet ____ Book Check Time Leaving Class: _____________________________ Time Entering Library: ___________________________ Time Leaving Library: ___________________________ Library Staff: __________________________________
  6. 6. Going to and from the Library • If you are in the library on a pass, you must sign in at the Circulation Desk! • When you are ready to leave the Library, sign out and get your Why do we require this? To protect hall pass back from a YOU!!! Library staff member. • • Record of your visit In case of emergency • Accountability
  7. 7. Why come to the Library? • Study or do homework • Check out a book or magazine • Research information for an assignment • Use a computer for a class project • Retrieve equipment or resources for a teacher • Get assistance from the librarian • Club meeting
  8. 8. What’s in the Library? • Fiction, Nonfiction, and audiobooks (2 week check-out with renewal available) • Magazines & Newspapers (Overnight check-out available) • Reference & Career Materials (Overnight check-out available) • VHS/DVD, Teacher Resources, & Equipment (available for student use in the library) • Computers
  9. 9. We are “Genrefied” • Our fiction books are arranged by genre, which means similar books are together on the shelves. The shelves are labeled, as are the book spines. • Genres: • Adventure • Suspense (includes Mystery and Crime novels) • Horror • Romance • Historical Fiction (includes Westerns) • Science Fiction • Fantasy (includes Supernatural) • Graphic Novels • Realistic Fiction • Sports
  10. 10. How to check-out library materials• Locate what materials you desire: – Using the OPAC – Browsing – Asking for Assistance• Go to Circulation Desk: – Give your name to check out• Return materials when due in the book drop• Overdue notices will be given out monthly to homeroom teachers Fines (.05 per day up to $1.00 max per item)
  11. 11. Computer Resources• OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)• Microsoft Office products• Internet (with AUP & educational uses only)• KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library)• Country Reports• Adobe Photoshop CS, Inspiration, Movie Maker, etc.• Warren County Public Library
  12. 12. We’re on the Web!• Website• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube
  13. 13. Some comments about printing… • Select the item that you want to print. • PLEASE Do Not Print Whole Websites. • Go to “File” • Select “Print” • Select either the T654 or W820 printer. If you notice that the printer is out of paper • Print only ONE time. If or there is a paper your document does not jam, please notify a library staff member. print, notify a library staff member.
  14. 14. Using Computers @ GHSThe AUP [Acceptable Use Policy]“As a student or as an employee, you are expected touse computers and Internet resources in an ethical andresponsible manner; therefore, all students andemployees are required to sign an acceptable use policy.Your signature represents that you understand and agreeto follow the acceptable use policy.”
  15. 15. AUP• Students have access to the network through individual accounts.• Students use these accounts only for class requirements or requests by sponsoring teachers.• Students may access the Internet only under direct supervision.• Students may not use e-mail on the network unless requested by a sponsoring teacher. This includes chat rooms, instant messaging, message boards, etc.
  16. 16. AUP• Remember that computers are to be used for ACADEMIC /EDUCATIONAL purposes only.
  17. 17. AUP• If students begin to use a computer and notice that it is damaged in some way, please notify a library staff member or the supervising teacher.• Students are not to physically change or damage any workstation, components of a workstation, server, printer, network connections or hubs
  18. 18. What can I not do on the computers? • Students may not use or download multi-user games or any other non-instructional game via the WCPSNet. (Games are only allowed if they are part of instructional software.) • Students must have permission to work from workstation hard drives. Students are not to work at a DOS prompt unless supervision is present. • Students are not to install programs onto a hard drive or server without permission from a supervisor. This includes downloading programs, music, and video from the Internet. • Students are not permitted to conduct any illegal activities via the network. • Students are not permitted to get from or put onto the network any copyrighted material (including software), or threatening or obscene material.
  19. 19. Inappropriate Use Includes: • Accessing sites with inappropriate text, pictures, games, blogs, chat rooms, Myspace or Facebook [etc.] • Using email [unless authorized by a teacher or administrator] • Downloading executable files, graphics, games, audio/video files without instructor permission. • These types of files use up the bandwidth and could contain viruses or spyware. • Misuse of Internet will result in consequences outlined on page 21 of GHS Handbook.
  20. 20. What can I do on the computers? • Look for a book on OPAC. • Type a Word Document, save it and print it. • Create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Animoto presentation. • Do Research on the Internet. • Use online databases for research such as the KYVL, Country Reports, Career Cruising [ILP], etc. • Photoshop • Check grades on Infinite Campus • Microtype • Etc.
  21. 21. How do I log on to the GHS computer network?• Username: 16kngural – Graduation Year; First & Middle Initial; and last name (lower case)• Password: 012345 – (last 6 digits of Student ID#)• Domain: warren This is the login screen for the computers in the library, which are all Windows 7 This is the login screen for the computers in all other labs, which run Windows XP.
  22. 22. Why keep User ID & Password a secret? • Your electronic work is your personal property. • You have a responsibility to protect it. • Using someone else’s User ID is the same as being caught with someone else’s billfold.
  23. 23. Your files• Electronic files are considered personal property. The deletion or vandalism of these files will be treated as if they were physical property.• Students may not offer Internet access to any individual via their WCPS/GHS account.• Students may not use or alter any one else’s account.• Students may not give their password to anyone.• You should lock your workstation if you leave the workspace by pressing Control + Alt + Delete.
  24. 24. Your files• While your files are personal property, because it is located on school equipment, it is not private property.• A school administrator or computer systems administrator has the authority to take full ownership of any electronic media that resides on any equipment owned by the school.
  25. 25. IMPORTANT!!!!• Students should know that a proxy server records every transaction that takes place via the network. This includes a record of every account that logs on, a record of each machine that logs on, as well as the Internet site that was accessed.
  26. 26. Consequences for Violations of the AUP • Removal of the privilege of using the school technology for a specified period of time. • Responsibility for the financial burden of repairing any damage to hardware or software. • ALC • ASP • Suspension • Expulsion ***You will not receive any warnings when you have violated the policy because your signature on the AUP signifies that you have read and understand the policy.***
  27. 27. Consequences• Computers are to be used for research and completing authorized assignments as directed by a staff member. If a student accesses a site that is not lewd, but is not part of an authorized assignment, the student shall receive: – 1st offense – Cafeteria Detention for five (5) days – 2nd offense – ALC Two (2) days – 3rd offense – administrative discretion For accessing lewd websites -- as determined by an administrator.