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Kiva fulbright (07 mar 2009)


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Kiva fulbright (07 mar 2009)

  1. 1. The Kiva Story: Connecting through Lending Kiva Translators Program Kiva Fellows Program JD Bergeron Director, Kiva Fellows Program "Revolutionising how donors and lenders in the US are connecting with small entrepreneurs in developing countries”
  2. 2. Kiva Homepage: 2
  3. 3. A simple story: this is a real person!
  4. 4. Kiva Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs Vision • Everyone connected. Everyone empowered. Mission • Connecting people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Core Beliefs 1) Power of Microfinance 2) Partner Relationships 3) Transparency 4) Spread of Technology 5) Lending is Connecting 6) Sustainability 7) Industry Inclusion
  5. 5. Kiva 101: How does it work? Money Information Local Partner (MFI) EntrepreneurInternet Lender Online marketplace
  6. 6. How Kiva tries to make it “Fun” Rich user generated content, changing fast... 6 Loans are fully funded in hours (MFI staff love this)… Transactions happen every 37 seconds… Real time un- edited progress updates from around the world… ‘Popular’ entrepreneurs rapidly rise to the top… Randomized “1 minute of fame “ for Lenders…
  7. 7. 7 How Kiva tries to make it “Easy” Designed for everyday people, not affluent experts “I can see the person I’m lending to…” Low cost to entry Business relationship based on mutual dignity, not pity Quick and easy checkout
  8. 8. Where does Kiva work? Sierra Leone Sierra Leone UkraineUkraine S.Sudan S.Sudan PeruPeru Uganda Uganda D.R. D.R. Mexico Mexico BosniaBosnia HondurasHonduras Nicaragua Nicaragua Benin Benin Kenya Kenya Azerbaijan Azerbaijan ParaguayParaguay Tajikistan Tajikistan Cameroon Cameroon CambodiaCambodia IndonesiaIndonesia Vietnam Vietnam GhanaGhana TogoTogo SamoaSamoaTanzania Tanzania Philippines Philippines Mozambique Mozambique Rwanda Rwanda BoliviaBolivia Senegal Senegal LebanonLebanon Palestine Palestine Afghanistan Afghanistan Guatemala Guatemala El Salvador El Salvador Mali Mali
  9. 9. Getting Press "Revolutionising how donors and lenders in the US are connecting with small entrepreneurs in developing countries” QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  10. 10. +425,000 social investors have lent +$59 million in first 3 years. Other Key Stats • Growth: $1M loans every 10 days. • Risk: 3.5% delinquency rate / < 0.5% default rate • MFI Portfolio: 97 MFIs in 42 countries. Growing 3 a month. • Traffic: 100,000 site visitors a week. • Organization: 30 employees / +400 volunteers • Leverage: Platform raises $10 in loans for every $1 donated. 5 yr goal = $1 Billion
  11. 11. Kiva by the Numbers • Time since launch: 41 months (Oct-2005) • Loans: $58 million, growing $1 million every 12 days • Lenders: 425K people from 70+ countries • # of loans funded through Kiva: 67,869 • Borrowers: 40K entrepreneurs from 41 countries • MFI Partners: 88 MFIs, growing at three per month • Traffic: 100K+ visitors per week • Activity: Loan made every 9 seconds • Risk: 98.74% active loans on time / 1.26% default rate • Average size of loan for funding: $452.53 • Average total amount loaned per lender: $136.53 • Average number of loans per Kiva Lender: 3.66 • Org Size: ~30 employees / 400+ volunteers • Leverage: Platform raises $8 for every $1 in expenses • Goal: $1 Billion from 10M lenders in 5 years. 11
  12. 12. Change Lives: Translators What Are the Requirements?  Kiva seeks volunteers with: – High-level proficiency in a foreign language – Excellent writing skills in English – Ability to commit to two hours per week for three months as a volunteer – Check email frequently and comfortable using new technology Previous translation experience is helpful, but not required. is the first person-to-person micro-lending website, lending directly to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Volunteering from their own homes, Kiva volunteers translate entrepreneurs' profiles into English, which are then posted for funding at The Kiva Translation Program offers individuals the opportunity to: – Make a direct contribution to Kiva – Improve language skills – Form a network of volunteers – Build your resume What Is the Kiva Translation Program? What Languages Are Needed?  Language needs include: – Bahasa Indonesia – French – Mongolian – Portuguese – Russian – Spanish – Vietnamese – Future needs: Arabic, Armenian, Dari, Pashto and Tagalog Apply Today
  13. 13. Change Lives: Fellows Who Volunteers?  Kiva seeks volunteers with: – Fluent language skills – Backgrounds in economics, finance, and international development – Overseas experience – Excellent writing abilities – Knowledge of various web applications – Problem solving skills – A high level of self motivation – Ability to fundraise for their trip How Do I Apply?  Fellowships last 10 weeks to one year in the field  Upcoming application dates are: – KF7 – Nov 1, 2008 – KF8 – Mar 1, 2009 – KF9 – July 1, 2009 – KF10 – Nov 1, 2009  To apply, go to our website  For questions not answered in the FAQ, contact is the first person-to- person micro-lending website, lending directly to entrepreneurs in developing nations The Kiva Fellows Program offers individuals the opportunity to: – Travel abroad to a developing country – Chronicle the lives of the working poor – Assist a Microfinance Institution – Forge the Kiva relationship with the Microfinance Institution What is the Kiva Fellows Program? “Revolutionising how donors and lenders in the US are connecting with small entrepreneurs in developing countries.”
  14. 14. APPENDICES 14
  15. 15. Where does the KF fit into the picture? Field Partners Field Partners BorrowersBorrowers LendersLenders KFKF
  16. 16. Facilitating Connections Field Partners Field Partners BorrowersBorrowers LendersLenders KFKF
  17. 17. Three Challenges for Kiva • Keeping loans on the site • Keeping the integrity of the data • Keeping lenders engaged 17
  18. 18. Key Stakeholders of the Kiva Fellow
  19. 19. Who are the Kiva Volunteers? 19
  20. 20. Role of the Kiva Volunteers 20
  21. 21. How loans get to lenders *According to the 2008 lender survey, the loan’s profile is the #1 factor in their decision to lend. The country of the borrower was the #2 factor.
  22. 22. Kiva in Africa 22
  23. 23. Videos from the Field: Nigeria 23
  24. 24. Videos from the Field: Togo 24
  25. 25. Kiva in Asia and the Pacific 25
  26. 26. Videos from the Field: Cambodia 26
  27. 27. Kiva in Latin America and the Caribbean 27
  28. 28. Videos from the Field: Peru 28
  29. 29. Kiva in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 29
  30. 30. Videos from the Field: Bosnia-Herzegovina 30
  31. 31. Videos from the Field: Azerbaijan 31 v=LcyIvrHPjBs&feature=related
  32. 32. Kiva in Middle East-North Africa 32
  33. 33. Kiva Fellows Blog 33
  34. 34. How to Apply! • Kiva Translators: send an email of interest • Kiva Fellows: submit an online application 34
  35. 35. • Increase transparency • Social performance tracking • Unearth promising & problematic MFIs • Credit bureau for the developing world? • New funding source for risky/costly MFIs / clients • Kiva’s lenders are more risk tolerant and value impact • Enables down-market reach • New margins increase ability to provide health / education services • Develop a new class of social investors / globally concerned citizens Promise of Kiva for Microfinance
  36. 36. How a Kiva Fellow Adds Value 1) The Power of Microfinance • Kiva Fellows engage in microfinance as a tool for poverty alleviation on a very personal level, an experience they will carry with them their entire lives. 2) Partnership Relationships • Kiva Fellows strengthen the connections between all stakeholders 3) Transparency • Just by being there, Kiva Fellows get the real picture and promote better understanding 4) The Spread of Technology • Kiva Fellows train MFI staff to work with Kiva’s policies and backend technology 5) Lending is Connecting • Kiva Fellows generate high quality content, as evidenced by comments on Journal Updates 6) Sustainability • Kiva Fellows learn and document the host MFI’s processes – Kiva can’t be everywhere at all times 7) Industry Inclusion • Kiva Fellows bring information—best practices—about how microfinance really works in the field back to Kiva
  37. 37. Kiva utilizes five principles of “Web 2.0” 1. Create an “addictive” user experience 2. Be “radically transparent” 3. “Crowdsource” against constraints 4. Build in “increasing returns on data” 5. Reach the “long tail” 37
  38. 38. “Addictive” = Easy + Fun Keeping Lenders Engaged Improving the secret sauce
  39. 39. Be ‘Radically Transparent’ Transparency  Authenticity  Trust
  40. 40. 40 Kiva and “Crowdsourcing” We have little money, but great partners! Free payment processing and employee support 120 Million free banner impressions Free Google Adwords – 25% of traffic Free Yahoo Search Marketing and employee support Free promotion (Community Impact Award) Funding for Field Research and Development Free phones for cell based data upload pilot Free promotion of Kiva widget to bloggers Free computers and early funder
  41. 41. The long tail of MFIs Tier I Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 InvestmentSize The Internet is a promising way to reduce costs and distribute risk in Tier 2 - Tier 4 investing Big investment opportunity?
  42. 42. Kiva can uniquely reach the microfinance ‘long tail’ Tier I (e.g. Grameen Bank) ----- Tier IV (e.g. church congregation) Currentdistributionoffundsin microfinance The Internet is a promising way to reduce costs and distribute risk in investing in smaller (Tier II - Tier IV) Microfinance Institutions. Could Kiva help discover and scale the next Grameen Bank? Kiva’s platform can aggregate and deliver risk capital unlike any commercial source • Kiva lenders value social return / tolerate risk more than institutions • $25 investments size ensures risk distribution across thousands of investors • Less established MFIs can build a reputation slowly over time (like on eBay)
  43. 43. Results: +270,000 lenders from +70 countries in 2.5 years… How Kiva tries to make it “Fun” My Page, My Portfolio… “My Page” encourages self expression, evangelism and loyalty… “My Portfolio” concept encourages further lending, risk diversification and inter- lender competition…
  44. 44. Meet some field partners
  45. 45. Meet some field partners
  46. 46. Meet some borrowers
  47. 47. Meet some borrowers
  48. 48. Meet some borrowers
  49. 49. How can you get involved? Lending Teams 101 • How does Lending Teams work? Members of Lending Teams continue lending as individuals, but they have the option at check-out to count each loan they make towards the overall impact of one of their teams: • How do you participate? Starting or joining a team is easy. Go to the new Community tab to view teams and then request to join one or more. Start your own team if you don’t find one that you like and start recruiting friends to join • Why participate? If you affiliate with any type of group – people who went to Stanford, other Kiva Engineers, people who live in London – Lending Teams is an easy way to get these friends turned on to Kiva, measure collective impact and communicate with each other along the way