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  • -- All of us are agents a change. Millions of Americans are learning about microfinance and poverty alleviation **Yunus was featured as well as a fictional shady online lending marketplace called ‘metamorphoses microfinance’
  • "Capitalism takes a narrow view of human nature, assuming that people are one-dimensional beings concerned only with the pursuit of maximum profit" **Rachel’s anecdote about Kiva** 2) STORY OF KIVA -- About 7 years ago my co-founder Jessica and Matt saw Dr. Yunus speak -- This was the first they had really heard about microfinance. -- The two ended up traveling to Uganda , where the story of Kiva began
  • -Explain the overall growth of Kiva and that current stats
  • Microfinance institutions typically get the money that they lend, from banks or non-governmental organizations, or both This can be expensive , as it is often borrowed with interest There may also be difficult application procedures to access debt capital from non-governmental organizations Some organizations can even find themselves shut out due to the region they operate in, particularly post-conflict regions
  • -You become the lender through Kiva’s lending platform. -Kiva partners with Microfinance Institutions who submit entrepreneurs to the website. -You lend money through Kiva to the MFI who uses the money to sponsor an entrepreneur. -MFI charges interest from the borrower so they can continue to run their business -Kiva receives zero interest from the MFIs, only principal repayments. -This cheap capital for MFIs helps them grow and sponsor more entrepreneurs than they could traditionally. -You receive your dollars back with stories from Kiva lenders on how their business has grown.
  • Wealth of information and educational website -Recent site re-design - Creativity and new ideas are always welcome, is always evolving
  • Each borrower has a profile where you can read about his/her business, what the loan will be used for, as well as information on other lenders loaning to this borrower and links to detailed information on the MFI.
  • Many people contribute to one loan from all over the world.
  • At Kiva, we believe… We believe in the power of individuals collectively coming together to make change. We believe that since our founding we have created millions of connections that have ultimately resulted in transforming lives. We believe that connected capital is: Distributed in its origin – democratized Flexible and patient Accountable Patient Catalytic
  • Since our beginning we have had tremendous results In our first year we raised $1MM in loans, but today, we raise $1MM every 5 days, $25 at a time through the Kiva lending community First year 3,000 lenders, now 3,000 lenders every 3 days Progress and results to-date 466% compound annual loan growth
  • -        Relief agencies tend to come in right after the conflict -        Then they leave 2-3 years and are on to the next location -        Following that, there is no funding locally – there is a vacuum left in their wake -        Gap between relief and commercially viable finance
  • Intern oreintation kiva 101

    1. 1. Kiva Intern Orientation April , 2010
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Capitalism takes a narrow view of human nature, assuming that people are one-dimensional beings concerned only with the pursuit of maximum profit. Muhammad Yunus “ “
    4. 4. Kiva’s History
    5. 5. Where we started: 2005 in Tororo, Uganda Entrepreneurs 50 entrepreneurs Lenders 500 MFIs None Risk 0% default rate
    6. 6. Early Processes Did Not Scale
    7. 7. Where we are today: $ 200 M through 210 MFIs USD Cumulative loan volume 2007 $18m 2008 $36m Nov 2009 $100M *as of March 2011 Entrepreneurs 210,000 loans to 394,000+ Lenders 566,000+ (899,375 users) MFIs 210 MFIs in 58 countries Risk < 2% default rate Average Loan Size $381.66 2006 $2m
    8. 8. Kiva 101
    9. 9. Traditional Microfinance Banks and NGOs Microfinance Institutions Entrepreneurs
    10. 10. Kiva’s Model Money and stories are exchanged between lender and borrower through Kiva and the Microfinance Institution You become the lender of a 0% interest loan
    11. 12. <ul><li>The Kiva website lets you shop for loan requests , just like browsing items on eBay or another website </li></ul>
    12. 13. <ul><li>Kiva lenders make 0% interest loans which are paid back at the end of the loan cycle. Over 98.6% of loans are paid back. </li></ul>
    13. 16. Connected Capital Photo Credit: Connecting Dotz
    14. 17. Future of Kiva
    15. 18. Our Vision for the Future Entrepreneur Student Green Water Loans that change lives
    16. 19. Together… Momentum is accelerating
    17. 20. Breaking the cycle in Africa In just 5 years, Kiva funds more MFIs in post-conflict Africa than any other funder
    18. 21. Departments at Kiva
    19. 22. Kiva HQ
    20. 23. Questions?