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流程 (更新)


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流程 (更新)

  1. 1. How do I use Poo Poo! Shopping?<br />Shopping online at Poo Poo! Shopping is easy<br />Browse your way through the categories to the products that interest you, or use the search box to go directly to a list of matching products and categories.<br />When you find what you want, click Add to Buy. This places your selected item into the merchant's shopping cart, while you continue to browse and shop. We store all of your active carts, arranged by merchant. You can access your active shopping carts by clicking the View But/Check Out link located in the top gray bar.<br />Three steps to purchase goods:<br />Join Member<br />Fill auction goods orders<br />Orders for goods Query<br />. Join MemberYou must first join the membership in order to carry out the follow-up actions to complete shoppingSubscript account must now join the members of the same account. Otherwise, we will not find your data. (Account Please be sure to lower case) In addition to the name after the @ account. Other accounts to apply in different ways:1.account if it Please just use the @ before the buyer account 123 to do the application2.account if it / / Please enter the account number cases: do Member Account Application<br />Fill auction goods ordersYour shopping list, and self-confirmation has emerged over correct, in order to complete the remittance a shopping list of goods subject.Amount needed with the system shows the same amountBefore completing, please make sure the following framework " must tick" in order to successfully complete the remittance.            I'm sure 100% agree that the store about my store rules, service rules before purchase.<br />Orders for goods QueryOrder Processing Status Description ProcessingYou have successfully fill orders! Companion in 36 hours, the kernel of your payment. (Except the case of holidays.)Shipped inAssistant has been successfully checked in to your accounts, in 1-2 working days will immediately help you shipAdditional inOrder commodities futures products contain. Is awaiting arrival, the arrival of additional shipments will immediately help you.CompletedHave been completed showing the date above. On behalf of the date mailed the same day. Also shows registration number for inquiries.NotesIf you order more than 36 hours within a still " processing" on behalf of a small helper did not check into your payments. At this point you will be notified by letter.Store to fill out transfer form in order to ship. (Of course, be considered to have checked into the money)If you have not filled remittance transfer has been. To delay sending out the time or goods you are responsible!<br />