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  1. 1. Hansel and Gretel: The Untold Story By: Katherine Nussbaum and Katharine Nye Technology in the Lives of Children and Youth FALL 2011
  2. 2. Once upon a time (no need to be witty) There lived a family in the City Mother, father, son, and daughter Vegetarian was the in thing-they caused no slaughter Vegetarian was the brood And in addition ate no junk food No cookies, candy, pies, or cake No soda pop their thirst to take And thus they lived as kith and kin(No matter that too much carrot juice gave them slightly orange skin)
  3. 3. Everything was hunky dory But listen, thus begins the story Cuz one fine day the kids did play A game that led them far awayFrom home and into the deep, dark wood "Uh oh" they thought, "this isnt good." Lost indeed, the two kids were in it thick And running low on carrot stick Their bellies grumbled As through the forest they stumbled "Were hungry!" they cried to no avail Until, lo! A little further up the trailThey spied a light shining through the trees "Perhaps well find some tasty peas."
  4. 4. Around the bend they turned and "Gasp!" Before them stood a house at last! Was this an ordinary house they’d found? Hark! Inside was candy by the pound Window panes of sugar spunAnd doorknobs shaped out of chewing gum The roof was slated peanut brittle The walls were cake! The chimney Skittles! And in the yard, as if a mountain Stood a sparkling, shining soda fountain
  5. 5. Without thinking twice, without any pomp They ran forward and began to chomp On gumdrop bushes, left and right Guzzling all within their sight They stuffed themselves with cake and candy Til brother groaned, "I dont feel dandy""Sister dear, perhaps we should have stuck to Wheaties I rather feel the onset of diabetes."
  6. 6. At this moment, and without malice Emerged the owner of this candy palaceA little old woman, who loved to juggle and bake her days away Her hair was definitely more orange than gray "Children! What in the heck are you doing? "Youll bring your digestion to a state of ruin!" "Were sorry," the children cried "Weve just never seen so much pie Nor candy nor cake nor candy canes Is it any wonder we went a tad insane?"
  7. 7. "Well come inside" the woman said and Ill fix you up with spinach bread."And so she served them a balanced meal Of greens and grains and milk until Their little tummies felt so much betterAnd then and only then the woman set her table with one small slice each of scrumptious pie made of peach.
  8. 8. "The moral of the story, dearies for your consideration, is not to overdo it much: Everything in moderation."