Look At Call Recording Right Away!!


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Look At Call Recording Right Away!!

  1. 1. Look At Call Recording Right Away!!If the facility is in the process of implementing electronic records (EMR) or electronic healthrecords (EHR), adding call recording and reporting to the existing business model cansubstantially streamline operations, optimize patient relations and provide exactdocumentation of patient interactions so that users can playback recordings to referenceerrors and omissions.Call Recording & Call Reporting - The Right Solution for Any PracticeQuality Assurance:With the recording of inbound and outbound calls, supervisors andadministrators have confidence that information is being communicated correctly to patientsand in alignment with HIPAA regulations. Call recording gives administrators and supervisorsthe ability to listen to calls so that they know exactly what is being said and what isnt beingsaid. The key here is to share these recordings with staff so that they know exactly how tohandle similar situations in the future.Liability Protection:Malpractice and licensing complaints deal at least in part withinformation that is communicated over the phone between physician and/or staff and thepatient. With call recording, its easy to locate, retrieve, play back and securely share phone-based conversations with administrators, clinical nurse supervisors, attorneys and additionalstaff in the event that litigation ensues.Proof-of-Call:Call recordings are an excellent and exact means of providing proof-of-calls toadministrators, supervisors, staff and patients. For example, healthcare providers whocharge no-show fees to patients have documented proof that their staff called the patientprior to the appointment to confirm the date and time. No longer are there he said, she saidsituations since the call is recorded and can be easily played back for review. Having thismonitoring device in place can have a substantial impact on revenues that would otherwisebe lost without having a way to prove the call took place.Train & Coach Staff:Reviewing what is being said during provider/patient communications isa great tool for coaching and mentoring staff. Administrators and their employees can listento playbacks together and discuss call standards and how certain situations should behandled. The review of telephone calls can also easily be made part of telephone-basedemployee performance reviews.Streamline the Receipt of Insurance Claims and Payments: With call recording in place,the facility has the specific date and time a call took place. For example, if an insurancecompany calls and provides information that the facility will be paid on a certain date/time;there is proof of this information. If payment is not received in a timely fashion, thisdocumented recording helps clearly state the facilitys case in order to resolve the situation.
  2. 2. Superior Usability: Call Recording solutions that have browser-based, Web interfaces areusually the easiest to adopt by healthcare facilities, providing a manageable learning curvefor both supervisors and staff. When researching different solutions, one should look for asystem that is easy to work with, understand, and customize for his/her specific needs. Forexample, features such as creating Hot Lists of important calls, such as Good Calls andBad Calls can be critical in teaching and training new employees about exactly what shouldbe said and what should not be said during provider/patient interactions.Improve Patient Relations:Most healthcare facilities have hundreds of incoming calls perday -- a large amount of data and communications to manage. Discover Oak Recording,Click Here