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Buy Johnny Depp Films Today!..


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Buy Johnny Depp Films Today!..

  1. 1. Buy Johnny Depp Films Today!..For several years now, a batman vs superman film has been rumored, but has never come tofruition. Dating back to 2001, the film came to be after a JJ Abrams script rebooting thesuperman franchise was shelved. Abrams film had nothing to do with batman vs superman,but rather an origin story for the man of steel. Andrew Kevin Walker, however, pitched theidea of a batman vs superman film and Abrams idea was shelved.In 2002, Akiva Goldsman wrote a draft for the potential batman vs superman film thatdepicted a Bruce Wayne retired from being batman and dealing with the deaths of DickGrayson, Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon. Clark Kent had divorced Lois Laneand was Bruces best man at his wedding to a woman named Elizabeth Miller, who wastragically killed by the Joker on their honeymoon. This led to Bruce Wayne putting on thecowl and cape once more, and thus setting the stage for the batman vs superman film.Matt Damon was one of the choices for either role in this projected batman vs superman film.Director Wolfgang Peterson wanted someone who could really act, citing Tobey Maguirefrom the Spider-Man films as reference. Other actors considered included Johnny Depp,James Franco, Colin Farrell, Paul Walker and Jude Law. The studio approached ChristianBale to take on the role of batman in both this film and batman: year one, which he ultimatelychose and was renamed to batman begins, and Josh Hartnett for Superman.The batman vs superman film was supposed to begin filming in 2003 with a summer 2004release date. The film was to serve as a reboot for both popular, but all but dead franchises.However, Peterson left the project to direct Troy, and instead of finding another director, thestudio shelved the film and went ahead with batman begins, and then superman returns, oneof which went on to critical acclaim, the other being a bitter disappointment.In the Will Smith driven film I Am Legend, there was a billboard with both the batman andsuperman symbols on it, which led many people to believe that the long rumored batman vssuperman film was coming down the pike. But as it turns out, it was an in-joke by Goldsman,who also wrote the script for I Am Legend. So as it stands now, the batman vs superman filmis not going to happen, or at least not anytime soon, much to the chagrin of fans longawaiting the groundbreaking film.Depp Moves