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Kite introduction


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Kite introduction

  1. 1. To be a market leader in our product range with safe reliable and efficient products and competitive prices in India. We seek to make human life comfortable by adding technology to products in their day to day life and optimized use of natural resource maximizing output and desired results and today’s energy scenario demands.
  2. 2.  Technology driven  Working in automation and lighting solutions  We focus on  Making human life more comfortable with our techonology  Minimizing use of resources
  3. 3.  Quality product  Continues technology up-gradation  R&D driven company  Made in INDIA  Competitive rates  Assured and prompt services  Efficient management and solutions
  5. 5.  Call to the starter and start/stop your pump.  Message to the starter and start/stop your pump.  Control your pump through our Android application.  Set timer and Be relax your motor will turn of definite time.  No requirement of additional Auto switch.
  6. 6. Features of Mobile Starter: Distant operation of motor Very useful for farmers as well as industries Set timer for your starter and forget worries Protection of motor in case -dry run, -overload, -single phase protection, -under load -under voltage
  7. 7. How it Operates? Put SIM card in starter Starter can be operated with timer mode Motor starts within 2 min after power on when starter is on auto mode Easy connections and installations Can also be operated on by pass mode
  8. 8. Features of Drip Irrigation Atomizer:  Call to the valve and make it on/off.  Message to the valve and start/stop your valve.  Control your pump and all valve through our Android application.  Set timer and Be relax your motor and valve will turn off after definite time.  No requirement of additional Auto switch.
  9. 9. LED BULBS: We have wide range of LED bulbs from 0.5 watt to 15 watt LED PANELS: Led panels from 3 watt to 40 watt Available in square, rectangular and round shape as per requirement LED TUBES: LED tubes available in 9 watt and 18 watt Our LED products enlighting environment with warm white light useful for decorative, household purpose, industrial commercial
  10. 10.  We always monitor and maintain quality of standards in our products based on  Performance  Precision  Durability  Safety  Reliability
  11. 11. GSM Electronic In-Built dual Mobile Starter GSM Electronics star-delta starter Sugar Factory Automation Device LED Torch for Agriculture use
  12. 12. Contact Person: Mr. Yuvraj Bagal Contact Number: 0777584543 Address: A-19, Industrial Area, Mechanical Chowk, Pandharpur, Dist- Solapur, 413 304 E-Mail Id: Website: