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Kitchens in Investment Properties


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Deciding on the right kitchen for an investment property is important. You may not want to put in state of the art appliances and expensive benchtops if they won’t be looked after.

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Kitchens in Investment Properties

  1. 1. Kitchens in Investment PropertiesInvestment properties are intended to make money for the owner, not lose it, and it cansometimes be hard to decide how much money should be put into one for improvements.When repairs are required, there can be no choice and the owner must spend the money.While some money can be claimed back on tax for putting money into an investment property,it doesn’t mean the decision is any easier. This is true of kitchens in rentals. The owner may feelor know that the kitchen needs to be replaced however spending a lot of money may notnecessarily be wise.To begin with, having a kitchen made over or completely replaced may be a good way to attracthigher rent. Naturally a nice new kitchen that is functional and well designed is a lot more sortafter than an old run down kitchen. By discussing this option with your property manager youcan decide what your best option may be. In either case, if the kitchen needs a little updatingthen the first thing you can consider is replacing kitchen benchtops Brisbane. As the benchtop isprobably the most well used part of a kitchen it’s important to have one that is in goodcondition for your tenants to have use of. When you discuss options with your kitchen designer,go for a material that is very durable but won’t break your budget. It’s important to keep inmind that in rentals tenants won’t necessarily take care of such things as well as if they ownedit themselves. Choosing a more expensive material that may scratch easily, such as stainlesssteel, might not be the best option.Appliances may be the next thing you consider after the benchtop. When you are choosingappliances for Brisbane kitchens, consider how expensive they may be to replace. If an elementbreaks in the oven will it be relatively cheap to replace or will it cost an arm and a leg? Will youspend the money to put a dishwasher in as this may attract tenants better or would adishwasher be another appliance you may have to potentially have repaired or replaced lateron and an expense you could do without? Choosing the right kind of materials for your cabinetsand drawers is important too as again, a kitchen in a rental will not be treated the same as akitchen in an owner occupied home.For the best advice, discuss your options with an experienced kitchen designer. They may havethe best solutions and great advice on the kind of kitchen a rental property should have.