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J kitchen hu300-16-unit2project

  1. 1. Daily Life; Art and Architecture in the Mancos Valley Jennifer Kitchen Arts and Humanities_HU300-16 December 20, 2011 Art and architecture are a part of every human’s life. Whether we live in the city or thecountry we are surrounded by the beauty of art. It may be the art of nature we view each daythat makes life grand but when we look around there is much more to view. We live in somesort of structure to shelter us and may not realize that even a simple house may be considereda great work by those who built it. Some structures are made to be art as well as functionalparts of our lives. Take a look and you may see that the beauty of life is sculpted, painted,pieced together, explored and considered, and sometimes simply built by humankind to notonly help us in our basic needs of shelter and comfort but also to help us live in beauty andrecognition of something more.Part I:Mancos Public Library The Mancos Public Library is a new structure in the town where I live. It was finished inthe summer of 2009. For being in a town where much of the real estate sticks to the old westlook the library is a very modern building in form. The exterior has aesthetic appeal with itsslopes and reflective glass. It fits very well into the valley it sits.It is pleasing to the eye and fitsin to the surrounding mountain valley without causing a disturbance in the flow from nature to
  2. 2. man-made structure. It has plenty of windows that let the natural light in. The environment ofthe library is very welcoming,open and spacious. The library was built because the town had a practical need; the old library was toosmall to house the materials and services provided. The new building sits just a block fromwhere then old one was. When the town decided to build this new building they also thoughtto update the functionality of this great service to the community. The Mancos Public Libraryhas solar power and produces most of the energy needed daily by the library; lighting,computers, heating and cooling.This building serves the aesthetic well-being of the communityit which it was built. It is a place to learn and grow and it is the meeting place for many of thetowns businesses and organizations.The Mancos Public Library "strives to be a comfortable and inclusive piece of the heart and soul of the Mancos Valley"
  3. 3. Mancos Valley: Metal Sculpture of Cowboy Roping Calf at Boyle ParkPart II:Calf Wrangler@ Boyle Park This piece of art is very much an expression of the town of Mancos. Here cattle ranchesare abundant and this sculpture portrays what Mancos is about. Representational of a realcowboy on his horse roping a calf this sculpture stands at the entrance to Boyle Park. TheMancos Valley Chamber of Commerce states that Mancos is "where the old West meets thenew" and this sculpture speaks of that. This piece of work is rusted and has been standing for 6years. The weathering of this metal sculpture adds to the aesthetic appeal. This town and itspeople are rough and this sculpture portrays this in every aspect. Here it is not about the shinybut about the real.
  4. 4. The media used to make this piece of art is metal. Not just any metal but recycled metalis used by the artist. Here in Mancos many artists use scrap materials. Here it is about usingwhat is already available. The metal is cut into silhouettes and welded together to make theimage of this rough riding cowboy at his work dimensional. I know this artist personally and hehas stated that it was just a job that was available but he does show pride when someonecomments on his work. He has made many pieces of art for the entrances to the ranchesaround the Mancos Valley. He may consider himself a mechanic but it is obvious that he is alsoan artist. In the town I have chosen to reside in we see there is new and old in abundance. In atown that is barely over a hundred years old there is a compliment to every corner. Art sits onevery street from the old Opera House to the new Public Library. Walls are murals andceramics are in every window. Painted glass compliments the painted horses being riddendown Grand Avenue. We have smooth, flowing lines and rough-cut, durable symbols allaround. This town is alive and kicking it cowboy style while young artists come with a fresh lookto settle down and open shop. The people are just as colorful as the work they do. They arealso in-tune with the rhythm the mountains sing. All we have to do is a take a look at the Worldwe walk in to see there is art in many of the objects that humans make.
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