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Kit terena-space-between-lavacon [compatibility mode]


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In the space between technical communication and localization lies global content strategy. The skills required by localization and technical communication complement each other, but it can be a bit confusing to know when to engage which team. After this session, you will have a better understanding of when to engage with localization and what questions to ask as you develop your global content strategy.

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Kit terena-space-between-lavacon [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. The Space Between Us Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Comgenesis, LLC Terena Bell, In Every Language
  2. 2. Introductions: Kit @kitcomgenesis #LavaCon
  3. 3. Introductions: Terena @InEveryLanguage #LavaCon
  4. 4. All About You • Responsible for localization? • Responsible for getting content to localization? • Nothing to do with localization but have to mindfully create? • Depends on the day? @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon
  5. 5. @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage Agenda • Controlled language • Translation memory • Quality #LavaCon
  6. 6. Controlled Language #LavaCon Controlled Language
  7. 7. When and How to Engage Content Management • When you are thinking about implementing controlled language • When you are having quality issues with your source content or your localized content • When you are defining your terminology • When you need to train your team • When you need to set up or change your QA, change management, terminology processes @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon
  8. 8. When and How to Engage @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage Localization • When tone changes! • When you need guidance in determining which terms link to your TM. • When you’ve already chosen your key terms for STE, etc. • When the writer has changed. (Who do we talk to with questions?) • When terminology in your pre-change reference material contradicts the post-improvement material. • When layout will be affected (especially website & app content) #LavaCon
  9. 9. Key Components of a Combined Strategy • Designed with the world in mind • Content creators who understand internationalization • Robust workflow and content management • Effective editing, QA, change management processes • A good relationship with your localization vendor • Good content structure, curation, metadata @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon
  10. 10. Process Must-Haves • Internal buy-in/cooperation • A single preferred way to write (STE? Something else?) • A flexible PM at your localization provider who has done this before. • Strong QA/editing/change management processes • Editorial control board (preferably cross-functional) @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon
  11. 11. @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage Key Metrics • Is readability of your original documents improving? • Are you seeing increased full & partial TM matches over time? • Are you seeing fewer 90-95% matches (indicates preferential changes) • Are you answering fewer questions about your writing over time? • Are you getting fewer doc-related support calls? • Are your in-country reviewers having fewer issues with the content? #LavaCon
  12. 12. Translation Memory @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon
  13. 13. • When you want to integrate with the CMS • When you want to improve the structure of the content • When you need template improvements to support localization • When you want pull localization upstream in the process • When there are issues with the source content • When the TMs need alignment • When the terminology needs review @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon When and How to Engage Content Management
  14. 14. • When changing your controlled language – This will impact pricing! • When your savings will be reinvested in translation – Affects demand & turn-around! • When your preferred software changes. • When you also have style guides or glossaries. • Whenever you want a copy! @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon When and How to Engage Localization
  15. 15. • Workflow that allows pushing/pulling multilingual content to/from CMS and TM • Modularization of content that allows for agile workflow and improves turnaround • Buy-in from upper management • Streaming model of localization/content dev @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon Key Components of a Combined Strategy
  16. 16. • A solid translation company (vs sh*t from shine)  Can they prove it with metrics? • Integrated tech comm and localization processes • TM provided at end of projects • Workflow that supports localization @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon Process Must-Haves
  17. 17. • End user feedback! • Fewer accidents/improved safety reporting • Improved re-use/pre-translation percentage • Reduced localization costs • You tell us @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon Key Metrics
  18. 18. @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon
  19. 19. • When source content is inconsistent • When the templates are poorly internationalized • When the terminology is inconsistent or wrong • When the graphics are not culturally appropriate • When you are considering localization workflow management software • When you want to improve time to market @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon When and How to Engage Content Management
  20. 20. • When you are selecting new content creation software (formatting affects quality) • When project & document management is out of control • When you’re going to be reviewing – no matter who, no matter how @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon When and How to Engage Localization
  21. 21. • Make your content intelligent • Make your content accessible • Regular TM, style guide & glossary audits. • Choose tools that support most of your languages @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon Key Components of a Combined Strategy
  22. 22. • A reliable PM at your localization provider who will not only measure but share metrics. • An open-minded translation partner. • A partner who knows your TM belongs to YOU. • Localization partner that can be agile and get away from release date mentality @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon Process Must-Haves
  23. 23. • Are you saving money over time? • Is quality improving? • Is re-use going up? • Is efficiency improving? • Is time to market getting shorter? @kitcomgenesis, @ineverylanguage #LavaCon Key Metrics
  24. 24. Q&A #LavaCon
  25. 25. Follow up @kitcomgenesis @InEveryLanguage #LavaCon