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เฉลย Princess penny 10_don't


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เฉลย Princess penny 10_don't

  1. 1. Princess Penny 1. Once upon a time there was a young princess called Princess Penny. 2. She didn’t have any brothers and sisters but she had a lot of pets. 3. Her parents the king and queen were unhappy because Princess Penny didn’t have a husband. 4. But Princess Penny was happy living with her pets and she didn’t want a husband. 5. One day, Prince Harry arrived at the palace. 6. He was good-looking, rich and he wasn’t married.
  2. 2. 7. The king and queen decided he was the perfect husband for their daughter. 8. But princess Penny didn’t like prince Harry and she didn’t want to leave her pets. 9. Then she had a good idea princesses usually change frogs into handsome princes. 10. But princess Penny was different from other princesses so the kissed prince harry. 11. The later, he was a big, green frog now she was happy. 12. Because she still didn’t have a husband, and she had a nice new pet. Don’t – in the plane
  3. 3. 1. Don't take the dog in the plane. 2. Don't smoking in the plane. 3. Don't carry sharp objects in the plane. 4. Please pay attention to this short safety demonstration. 5. Please turn off all mobile phones and electronic devices. 6. Don't bring liquids in the planes. 7. Please fasten your seatbelt and return your seat to the upright position. 8. Don't use noise in the plane. 9. Don't lead food in the plane. 10. Please check your seatbelts.