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KITABOO accelerates the eBook go to market strategy for publishers from around the globe. It includes a cloud based conversion platform KITABOO Publisher, KITABOO White label Reader apps for various devices including iPad, Android based tablets, PC/Mac, Windows 8, cloud based EPUB 3 reader, HTML5 reader and the KITABOO Store which enables publishers to sell eBooks to both retail as well as institutional buyers.

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Kitaboo Product Suite

  1. 1. 1KITABOO® | Fact Sheet Multi-format Publishing. Redefined. The KITABOO® Product Suite provides end-to-end solutions for publishers and institutions interested in publishing and distributing their eBooks securely across multiple platforms. The KITABOO® product suite comprises of:  KITABOO® Publisher  KITABOO® Readers  KITABOO® Store  Hurix Secure KITABOO® Publisher is a cloud-based publishing platform where you can create rich, interactive eBooks and publish them to multiple platforms through our proprietary formats for PC, Mac, iPad, Windows 8 and Android Tablets and industry standard output such as EPUB, mobi, Fixed layout HTML5 and SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 compliant. Publishing in KITABOO®  Transform – Convert your legacy content and assets into a rich eBook ready format; this also includes encryption of files, making the content searchable and creating a custom Table of Content.  Enrich – Embed contextual rich media assets including audio, video, documents, HTML activities, assessments, image banks and audio with text synchronization into your eBook through a highly intuitive user interface.  Publish – The publish feature allows you to generate output for multiple devices with a single click. With KITABOO, you can publish to both native and industry standard output. Reach everyone, everywhere your clients are, no matter what device they are using. Key Benefits:  Cloud Based Platform  Publish Rich, Interactive eBooks  Multi-format Output  Automated Fixed Layout EPUB 3 Conversion  Secure Online and Offline Delivery Options  Supports over 15 languages  White Label Storefront for Distribution of eBooks  Low Cost of Ownership KITABOO®
  2. 2. 2KITABOO® | Fact Sheet How it works Manage and maintain your eBook information. Select features for your reader. Generate a Custom TOC and upload content and resources for eBook conversion Let the conversion process begin… Fill in general eBook information such as Title, ISBN, Author etc… or fetch eBook details directly from your existing systems. Select the reader and custom features such as notes, pen tool and highlight, upload content for conversion (PDF, In-design) and resources (audios, videos, activities, etc.) create TOC and start conversion. ` `Fetch or Enter eBook Details. Select Viewer & it’s default properties. 1 `Select Features for eBook. Import or Export Features. 2 `Upload Book content files (PDFs) and Glossary (XLS). 3 `Upload Resource Files, Build Table of Resources (TOR). 5 `Convert Book and Resources into format compatible with the Viewer. 6 `Add Resource (Audio, Video, Image, URL etc.) and Audio Sync in Book 7 `Publish eBook into diff. formats (PC/Mac, iPad, Android, ePub, HTML5 etc.) 8 `Build Table of Contents (TOC) for eBook. Import or Export TOC. 4 General Features Upload TOC Resources Convert Enrich Publish Produce eBooks with read aloud capabilities in just minutes using the audio sync capabilities in KITABOO® Bring the text to life… Add audio to the text to do audio sync automatically for over 20 languages at word/sentence/paragraph level by sequencing, syncing and adding audio with KITABOO® Audio Sync feature. KITABOO® Smart Editor enables automated Fixed Layout EPUB 3 conversion Fast, Convenient, Smart… KITABOO® automates 95-100 % of the production process when generating the fixed layout EPUB 3 packages. The KITABOO® Smart Editor allows publisher to customize and edit the content before publishing and making the package ready to be rendered to the EPUB reader. Enrich your eBook in mark-up mode by embedding a variety of resources and on-page assessments. Copy and duplicate mark-up across books and create Student/Teacher book editions Get creative. Enrich your content. Add resources such as images, web links, videos, audios, documents, comments, HTML activities and on-page assessments such as FIB, Multiple choice and single choice to create rich interactive eBook. Create Student and Teacher edition of the book with the same Table of content structure using SE/TE mapping.
  3. 3. 3KITABOO® | Fact Sheet KITABOO® Store provides robust and scalable store front for publishers to enable eBook distribution through their own branded eStore Get the word out. Get them buying. Platform features including support for retail/library/institutions, Category browsing, easy purchase options, catalogue management through store manager, publisher specific landing pages, Payment gateway integration, Google ad words campaign management integration (banners, landing pages), 3rd Party ecommerce site integration and more. Store front for Web, Android and iPad. Hurix Secure (DRM) provides for secure creation, distribution and authentication of license keys and enables publisher to distribute eBooks securely across platforms Protect privacy and your brand… The security of the content is handled with encryption/password protection provided with secure keys and the decryption of content is handled at the player level. Solution also provides for encryption of media files such as Images, audio and videos. Each book is licensed through the DRM Server and the purchases can be tracked and managed across platforms. Publish eBook across multiple platforms at the click of a button Fit your clients’ preferred source… The packages can be published for native formats including (PC/Mac, Android Tablets, iPad and Windows 8) as well as industry standard formats like EPUB3, HTML5 and mobi. It also allows publishers to package books at a unit/chapter level and integrates the books with standard SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems. KITABOO® Readers renders the book packages on end user devices/machines. Publishers can have their own branded Reader with rich set of features available across platforms Reach out to your readers… KITABOO® Readers are available in multiple formats and platforms with support for both Online/Offline. Best-in-class features including text highlighting, audio highlighting, interactive notes, note sharing, student/teacher modes, audio/video capabilities and lightning fast page rendering.
  4. 4. 4KITABOO® | Fact Sheet About Hurix: Hurix is the leading digital content solutions provider to global educational publishers and institutions. Our product and service solutions allow our clients to serve students of all ages and backgrounds by providing effective, compelling and engaging digital content across traditional and newer mobile platforms, formats and devices. Visit us at : | Contact us : Follow us at : @KitabooTweets KitabooStreams To Know More