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Future trends and impact on eLearning ecosystem


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In this webinar we discussed how elearning has gained acceptance from both publishers and end users. We also spoke on how with advancement in the field of elearning, the methodology as well as impact on learners is changing drastically. From being a predominantly flash based animations a few years back eLearning is now much more than that. It is

Platform independent
More interactive
Collaborative and much more

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Future trends and impact on eLearning ecosystem

  1. 1. Future Trends and Impact on eLearning Presenter : Puneet Dhawan Vice President – Sales Hurix Systems
  2. 2. The way learning happened has transformed over the years Digital Natives demand better content Complex Layouts - Sophisticated design, layout, typography Enable multimedia and interactivity Global language Support Evolving content requirements The rise of eBooks 2.1 3.0 13.1 11.9 12.0 2008 2011 2012 eBooks Print Books $ bn. $ bn. $ bn. Aided by rise of technology 42% increase in smartphone users globally 42% 2.2mn (2009) - 10.46mn (2014) increase in digital learners 1 bn+ Tablet users
  3. 3. Resulting in new trends across the eLearning domain Use of Videos BYOD Personalized Learning Integrated Platforms Cloud based Learning Collaborative Learning
  4. 4. Content Creator Printer Distributor Learner These trendshave changedthe waycontentwascreatedanddistributed Content Creator Learner Technology Platform LearnerContent Creator Cloud Platform Print Digital Mobile The PDM Paradigm Creation and consumption on mobiles
  6. 6. Newer ways of content distribution are now mainstream are now mainstream substituting Subscription Paywalls Massive Open Online Course Omni channel eBook distribution Institutional Direct Third Party Marketplaces Self Publishing and distribution
  7. 7. Hurix hasbeenat theforefront of thiseLearningtransformation with its portfolio of products and services Create. Distribute. Deliver. Collaborate Content development done right Enterprise Learning Solutions Digital Educational Solutions Learning Management System (LMS) Solutions Quality Assurance Services Apps and Mobile Solutions Flash to HTML5 Services across multiple domains LogisticsIT / Consulting Learning Aviation / Consumer electronics FMCG Media & Entertainment Publishing Healthcare & Pharma
  8. 8. Modern day eLearning ecosystem powered by Hurix New Content Existing Content Publisher eBooks / journals are assigned to Institutions Students read the eBooks / journals on Publisher branded Reader Apps eBooks listed on Publisher Store Publisher enhanced eBooks / Journal Repository Enhanced eBooks and academic journals FL EPUB3 output Distribute using third party marketplaces
  9. 9. KITABOO – Delivering Interactive content on Mobiles & Tablets Own branded Apps Read even when Offline Interactive Content Integration with LMS (LTI) Analytics and Feedback Fixed Layout EPUB3 Output enabling Publishers Interactive eBooks and collaboration Institutions Interactive courseware delivery Access based delivery Super quick Turnaround Time Easy & Intuitive Interface Cost effective Distribution Collaboration and Sharing eBook Store
  10. 10. Leverage social sharingwithinyourcontent forbetterproductivity UGC (User Generated Content) available at all times on the content UGC is stored safely on the cloud UGC is visible on all devices, instantly Share notes in a classroom environment Synchronize notes/highlights/bookmarks across all devices Consistent reading experience
  11. 11. Measure student engagement todrivedesired learning outcomes Know which content is performing better to keep your students engaged Powerful analytic data helps you to modify your digital content Get valuable insights on time spent by your students on your training content
  12. 12. 100 % Automated Fixed Layout EPUB3 conversion KITABOO allows easy and automated creation of Fixed Layout EPUB3 eBooks, bypassing traditional difficulties Benefits of Using KITABOO Automated EPUB rendering Engine Easy and automated creation of EPUB3 Bypass the traditional difficulties Conversion at the click of a button Improve your Return on Investment Invest once and remain future safe Up to 98% reduction in time required
  13. 13. Sell directly to end users Webstore developed for eBooks White label store Category Management Promotions management Enable geographic restrictions Wallet, Add to Cart and Buy Now Save on the commissions that you pay to third party marketplaces such as Amazon and Google Play Books
  14. 14. Author – Create content and assessments across geographies Cloud Based Authoring Platform Author Copy Editor Proof Reader SME Analyst Visual Designer Tech Team Voice Over Artist Client Project Manager HTML5 output which is supported on all browsers and devices Rich Template Library Instant preview Workflow Management Configurable and customizable Bug logging and review Role based dashboard HTML5 output MathML Support Author New Content
  15. 15. KITABOO is transforming how eLearning is experienced globally United States Australia Portugal 3mn+ students and teachers globally NorwaySpainIndia 10mn+ rich and interactive eBook pages
  16. 16. Thank You! To know how KITABOO can transform your publishing needs: Drop a note at: Visit us at: