KISTI, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information


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KISTI, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, is the Korea's leading national institue offering tailored values to the clients.

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KISTI, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

  1. 1. •245 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-806, Korea Tel : +82-42-869-1004, 1234 Fax: +82-42-869-0969 •66 Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 130-741, Korea Tel : +82-2-3299-6114 Fax : +82-2-3299-6244 Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  2. 2. Contents06 08 10 1218 24 30 32KISTI History KISTI Overview Greetings from the Science & Technology President Information Distribution Korea Institute of Science and TechnologyScience & Technology Super Computing Global Network Project Exhibition HallInformation Analysis Information
  3. 3. In the rapidly advancing and changing information age, information has become thefoundation for success. KISTI is preparing your successful tomorrow with constant challengeand passion.Envision your futurewith KISTI Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  4. 4. 1962 ~ 1981 1982 ~ 1990 Lay the foundation for S&T 1962. 1 Establish KORSTIC(Korea Science & Technology Information Center) Enter into Innovation 1991 ~ 2000 1975. 7 Start Information Service based on Database 1975 Develop KIPS(Korean Information Processing System) 1978. 2 Operate IBM Model 138 Since 1962, KISTI has played a role of National Science & Technology Information Center to provide information that researchers need to enhance the national competitiveness as a specialized science & technology research institute supported by the government. 1982 Reorganized into KIET(Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade) On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, KISTI as a science & technology information institute, will lead the way in making 1984. 10 Start an On-line DB Information Service Korea a powerful science & technology country. Compete with the World 1985. 7 Establish Technology Information Distribution Center 1986. 6 Hold ‘Workshop on International Technology Transfer’ 1988. 5 Open CITI(Center for Industrial Technology Information) 1988. 10 Run Supercomputer No.1 (CRAY 2S) 2000.2 ~ ● 1991. 1 Open KINITI(Korea Institute of Industry and Technology Information) 1991. 2 Launch Science and Technology Information Distribution Project(under System Engineering Research Institute) 1993. 4 Establish KORDIC(Korea Research & Development Information Center) 1993. 11 Run Supercomputer No. 2 (CRAY C/90) History 1993. 12 Open Korea Russia Industrial Cooperation Information Center/ Hold The 1st Korea Japan TechnoMart ● 1994. 2 Designated as an Integrated Information Agency for Science and Technology Information Lead the World 1994. 3 Establish Technology Transfer Information Center 1997. 8 Open Integrated Service Network(Inno-NET) 1999. 1 Reorganized as a Research Society, part of Prime Minister Office 2000. 2 Integration of KINITI and KORDIC ● 2001. 1 Establish KISTI Build Science & Technology Information Portal Service System(yes KISTI) 2001. 7 Designated as an Agency for building Science & Technology Information Control and Distribution System 2005. 3 Open a Science & Technology Information Protection Center 2005. 8 Open GLORIAD(Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development)’ 2005. 10 Designated as an agency to develop NTIS (National Technology Information System). · 2008. 7 Open a Remote Control Center for Accelerator Test · 2009. 5 Introduce Supercomputer No. 4 2009. 9 Found ASTI(Association of Science and Technology Information) 6 7 2010. 8 Designated as a Center for National Nano Technology Policy 2010. 9 Build a Hub of Large-Scale Test Data Center ● ‘
  5. 5. Vision·Mission KIST is committed to seeing Korea join the worlds top 7 countries in science and technology Korea Institute of with the provision of higher value-added information, an advanced research environment and Science and Technology Information the commercialization of science and technology. Purpose of Establishment •Contribution to the promotion of national science, technology and industry KISTI is creating value with a pioneering and cooperative spirit. KISTI is also promoting its contribution to society, developing an open research environment, pursuing management with responsibility, and •Comprehensive collection, analysis and management of data for science, technology and industry advancing its service for creating customer value. •Research on technology, policies and the standardization of information management Science and Technology Management and Dissemination Service KISTI Overview Main Functions •Development and management of infrastructure for R&D on science and technology •Collection and management of S&T information and the development of its service system •Development of knowledge information DB and the promotion of e-informatization •Research and analysis of international and local science & technology trend •Development and management of a high-performance research network •Development of a high-performance computing infrastructure and its application technology Korea is walking a path of hope to become a powerful country of science and technology along with ● KISTI, a center of national science and technology. KISTI, World-class information research institute creating values for customers 8 9 ● ●
  6. 6. KISTI is a government-funded research institute designed to maximize the efficiency of science and technology R&D and support high-tech R&D for researchers. Korea Institute of KISTI has laid the foundation for sophisticated R&D by collecting science and Science and Technology Information technology information from countries around the world and providing the information to companies and research institutions. Also, KISTI has supplied customized information analysis service to enable researchers and small & medium sized companies to make a right decision on time and has contributed to maximizing research efficiency through building the world- class super computing and research network. Additionally, KISTI is helping researchers to generate excellent results through higher value-added information, advancement of research and the President’Message s commercialization of science and is playing a key role in making Korea enter the line of developed nations by actively responding to the global science and technology paradigm, rapidly being converged and sophisticated. We’ stand high as a“world-class information research ll KISTI will make utmost efforts to become a research institute whose top institute to create values for customers.” priority is to create values for customers and become a‘science & technology milestone’institute while telling the direction in science and technology R&D sectors, thus emerging as a world-class information research institute to create customers’ values .’ Korea is dreaming of being a strong country in terms of science and knowledge. KISTI will do its best to realize this. 10 11 Young-Seo Park, President of KISTI
  7. 7. Science & Technology Information Distribution Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information KISTI is responsible for enhancing scientific competitiveness of Korea by building and providing high-value-added science and technology information KISTI supports R&D activities in a full life-cycle via cooperation among industry, university and institute and collects/builds/supplies necessary information for those activities to enhance the efficiency of national R&D. 12 13 Science & Technology Information Distribution
  8. 8. Build and Operate Foundation for Public Utilization of National R&D Science and Technology Information Information. KSCD (Korean Science Citation DB) NTIS (National science & Technology Information Service) Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Science & Technology Support Informatization of Scientific Society KSCD provides information about how many papers the local journals of science and technology sector are issuing and how Information Distribution many time each paper is cited. It enables researchers to easily find Korean Human Information papers they need and to check research trend in the relevant area, thus increasing efficiency. NTIS is aimed at building and operating a portal service where various information related to national R&D projects promoted by KISTI promotes informatization of scientific society and establishes the government authorities and agencies is gathered, worked and One-Stop service system of scientific information. And it provides a provided on a real time basis. Accordingly, it addresses the issue of Total Management of National R&D Outcomes scientific society with an information infrastructure such as It is to reconstruct and utilize Korean human information with overlapped investment in the national R&D projects and enhances development of KISTI -ACOMS(Article Contribution Management computerized image. It is divided into two projects: Visible project efficiency and productivity of investment in R&D. KOSEN(Korean Scientists and Engineers Network) System) and scientific society website and registration of CrossRefs focused on serial human section image and Digital Korean project KESLI (Korean Electronic Site License Initiative, global identification symbols required for facilitating scientific activities focused on CT data. Consortium for Joint Purchase of Overseas Journals) and effective management of scientific information. Korea Institute of KISTI was designated as an agency exclusive for national R&D Science and Technology Information KOSEN is a cyber human networking for korean scientists reports and papers in August, 2008. Full-original text is registered working around the world. It is a global site for securing and donated permanently or temporarily by specialized research Information related to national R&D project and science & knowledge required for R&D, based on active information management institution. KISTI provides them to utilize and spread KESLI is a national joint purchase consortium intended to jointly exchange among members. technology information are collected and provided for public good outcomes of research information. KISTI collects, and builds information DB on state-of-the-art purchase and extensively utilize overseas e-information. KISTI ● utilization, consequently making contribution to effectively science and technology which are the core part in the research and supports purchase procedure and utilization so as for local libraries to managing R&D projects and improving efficiency of investment. development. Based on cooperation system among various jointly purchase various e-information in a reasonable manner. communities home and abroad, information that researchers need Currently, 21,618 types of e-journals are jointly purchased by a total of is gathered and offered easily and rapidly. 61 consortiums whose members included 359 agencies, accordingly maximizing efficiency of the information against the purchasing cost. ● 14 15 ● ● ● ● ●
  9. 9. Provision of Science and Next-Generation Information Technology Information Service Service Technology based on Semantic Technology Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information NDSL(National Discovery for Science leaders) Science & Technology InSciTe(Science and Technology Intelligence Service) Information Distribution NDSL refers to a platform designed to contribute to innovating the national science and technology by providing high-quality information to researchers working in university, institute and Inscite is decision support system for forming R&D strategy. It is DCMS (Digital Contents Management System based on industry. It offers an integrated and specialized search service for leading information distribution paradigm through inference service KoreaScience (Global Science Gateway) Semantic Technology) approx. 99,000 contents related to science and technology including designed to support decision making. academic paper, patent and research report. Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information KoreaScience is a global service platform in which the domestic DCMS is an integrated management system which allows users to science and technology information is developed into Global receive reliable high added value service in addition to control KISTI supplies not only high-quality information to local Content(english version) and then distributed worldwide. This various contents more rapidly and easily. researchers but also builds and operates various information platform is operated in connection with the World Wide, service system where researchers around the world can have easy It provides a next-generation information service by developing a global science & technology information search service. access to excellent local research results. semantic web-technology where a computer understands meaning of information and makes inference with the information. 16 17 ● ● ● ●
  10. 10. Science & Technology Information Analysis Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information KISTI makes a tailored analysis on various information for meeting demand of customers . KISTI searches and monitors new technology information for those in need of the information. Also, it builds an information analysis system for success of customers, accordingly provides a milestone to join the advanced country of science and technology. 18 19 Science & Technology Information Analysis
  11. 11. From New Technology to Promising Business Items Specialized Information Analysis Portal Integrated Road Map for Small & Medium Sized Companies Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information New Technology Information Portal(MiriAn) Science & Technology Expert information analysis portals are provided to generate high value-added information which can be utilized on research site. This road map offers vision and policy of technology development Information Analysis ReSEAT program which is operated by many retired scientists with for small and medium companies, including proposal of technology long research career and know-how and GTNet(Green Technology development and support policy for the small and medium R&D Planning Support for Individual Companies Network) which aims to realize low-carbon green growth policy of companies and set-up of main strategic fields at the national level nation are developed and provided by KISTI. through industrial environmental analysis. Especially, strategic MiriAn is a customized service where international and domestic products are selected regarding promising technologies in 26 fields Explore Promising Items 120 experts with doctor degrees provide information on around 200 and a relevant road map is built to be used in the R&D policy for the issue technologies. Additional services provided include Global small and medium companies. Trend Briefing (GTB) to select and offer the latest scientific technology trend in other advanced countries, information on trend This project provides consulting service about new technologies to of technologies selected by KISTI and in-depth analysis report individual small and medium sized companies in all stages from analyzed by KISTI researchers. R&D planning to commercialization. Services linked to SMBC(Small & medium Business Corporation) are provided, including support This is to find highly potential business items suitable for each small for planning small and medium companys R&D, support for and medium companies by systematizing solutions for new growth Korea Institute of preparing a technical road map and building a strategy of an engine of each company. As a part of this project, a Global-Up Science and Technology Information individual company, and technology valuation analysis. support program for commercializing technology of small and medium companies is carried out in order to increase the success rate of overseas business. Also, KISTI holds annually a Promising Global science and technology information is analyzed and Future Technology Seminar, the nations largest seminar on ● ● provided through exploration of various promising technologies science and technology which shows trend of future science. and as a result, development of future technology can be effectively promoted. 20 21 ● ● ●
  12. 12. Next-Generation Information ASTI Is Always with Analysis System Customers Information Analysis System for Technology Commercialization ASTI(Association of Science and Technology Information) R&D Early-Warning System Tailored for Customers Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information KISTI establishes information analysis system which can give direct Science & Technology supports for technology commercialization. KISTI operates promising pooling system designed to improve efficiency of Information Analysis promising item exploration process, evaluation system of technology commercialization and diagnosis system of global KISTI and experts from various science and technology parts innovative capability , in order to enhance competitiveness of small combine their forces together to support small and medium KISTI builds an early-warning system which develops and and medium companies in technology companies in R&D and commercialization. Currently, 15 regional systemizes a model able to detect competitive intelligence. When 1-1 Customized Information Service commercialization. associations are founded and operated with approx. 12,000 an abnormal signal requiring attention on R&D-related members from industry, university and institute. Industrial Information Analysis System environments is detected, a warning is given in a timely manner to make it possible to take appropriate measures. Researchers exclusively responsible for addressing difficulties of individual small and medium companies are allocated and then Star Science & Technology Information Analysis for R&D ,which Korea Institute of they annually visit working sites of 100 companies and investigate provides objective investment information about technology value, Science and Technology Information demand. is built and operated based on multidimensional technology valuation model and information system. And the analysis-oriented KISTI builds a next-generation information analysis system to ● Small and medium companies are accepted as core customers of industrial market DB and industrial information analysis create an environment where higher-quality analysis information is KISTI and full supports in technology commercialization are system(Smart2) are being established. provided to small and medium sized companies and researchers, provided until those customers make a success. thus helping industry, university and research institute to perform R&D effectively. ● ● 22 23 ● ●
  13. 13. Super Computing Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information KISTI operates the national super computing center with development and operation system of super computing infra. KISTIs super computing intended to achieve rapid and accurate R&D outcomes has become the national pride of Korea, science and technology powerhouse. 24 25 Super Computing
  14. 14. Provision of World-Class Cyber Development of R&D Tools for R&D Infrastructure for Global Maximizing the Utilization of Collaboration Cyber-Infrastructure. GLORIAD(Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development) Development of National wide Super Computing Infra. Applied Research on Cyber Infra. Utilization Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information GLORIAD is the worlds first global ring network participated by 11 Super Computing countries with an aim to support the International joint cooperative GSDC(Global Science Experimental Data Hub Center) research. Established as a 10 GB super-high speed network, it backs up applied research of sophisticated science and technology. Super computing technology is developed and efficiently operated to The efforts to enhance research ability, generate concrete research Development of Next-Generation Cyber Research give high-tech research environments to local scientists, consequently outcomes and build close relationship with communities are being Environment enhancing science and technology competitiveness. The efforts are made so as that many researchers can utilize cyber infra. PLSI(Partnership & Leadership for the Nationwide Super being made to operate general system related to super computer, Computing Infrastructure) develop the relevant technologies, and operate SMP(IBM) and MMP(SUN) related to super computer No.4. GSDC maintains a virtualization system for the joint utilization of experimental data from advanced research equipment and maintains a global data grid computing infrastructure for joint analyses of experimental data generated by the worlds top 3 A next-generation super computing service environment equal to Nationwide Cyber Lab and the Provision of Technical proton accelerators. Also, it plays as a hub of global pipeline in the that of advanced countries is created to perform a project to create Support Asia-Pacific region KREONET(Korea Research Environment Open NETwork) Korea Institute of The nationwide super computing resources are interconnected to give virtual cell applied system, e-HEP(High Energy Physics), and visual Science and Technology Information more efficient operation and service environments for super computing. super computing environments. With the introduction of world-best super computer, KISTI provides ● Cyber research infra is being constructed to ensure that researchers can advanced cyber research environment to support scientists and engineers share research resources freely without limits in time and space while A nationwide cyber lab for interactive cooperation in real time is KREONET is a world-class research network based on 16 regional to generate R&D performance better and faster. conducting R&D activities. built for large-scale data analysis, high-quality convergence nets across the nation. It enables scientists and engineers home and research/education environment and technical supports. aborad to conduct joint studies , thus contributing to improving productivity of research. ● ● 26 27 ● ● ● ● ●
  15. 15. Technology Support for Research in the area of Science and Technology Development of an Advanced Science Education Hub Science & Technology Information Security Super Computer Strategy Support Program Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information EDISON(Education-Research Integration through Simulation On KISIT protects the resources of core research information in the Net) for natural science and engineering sector is built based on science and technology fields and minimizes any damage, thus Super Computing cyber infra research outcomes of KISTI. It makes a contribution to providing an information protection service including situation improving adaptability of undergraduates and graduates from the control & analysis in real time and rapid response support, sharing Development of Science Cloud Technology natural science and engineering sector to the newest technology of security technology and prevention support, and research· Super computing resources and applied technology are supplied for and to localizing simulation S/W. application of technology on latest information protection. M&S Support Program for Small and Medium Companies applied research tasks in Computational Science and Engineering field whose significance is recognized at the national level. In order to satisfy the rapidly rising demand for cloud computing, various technologies are studied and developed, such as This program meets the need of domestic small and medium management technology of virtual resources tailored for cloud companies for super computing utilization. Under this program, computing technology users, and linkage and utilization technology KISIT plays a role of teaching and developing the super computing for heterogeneous distributed computing service. Korea Institute of technology for small and medium companies. Science and Technology Information ● Resources and technology of super computing suitable for individual ● research are supported to help all fields of study including science and industrial technology to develop further. ● 28 29 ● ●
  16. 16. Russia Canada Finland England Korea Ireland Mongolia Germany France Uzbekistan Japan USA China Israel Taiwan Vietnam Singapore -CISTI (Canada Institute for Scientific -HLRS (High Performance Computing -CNRS (Centre National de la and Technical Information) Center Stuttgart) Recherche Scientifique, National Center for Scientific Research) -IN2P3 (National Institute of Nuclear -CNIC (Computer Network Information -ISPC (Israel Structural Proteomics Physics and Particle Physics) Center) Center) -ISTIC (Institute of Scientific and - LCAS (Library of Chinese Academy of Technical Information of China) -NACESTI (National Center for -VINITI (Russia Federal Science & Scientific and Technological Technology Information Research Information) Sciences) Institute) -HUT (Hanoi University of Technology ) -NCSA (National Center for -JST (Japan Science and Technology Supercomputing Applications) Agency) -VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) -SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer -NII (National Institute if Informatics) Center) -AIST (Advanced Industrial Science and -LSU CAPITAL (Louisiana Center for Technology) -Ireland Limerick University •Reinforce global R&D capabilities by building global cooperation network with world-class Applied Information Technology and research institutes. Learning) -NESC (National e-Science Center) • Expand the expert cooperation network and joint research with foreign institutes in three core research areas of KISTI. -IHPC (Institute of High Performance Computing) -TUIT (Tashkent University of IT) • Develop strategic partnership for establishing global base in abroad -NGO (National Grid Office) • Promote an open cooperative research program with foreign countries -NUM (National University of Mongolia) • Secure a strategic global base by building a cooperative network with foreign partners. KISTI -STPI (Science & Technology Policy •Canada •Germany •France 30 Research and Information Center) 31 Global Network •China •Israel •Vietnam KISTI is developed as a world-class information research institute that •Russia creates values for customers via expanded global partnership such as international cooperation and joint research. KISTI, with global inspiration, raises •USA •Japan •Finland the status of Korea in science and technology. •Ireland •England •Singapore •Uzbekistan •MongoliaKISTI •Taiwan
  17. 17. The KISTI Exhibition Hall shows everything about KISTI KISTI, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012, has established S&T Exhibition Hall to shed light on the past, present and future of the institute. The S&T Exhibition Hall has been renovated into a storytelling-oriented exhibition space displaying identity, achievement and the future vision of KISTI. For more information about KISTI, you can apply for visiting our S&T Exhibition Hall as below •Opening Hour : 14 : 00 ~ 16 : 00 (excluding holiday, weekend) •How to Apply : On-Line Application • Contact : TEL. +82-42-869-1004 FAX. +82-42-869-0969 • E-mail : Your are invited to this open space where you can see the 50 year-long history and future vision of KISTI at the same time. KISTI Science-Lounge KISTI People KISTI History Hall Exhibition Hall 32KISTI