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How to Turn First Time Buyers into High Value All Star Customers


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The most successful eCommerce businesses turn a higher percentage of first-time purchasers into long-time, high LTV, all-star customers. Those all-star customers drive referrals, brand awareness, revenue, and growth!

But how do they do it? It comes down understanding your customer by creating granular segments and creating highly targeted interactions with them.

Kissmetrics for eCommerce integrates seamlessly with Shopify to give you the insights you need to turn more one time purchasers into all-stars and power growth!

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How to Turn First Time Buyers into High Value All Star Customers

  1. 1. Kissmetrics Webinar Series HOW TO TURN FIRST TIME BUYERS INTO HIGH VALUE, ALL-STAR CUSTOMERS The webinar starts at 10am Pacific Time Slides and Recording will be sent out within 24 hours of the webinar Q&A after the presentation, but feel free to enter questions as they come up
  2. 2. How to Turn First Time Buyers into High Value, All- Star Customers JONATHAN CABIN, GROWTH MANAGER @ KISSMETRICS
  3. 3. Jonathan focuses on creating sustainable growth initiatives at Kissmetrics. He works with marketing, product and sales to understand and improve the complete customer journey with a focus on top of funnel. Outside of the office you can find him attempting to surf, exploring the Bay Area with his girlfriend and dog and traveling as much as his CEO will let him. JONATHAN CABIN Growth Manager, Kissmetrics
  4. 4. @Kissmetrics #Kisswebinar @kissmetrics
  5. 5. Why are we here?
  6. 6. #Kisswebinar This is how you grow Adobe Digital Index The ROI for Marketing to Existing Online Customers
  7. 7. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT FUELS GROWTH Adobe Digital Index The ROI for Marketing to Existing Online Customers On average Marketers in the US must bring in 5 shoppers to equal the revenue of 1 repeat purchaser. “
  8. 8. The best customer experience wins…but how?
  9. 9. 1 eCommerce ‘stack’ Today 2 Understand 3 Segment TABLE OF CONTENTS #Kisswebinar 3 4 Engage 5 Additional Tips and Best Practices
  10. 10. ECOMMERCE STACK TODAY #Kisswebinar Great platform, but limited analytics Sessions and pageviews, but not great for the customer journey and attribution All things Facebook! But, what about your other channels?
  11. 11. • A coherent picture of customer behavior WHAT’S MISSING? #Kisswebinar
  12. 12. • Organize your data in one place • Kissmetrics integrates seamlessly with Shopify and will immediately begin tracking all customer behaviors and actions • No limit on the look back window UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER CONT. #Kisswebinar + =
  13. 13. First and Last Touch Attribution UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER CONT. #Kisswebinar • No issues with a minimum look-back window • All of your campaigns tracked in one place • What brings them to your site and what is the last thing they do before purchasing?
  14. 14. Segmentation…Why?* *Customer Experience - that’s why!
  15. 15. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT FUELS GROWTH WBR Insights for eTail 2018 Annual Personalization Development Survey Personalization is at the forefront of the customer experience, so much so that it is now a customer expectation. Our greatest discovery is that while investments in personalization are growing, data quality is the competitive factor. Even heavily funded campaigns will fail if you don’t know your customers “
  16. 16. Top Customer Segments (Populations) to Track in Kissmetrics SEGMENTATION #Kisswebinar • First Time Buyers • Loyalists • Product Specific • Abandoned Cart • Old Buyer, New Interest • Other
  17. 17. SEGMENTATION CONT. #Kisswebinar Population Example in Kissmetrics - Loyalists LOYALISTS Rules: Has done VISITED SITE at least 20 times less than 365 days ago AND ———— Has done PURCHASED at least 5 times less than 365 days ago * Every business is different. These numbers are just an example. You could base this population on revenue, purchases over a longer period of time, etc. If you need help finding the best events to use to track Loyalists (or anything else!) you Customer Success Manager can help you.
  18. 18. ENGAGE #Kisswebinar • Use Customer Behavior to Determine Engagement • Relevancy • Timing • Respect • Read our ‘Quick Guide’ • Kissmetrics for Campaigns and Connections • Behavior based email campaigns • Send segments (Populations) directly to Facebook Ads Manager
  19. 19. ENGAGE CONT. #Kisswebinar Seasonal Complimentary Refill
  20. 20. ENGAGE CONT. #Kisswebinar Use Kissmetrics for better engagements
  21. 21. Tips and Best Practices
  22. 22. TIPS AND BEST PRACTICES #KisswebinarVIDA Creative Email Pop-ups
  23. 23. TIPS AND BEST PRACTICES #KisswebinarChubbies Sending ‘Thank You’ Gifts and Notes
  24. 24. TIPS AND BEST PRACTICES #KisswebinarModCloth Create Social Engagement
  25. 25. JONATHAN CABIN Growth Manager, Kissmetrics Questions?