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How to go from 0 - 15,000 Customers in 12 Months


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In January 2013, a relatively unknown company, called LeadPages, came onto the scene. This lead generation platform began as most start-ups do -- with zero customers.

However, a lot can happen in a year. Within the next 365 days, LeadPages grew their customer-base from zero to 15,000 customers.

Join Tim Paige as he shares the insights on how he and the team at LeadPages grew the company with incredible speed and shows you how you can do the same.

In this webinar we will show you:

- 3 Insights On How LeadPages Did It
- 3 Steps On How You Can Too
- 5 New List Building Secrets Gleaned From Processing Over 3 Million Opt-Ins Per Month To Help You Get There Faster

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How to go from 0 - 15,000 Customers in 12 Months

  1. Tim Paige, Conversion Educator at LeadPages. How to go from 0 - 15,000 Customers in 12 Months
  2. @timthepaige Join the conversation on Twi er #KISSwebinar
  3. Tim Paige - LeadPages - @TimThePaige ! Tim Paige is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages. An experienced marketer in all forms of media, Tim spends his days speaking to the most successful marketers across multiple industries, along with business owners looking to increase their marketing efforts like you. In his short time at LeadPages, Tim has already helped grow their customer-base to 16,000 and increase their list by another 10,000 leads. Your presenter
  4. About LeadPages • Launched in January of 2013 • Since then have added over 16K customers • Hit a $3.5 million run rate first nine months a er launching, and are growing at about 20% month over month (compound growth) • About 50 people in size (and hiring at • Alexa ranks our site the 585th most popular on the internet
  5. About Our Dataset • We process about 3 million opt-ins per month • About 15 million page views per month In the last 30 days about 30K pages were created on our system • We’re now storing billions of data points
  6. How We Went From 0 to 15K Paying Customers In About A Year
  8. Step #1: Create A *Lot* Of Opt-In Opportunities
 (Webinars, Free Reports, Live Demos, Etc.)
  10. (Conversions Increased 32%) Step 1.a: Remove The Opt-In Box From The Sidebar and Replace It With A LeadBox
  11. This Works Because It Forces You To Make A Decision
  12. Another Example of This Ian Brodie’s Home Page
  13. Another Example of This Ian Brodie’s Home Page
  14. Another Example of This Ian Brodie’s Home Page Almost 2x be er
  15. On A Blog: Our Blog (Landing Page Vs. A “Click Up”) h p:// Step 1.b: Use the Right Kind of Opt-In for the Right Purpose
  16. The LeadBox Did A Relative ~30% Be er h p://
  17. Rule of Thumb If you need to send folks from page A (i.e. a blog page) to landing page B to opt-in, you should probably use a LeadBox/“Click-up” box (not going to a second page = increased conversion rates)
  18. 30% (The Increase From One-Step To Two-Step)
  19. The Easiest (And Our Favorite) Type Of Landing Page To Create
  20. Why This Is The Best-Performing Evergreen Landing Page We’ve Ever Used • It doesn’t require someone to process too much information (like a 3 minute video or a page of copy) in order to make a decision • Everyone wants to know the tools that you're using
  21. Why This Is The Best-Performing Evergreen Landing Page We’ve Ever Used • It outperforms a free report because a lot of folks are experiencing information overload and don’t want something else to read • It outperforms video lead magnets because the perceived value of video lead magnets has gone down a lot lately due to the proliferation of launches and lack of time • It outperforms opt-ins for free coaching sessions — greater value does not necessarily equal higher conversion rate. • The amount of time you spend creating your lead magnet does not equal your conversion rate
  22. You Can Create One Of These In Minutes • If you’re a dentist: “Buyers Guide: The Top 5 Electric Toothbrushes Of This Year (Including The One That I Use)” • If you’re a life coach: “App Guide: The Top 4 iPhone Apps For Increasing Your Productivity (Including The One That I Use Every Day)” • Fitness experts: “The Only 3 Pieces Of Exercise Equipment You Need In Your Home (Hint: They All Weigh Less Than 5 Pounds)”
  23. Why You Should Create A “Resource Guide Squeeze Page” • If you already have a squeeze page I guarantee this will outperform whatever you’re doing right now • You can set this up in minutes (it takes 30 minutes from start to finish)
  24. Results ”Just want to share the results from our landing page. Your so ware got us an 8x improvement over the basic homepage and a 3x improvement over the previous opt-in. P.S. I'm barely even using all the features, no social proof, weak offer, etc.”
 ! — Eric D
  25. More Results ”I've been using this for a li le over a month now and I noticed today that it is accounting for 71% of my new list subscribers! Wow!”
 ! — Teramis
  26. Step #1.c: Turn Every Blog Post Into An Opt-In Page
  27. What You Can Give Away • Checklists (PDF) • PDF versions of your blog posts • Worksheets • Recipes • Resources Guides • Etc.
  28. This Dude Is Killing It (Opt-ins In The 10% Range) h p://
  29. LOG IN WITH GOOGLE Start Your Free KISSmetrics Trial
  30. Step 2: Create A Follow Up Sequence
  31. How This Works . . . • A er someone opts-in, they get one of these lessons every three days for 6 lessons • This is where the money is made (the money is in the followup) • This means you don't just make money when you launch, do a webinar, have a special promotion, etc. • This gets you paid each and every day
  32. How To Set This Up • Every three days, create a video blog post where you teach something that is 100% valuable on its own. (And then at the end point out something extra they would get in your product). • Initially, email your entire list about these blog posts. • Then, add these posts to your video lesson sequence. • Get about 6 lessons worth of emails together.
  33. Step 3: Do Webinars
  34. Why Webinars? • 9 of the top 12 highest converting pages on our website are webinar registration pages • Webinars are not dead • They’ve made us more money than anything we’ve ever done (in terms of event based marketing) • The majority of Fortune 500 so ware companies, mediapreneurs, coaches, SaaS companies, etc — are all doing webinars.
  35. Why Webinars? • Quality traffic • High conversion • Partnerships • Quick product creation (both paid and free products) They provide:
  36. ”A few weeks ago I held a webinar and the registration page (created with converted at 72%. This was by far the HIGHEST converting landing page I’ve ever tested.”
 ! — Ryan Deiss
  37. “By the way, when we switched from our old page to this one, we doubled the conversion rate.”
 ! — Samantha Hartley
  38. The Process • Do one webinar every two weeks • Do them live, they’ll convert be er, and you can directly answer people’s questions • This is one of your few opportunities to talk directly with customers in a live se ing
  39. When To Ask Folks To Signup For Your Webinar A er Your Third Email
  40. You Have The Most Powerful Marketing Tactics In The World At Your Fingertips. Don’t Waste Them.
  41. Questions? Tim Paige Conversion Educator LeadPages @timthepaige Thue Madsen Marketing Associate KISSmetrics @thuelmadsen
  42. THANK YOU Tim Paige @timthepaige